The Left’s War against White Males

Published at American Thinker on January 27, 2019

Just as community organizer Saul Alinsky, in his textbook for Marxist street thugs, Rules for Radicals, advised his minions, constant drumbeats have the potential to wear down resolve and win social and cultural wars.  For years now, the object of left-wing pressure has been to undermine the status and reputation of straight white conservative males.

To eradicate the white guy problem in America, Caucasians with XY chromosomes, who self-identify as the sex they were at birth, are being portrayed by the left as misogynist, bigoted, homophobic, violent troublemakers in need of exposure; chastisement; and, in the case of Donald Trump, ousting from power.

Armed with the intent to undermine Trump’s influence and to establish the belief that conservative white males are genetically flawed, historical figures are being unfairly held to 21st-century cultural and political standards.  Even Confederate General Robert E. Lee, tucked away in a grave since 1870, has not escaped retroactive ridicule from the left for his political identification and pale skin color.

Today, even a male Supreme Court justice nominee, if he is Christian, white, and pro-life, can be falsely accused of rape by an unstable female activist, flayed alive, and condemned in the court of public opinion by virtue of race, gender, and ethnic heritage.

Unwilling to let a visual opportunity go to waste, the left has somehow managed to influence public opinion concerning the political merits of pink versus red.  According to progressives, on the head of a female, a pink p—- hat is a commendable accessory, while on the head of a male, a red MAGA cap is akin to Hester Prynne donning a scarlet letter or analogous to a white hood of the KKK.

Remember way back when Columbus Day was a national holiday deserving of a parade, and when it was mandatory that a black woman smear her body with feces or strip at a party for lacrosse players before falsely accusing a white guy of rape?  Those days are gone.  Nowadays, an indigenous person, named Nathan Phillips, is to a Covington Catholic schoolboy what a black American woman named Tawana Brawley was to four men in Wappingers Falls, N.Y.

Speaking of Christopher Columbus, despite having somewhat of a shady past, activist American Indian and Omaha elder Nathan Phillips was recently lauded in the media as a hero for “getting in the face” of white boys whose smile was all the evidence the left needed to condemn the kids for a racial crime.  Meanwhile, in Indiana, European elder, exploration activist, and white guy Christopher Columbus was being characterized as “problematic,” demoted, and stripped from an American university for the sin of discovering the New World.

Rest assured: in keeping with the current nationwide anti-white male mood, after peeling Columbus’s image from the wall, Notre Dame would score mega-points with progressives if they covered the European voyager and his Christian symbols with a mural depicting an indigenous American Indian waving around a dream-catcher.

Sort of like a womb being shot up with saline and a baby being burnt alive with no way of escape, the left’s ire toward white men has gotten so out of hand that, in an effort to advance the progressive agenda, those who support purging the planet of bleached out boys went so far as to suggest locking Caucasian teenagers inside a building and burning them alive.  In other words, according to the left, if you’re a conservative white man, you are not allowed to smile at an American Indian elder, but if you’re a liberal white male, you are allowed to threaten to lock high school boys inside a building before torching it to the ground.

Either way, while making heroes of illegals and anti-American agitators, social justice warriors on the left are more emboldened than ever to condemn Caucasian Christian men for things like choice in headgear, respecting the sanctity of life, and supporting a sitting president.

On the other hand, male religious racists like Black Hebrew Israelites, Muslim imams, illegal invaders, and indigenous tribal elders pretending to be Vietnam veterans are fêted by the left as true champions of American ideals.

Even Barack Obama, the self-proclaimed advocate of racial justice, did his part to tamp down the self-esteem of white men while, when still president, he described white cops as men who “acted stupidly“; barricaded mostly white, aged veterans from the visiting the WWII Memorial; and proclaimed teenaged black boys the only “brothers” worthy of being “kept.”

Saul Alinsky Rule #10 recommends that social justice warriors “maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.”  That’s why, just prior to pro-life Caucasians males in red MAGA caps being excoriated by the media for daring to respond to racial and religious taunting with nothing more than a smile, the Gillette razor company thought it was as good a time as any to enter the fray by depicting men without color as cave-dwelling bullies.

In the end, to advance an agenda, progressives will continue to hammer away at white conservative males – both dead and alive – as well as attempt to establish a radical vision for our nation by undermining the reputation of any man who longs to see America made great again.

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