Obama presser: holding other people’s feet to the fire – American Thinker. – May 29, 2010

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President Obama’s transparency was on display during a long overdue press conference to address the Gulf Coast oil spill.  In fact, so on display, that Barack invited the nation into the Obama home to observe morning routines and listen in on private father-daughter sharing sessions.

Obama, although a stickler for transparency, oftentimes refuses to take questions.  However, yesterday the President came to the East Room “angry and frustrated,” ready to address the situation in the Gulf with full disclosure and accessibility, as well as share intimate grooming conversations he has with daughter Malia.

At the start of the press conference Obama exhibited the strength of leadership that comes from a President adept at holding other people’s feet to the fire for things like natural disasters and unfortunate accidents. Obama emphatically stated, “BP is responsible for this horrific disaster, and we will hold them fully accountable on behalf of the United States as well as the people and communities victimized by this tragedy.”

Obama’s pre-question statements addressed government involvement, technicalities, responsibility, environmental ramifications and global cooperation.

Then the President got to the meat of the matter and spoke on behalf of Americans vacationing. Preparing for a fun Memorial Day weekend in Chicago himself, Obama encouraged beachcombers to hit the sand despite the six-mile wide, potentially toxic plume snaking toward the coastline.

The President reminded Americans to not let anything stand in the way of bi-weekly vacations.

Heading north to Chicago for an extended weekend, Obama said, “Americans could help by continuing to visit the communities and beaches of the Gulf Coast… except for three beaches in Louisiana, all of the Gulf’s beaches are open. They are safe and they are clean.”

So far, Obama has not walked on or parted the water, at least not publicly. However, the president did propose steps ensuring, “a catastrophe like this never happens again.”  Instead of promoting onshore drilling, which doesn’t leak into water and cause environmental mayhem, the president chose to not let this crisis go to waste and instead proposed further government regulation through tragedy exploitation.

Obama also pitched clean energy and tweaked Sarah Palin by demeaning the motto, “Drill baby drill.”

The President openly and transparently answered all kinds of questions, except those having to do with Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa).  Sestak accused the White House of attempting to bribe him with a job in the Obama administration in return for dropping out of a Pennsylvania Democratic senate primary.

Then, in an effort to add a sense of poignancy to the gravity of the oil spill the President invited America into the White House family residence. America caught a glimpse into a steamy mirror where historic greatness, adorned in a white T-shirt, lathers his face with shaving cream.

Carrying the weight of an environmental disaster on her young shoulders, supposedly little Malia knocked softly and poked her head through Papa’s bathroom door.  Malia asked her father as he, this one time, lifted his chin to shave under his neck and said, “Did you plug the hole yet Daddy?”

Obama shared the story to stress the point that even children recognize the Gulf Coast oil spill is  “fouling the earth.” Then Barry further enforced Malia’s sentiments with off-the-cuff personal impressions gleaned from being “Hawaii raised,” which gave insight into Obama’s past and raises a whole host of questions Barack Obama would rather avoid.

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