Hillary’s Mexican Blame Dance


Hillary Clinton has a unique way of removing responsibility from the guilty and censuring the good guys. She is a master of excusing culpability from the offender and in some cases blanketing blame on the innocent.

The U.S. Secretary of State granted dispensation to drug cartels, during her Mexico visit, by intimating that she doesn’t hold them solely responsible for trafficking drugs and butchering one and other in their widening drug war. She blamed, as the culprit, the “insatiable” American appetite for drugs. Her comments managed to excuse drug lord violence by implying the result of U.S. drug demand would naturally be fierce, bloody competition between cartels for turf and power.

Hillary Clinton neglected to suggest the possibility that cartels have an even greater “insatiable” appetite for power, money, violence and control making them primarily responsible for 6,300 drug related killings. Who does she suggest drove the getaway car when murdering gang members threw hand grenades into the Mexican consulate, New York City cab drivers?

Remember when Bill Clinton was found to be involved in a sexual liaison with a 22- year old White House intern? Hillary blamed the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy’s desire to see her husband undermined for his awkward situation.  Even after his affair was revealed, she neither apologized for her statements, nor acknowledged Bill’s inappropriate behavior.

The media’s breathless aspiration to see Obama become the Democratic presidential candidate was Hillary’s excuse for her presidential campaign’s collapse. Not once did she own up to her own quest for presidential power or embarrassing foibles such as her false claim she was targeted by sniper fire in Bosnia as a potential cause of Clinton induced fatigue among the press corps.

South-of-the-Border, Hillary criticized the U.S. for “much of the violence ripping through Mexico.” She failed to cite that immigration trade is “dominated by professional smugglers who move humans and drugs north using vehicles stolen by organized gangs. Coincidentally, Phoenix, Arizona, the seat of illegal immigration, also has the highest rate of auto theft in the country. 

Selling illegal import to a small percentage of the American population is not a new phenomenon.  Maybe Hillary was unaware that as far back as 1922 it was reported that one in every hundredth person was believed to be either a dealer or user. For many decades drug smugglers have ushered illegal goods across the Rio Grande on pulley lines from Mexico.

In response to violence spilling over the border from Mexico “Washington plans to ramp up border security with a $184 million program to add 360 security agents to…step-up searches for smuggled drugs, guns and cash.” Sadly, while Hillary was busy blaming the United States for bloodshed and mayhem in Mexico, Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio was investigated by federal authorities for abusing the civil rights of illegal immigrants captured while smuggling drugs across the border into Arizona.

Does Hillary also hold the United States culpable for methamphetamine labs being forced into Mexico because we“… successfully cut off the chemicals used to make meth in the US…pushing them across the border?” The pattern seems to be if you obey the law you’re branded by some liberals as a problem. The law keepers are pressured to retreat and then blamed for the deteriorating situation.

Hillary addressed further concern, during her Mexican visit, about U.S. responsibility for outfitting drug lords with night goggles and body armor, which under girds cartel potency enabling them to “… out gun law enforcement officials.”  The United States Secretary of State impugned Americans for arming gang members, who beheaded captured Mexican military, but thus far has failed to address disturbing reports that radical Islamic terrorists are presently being trained on American soil.

Sheik Muburak Gilani, founder of Muslims of America has openly stated that they, “…are fighting to destroy the enemy… evil at its roots and its roots are America.” A recently released documentary reveals that this group “… teaches American students to operate AK-47 rifles, rocket launchers, and machine guns mortars and explosives; how to kidnap and kill Americans and how to conduct sabotage and subversive operations. Who will Hillary fault if one of these fiends takes out a 747 with a shoulder-to-air rocket missile?

In Monterrey, Mexico, there was someone who was notorious for a different kind of addiction, the late Manuel Uribe, the fattest man in the world. Hillary blaming the United States for Mexico’s violent drug war is like blaming Manuel’s 1,235 pounds of morbidity on someone with an “insatiable” desire to force feed a grown man. In order to go out-of-doors, Manuel’s compulsion required his method of transportation be a flatbed truck. Similarly, as a result of Mexican drug lords craving for blood-money, power and violence, the same type of vehicle was required to collect 1,235 pounds of Mexican military corpses, beheaded by cartels vying for domination of the smuggling route.

Hillary Clinton has a habit of emphasizing the lesser issue while excusing the greater offense.  When addressing the European Parliament the Secretary of State recently expressed the Obama Administration’s sentiment to “Never waste a good crisis.” By vowing to never squander a crisis, Hillary has the option to choose whether to censure or extol the United States of America on a largely hostile world stage. Our Secretary of State should never use her position to defend criminal behavior by third world perpetrators, especially by undermining the American people in the eyes of the international community.

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