About Jeannie

I am a Christian woman, wife, mother of two, and grandmother of three.

I  love God and my country and consider it an honor and duty to exercise my First Amendment rights.  Liars, cheats, and hypocrites, and anyone who purposely hurts the innocent unborn beware!


  1. Just read your comments on the President’s Selma speech. It’s the first, and last time, I’ll read anything you have to say. It must be painful to live a life so driven by anger and hate. I’m hard pressed to figure out why you define yourself as a Christian.

  2. Gar

    Unfortunately, freedom isn’t free, and now too many Americans respond to the Pavlovian ding, believing what the media tells them without thought. Anyone who actually tells the truth must be marginalized by the liberal mob (like those telling them they are a miserable person or a communist).

  3. Jeannie – If De Angelis is your maiden name, could we be related? Does CT ring a bell for your genealogy? My family roots in Italy are from the Naples area (Dad’s half) I realize there are many De Angelis’ in the world. Many more than I thought when I was a child.

    I believe in all you do and am fighting the same battles. My profile stuff is at https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=25919878&trk=eml_inv_status_profile, and our Italian food stuff is at http://www.theartisan.net. we are winemakers and our wines can be found – along with some recipes at http://www.deangeliswines.com.

    My political stuff is here: http://midica.blogspot.com/2006_01_01_archive.html


    Jerry De Angelis

  4. Tom H

    Dear Mrs. DeAngelis,
    I just read your column “The Gay Pride House is Obama’s house” posted on AmericanThinker.com. It has to be the cleverest composition I have read in years. And entertaining too.
    I marvel at how you were able to cover so much so succinctly. That was a lot to digest and I look forward to consuming more of the posts on this site!

  5. Tom H

    Dear Mrs. DeAngelis,

    Before submitting it, I deleted “cutest” in my description of your also brilliant blog post “The Gay Pride House is Obama’s house.”
    Here’s the thing. As a rule, I don’t bother reading bylines. Sometimes, though, the content will trigger a recognition, or familiarity, so I’ll go back just to confirm my hunch. Other times I’ll suddenly suspect or realize OMG, this was written by a woman (Not that there’s anything wrong with thatTM.) and I will do the same thing – in case I’m wrong.
    Even though the article contains some exceptionally clever prose culminating with a crafty conclusion, to me, calling it cute is almost demeaning, only because you’re not a dude. If you weren’t a woman, I don’t think the term would be offensive. Now I suspect that since I’m a sexist I withheld greater praise.
    So what I’m saying is I think it is the cutest, cleverest composition I have read in years. It is a lot of fun reading someone with the ability to write with the familiarity and comfort that accompany your articles.
    Also, lots of laughs!
    Have a nice day.

  6. Bob

    The Catholic Church was doing a major remodel of Barat College in Lake Forest Il 15-20 years ago. As construction workers we asked for permission to use the wash room facilitates. We were allowed to; after a week or so we requested and got porta johns from the contractor as the Latin Americans helpers to the school didn’t know to flush the TP’ They would throw it on the floor

      • Phil

        You seem very confused about your belief set. Conflating the right gun ownership with Christianity being one example. Indeed, many more of your political beliefs seem totally at odds with any basic tenet of Christianity – healthcare for all – nope, Jesus would be against that definitely. He was all for letting the poor rot and saving the rich wasn’t he?
        As for some of your comments on Obama; well they’re often just plain old-fashioned boring racism.
        Liberal bullying? The majority of your criticism and commentary is glib mud-slinging, backed up with no hard evidence or fact, and you’ve no liking for dissent or debate. It’s you that’s the bully.
        You say the things that no-one needs to say, badly with a base and calculated meanness.

        Congratulations on being a fairly obnoxious character and masking it, for your own self-soothing, under the questionable moral authority of the Catholic Church.

  7. Amber

    Hey Jeannie. This may or may not be weird but I am the girl you called today at siriusxm radio service and spoke to about political stuff. I tried looking you up on facebook but havent had luck.

  8. Lady, with all due respect there appears to be something fundamentally wrong with you (that or you seek attention through outrageous blathering). I was drug to this hogwash via an article you spewed on cj pearson lying about being blocked by the potus twitter feed (in which you never offered a counter point; the Whitehouses rebuttal or the Blaze analysis). He lied then tried to redirect and offered no proof to back up his claim. He is learning the conservative SOP well.

    You are not ‘Christ-like’ in any way, shape or form. You are a self-absorbed opportunist with an agenda of exclusion and hate.

    Good luck with that, but then again, the broken mind does not know it is broken.
    I hope you live a long life because it will take a long time for you to see the error of your ways and repent.

  9. fred

    You are very ignorant about your assessment of First Lady Michelle Obama and her knowledge of HBCU’s
    Her commencement speech was very inspirational and full of related truths that many blacks can relate to
    You are white….get out of our business

  10. Anonymous

    I encourage you to actually think when you pen your positions… Try to really make the counterargument in your mind with conviction …it will help you better to understand how flawed your lack of critical thinking is. When you think you know your position and then simply apply that bias to topics you come up with the poor and defensive writings we find here. When you elevate yourself to really try to understand all sides of an issue you may begin to pen articles that are worth readers time and enlighten them on issues rather than just working to reinforce stale bias.

  11. just read and shared (on my FB timeline) your piece on Obamas commencement address at Rutgers – I love your writing style and I share your perspective on BHOs’ ironic self unawareness. There is one line (referencing Trump) in the piece with which I respectfully disagree: “Obama doesn’t realize that those are the very things that propelled the “Art of the Deal”-maker to the front of the pack.” The one, singular thing that propelled Trump to the front of the pack is his unabashed speaking style – he says things out loud that no true politician would ever say themselves. Trump is decidedly NOT a polished politician – THIS is his appeal – this is the core, the entirety of his populism. If nothing else Trumps appeal is clearly an expression of just how fed up working, tax paying Americans are with the now more obvious than ever corruption and ineptitude of politics/leadership as usual. Trump is not and will NOT be the second coming of Ronald Reagan – what he really is is Hillary light. The likes of John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and their Democrat counterparts will LOVE a Trump POTUS and “We the People” will once again be left out in the cold.

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