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Former librarian Laura Bush chose to promote global literacy while George W. was in office. While First Lady, Laura traveled the world espousing, “the power of education to foster healthy families and communities, advance opportunity for young people, and promote human rights worldwide.”

The current First Lady, Michelle Obama’s cause du jour is the “…epidemic of childhood obesity.” Michelle chose to head up the bold “Let’s Move” initiative preaching the healthy food and exercise gospel to America. However, unlike the former First Lady, Mrs. Obama oftentimes exempts herself from her own endorsements.  Avid reader Laura held the distinguished designation; Honorary Ambassador for the United Nations Literacy Decade, while Mrs. Obama, presently earns the title, worldwide epicurean connoisseur.

Incorporating the “Let’s Move” motto into Sasha and Malia’s spring break activities, Michelle moved through New York City, with fifteen guests, on a culinary tasting tour that did anything but support the healthy eating the First Lady promotes. While visiting New York City Michelle’s entourage managed to take a bite out of everything except, Big Apples.

In fairness, the always practical, “Let’s Move” advocate likely found ways to weave the theme of “moving” throughout the tasty travels.  Take for instance the First Lady, besieged by inclement weather, pulling up for brunch at Bobby Flay’s, Mesa Grill may well have suggested, “Let’s move the limo closer to the entrance, Jimmy Choos despise rain.”

Partaking of fat infused delicacies at Harlem’s Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, whose specialties include choices like pork ribs and fried green tomatoes, it’s highly possible the First Lady politely orchestrated a family-style atmosphere by saying, “Let’s move that Creole Potato Salad to the middle of the table so we all can reach the bowl.”

With Sasha and Malia’s BMI on spring sabbatical Michelle had the luxury of being nondiscriminatory toward sugary treats. The troupe visited, the upscale Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory for chocolate chunk ice cream, and the Magnolia Bakery a West Village confectionary notorious for butter cream. Home to Hummingbird and Red Velvet cupcakes, the Magnolia “typically has a line out the door,” presenting the perfect setting for Michelle to remind the group, “We have to be on the Simpsons by 8:00 pm, so let’s move to the front of the line.”

In between, tasting tidbits at Scandinavian restaurant Aquavit, which features savory morsels of healthy, fresh foods like Foie Gras Ganache, the group also sampled cultural offerings.   The revelers attended a diverse Blue Man Group performance, took in the interracial marriage Broadway musical Memphis, commiserated with social misfits at The Addams Family and visited Gotham’s favorite, the Apollo Theater.

At Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, nine people ordered four pizzas, “plain, pepperoni and sausage, a Margherita and one with mushrooms, peppers and onions.” Michelle worked biceps and eradicated fat, carbohydrate and gargantuan portions of yeast-laden pizza by energetically passing pies back and forth between three tables.

Refueling via victuals, the FLOTUS-fifteen received standing ovations all along the taste trajectory as, “reports of much cheering each time the Obama party entered and exited local eateries.”  Bursts of extended applause provided Michelle, numerous opportunities to gently reposition the group saying, “Let’s move in a little closer so we all fit in one photograph.”

Amidst the festivities the only individuals less than thrilled with America’s “Let’s Move” First Lady were those held up indefinitely, at the top of the Empire State Building, while Michelle leisurely sampled Dylan’s Candy Bar Time Capsule treats, while being casually escorted on a private sight-seeing tour, 102 floors below.

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