Stopping Beating Hearts…Within Pay Grades?

fetus3A few questions for Barack Obama, who believes that commenting on when life begins is “above his pay grade.”  Obama, Do non-living beings have a beating heart?  Mr. President, What is the difference between life and death, a heart beat or lack thereof?

If it is possible to be a non-living being with a  beating heart, it is highly probable that at some point the pro-choice community will rationalize premature burials for those they define as lifeless, while their hearts still beat.

If abortion can be justified as a choice, than the choice to end the lives of those outside of the womb can easily be justified too.  If a beating heart does not signify life, than anyone with a beating has a life in danger.

With universal health care on the horizon, with it’s rationing, poor quality, high cost and limited access Americans should be very concerned.  Congress, Senate and the President are refusing to give up their present health care and sign on to the substandard version they are foisting on us.  In like manner, those who define a beating heart as being less than life, would likely balk at having the embalming process initiated on them or a loved one, while their hearts still beat.  Yet, they still refuse to admit a heart beat is indicative of human life.

As the life force of our heart still beats within us, those who have been fortunate enough to make it out of the womb should contemplate the future.  It would be in our best interest to consider the next time we elect leaders, selecting those who consider it within their pay grade to admit the obvious, that a beating heart signifies life.

In the meantime, radical, pro choice policies threaten beating hearts everywhere of being stopped way before their time!

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