If you care to know…I don’t like it!

Whenever Obama is off script America gets a glimpse into what the President really believes.  Take for instance Barack’s nuclear conference statement that “Whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower.”


Now there’s a treasure trove of insight, America’s Commander-in-Chief apologizing for America superpower status.

Yet while Obama’s statement was disturbing the President gave voice to what I’ve had difficulty expressing since the “historic” election of 2008.  I could never quite communicate in words the uncomfortable feeling I experience every time Obama takes America one step closer to the type of nation he likes.

Obama’s stunning words opened my eyes to the reality that I’ve been living in a constant state of, “Whether we like it or not.” For me, it’s mostly “…or not.”

Obama has fundamentally transformed the nation into a place whose contentious atmosphere resembles growing up with a domineering parent constantly reaffirming, “Whether you like it or not…you to do what I say!”

Barack Obama is the ultimate submission enforcer, and as a result I, and most Americans, are presently living in a “Whether we like it or not,” situation where,

“Whether I like it or not,” my children, their spouses, my twelve-year old grandson and two, soon to be arriving, grand-babies will be overburdened with insurmountable taxes and debt.

“Whether I like it or not,” regardless of gifting or intelligence future generation will be deprived the opportunities once available to ambitious Americans.

“Whether I like it or not,” Obama will decide how much money I will be allowed to keep.

“Whether I like it or not,” achievers will be punished and slackers rewarded.

“Whether I like it or not,” Obama will dole out personal income to whomever and whatever cause he alone deems worthy.

“Whether I like it or not,” Obama has plans to use my money to pay for abortion.

“Whether I like it or not,” Obama’s immigration reform will make the cultural landscape and foundational religious traditions of America, obsolete.

“Whether I like it or not,” Obama has decided to assume the position of an all powerful and encompassing government CEO.

“Whether I like it or not,” Obama will determine what kind of car I drive, the type of appliances I use and even choose the light bulbs for the lamps he’ll allow to be turned on for limited periods each day.

“Whether I like it or not,” this nation will no longer be a powerful representative democracy.

“Whether I like it or not,” America is weaker militarily and less secure at home and abroad.

“Whether I like it or not,” Israel has been cast aside and deference is now given to dictators, despots and tyrants.

“Whether I like it or not,” Obama is making every effort to disarm America and dismantle missile defense.

“Whether I like it or not,” Obama coddles terrorists and sympathizes with rogue nations.

“Whether I like it or not,” Obama has decided to limit freedom and is subjecting America to socialism.

“Whether I like it or not,” in my old age the government will ultimately decide the level of care and the length of years I’ll be allowed to have.

“Whether I like it or not,” America’s Constitution and the rights it affords are being undermined, disrespected and disregarded.

“Whether I like it or not,” America we’ll likely never again witness a free, fair and open election.

While the list is never-ending, “Whether we like it or not,” Obama remains president of the United States–which means “Whether we like it or not,” it may be too late for America.

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