Cloward-Piven Crisis Care: American Thinker.

Cloward-Piven Crisis Care article in American Thinker. May 5, 2009


  1. denise

    I read this yesterday, and have hesitated to jump into this particular realm. My area of doctoral interest is in healthcare, and I have many different thoughts (bearing in mind first and foremost that my dissertation focus is not specific to universal healthcare; rather to gender disparity in healthcare – two very different topics).

    My question, Jeannie, isn’t about the “pandemic”…or Obama’s response or lack thereof…or anything of that nature. My question is, given that I am perceiving a strong distrust of universal healthcare from you (which I share to a certain degree for a number of reasons), what (if any) suggestions do you (or anyone here) have for correcting the healthcare crisis we, as a nation, are facing?

    During the campaign, listening to McCain’s “alternative”, I was abjectly appalled…but that was also for a number of different reasons – some of which have to do with the fact that I worked as a healthcare professional for more than 15 years…both from within and outside of the (vastly hated) HMO.

    In my question, just to spare any confusion, I’m not calling criticism to any political platform or anything of the sort. Healthcare coverage is something that impacts all of us, regardless…so I’m wondering if anyone has any viable ideas that they’ve broached their representatives with…

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