Stood Up Again by Barry – American Thinker. – June 30, 2010

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Either the White House press corps enjoy being stood up, or the group is so hopelessly besotted they fail to see the forest for the trees of Muskoka, Canada.  How many times will the infatuated be left alone on the dance floor without a partner before the jilted White House press corps remove Obama’s picture from inside the locker and decide to return the class ring?

The White House press corps’ job is to trail the president “in order to report on any incident.”  However, Obama apparently abhors clingers-on, so while attending the G-8 and G-20 summits with world leaders he once again “gave the White House press corps the slip last night.”

The G-8 summit began in Muskoka, Canada; the ensuing G-20 was scheduled to take place in Toronto 150 miles from Muskoka the following day. The White House sent the press entourage ahead to Toronto, “leaving the president 150 miles behind.”  In other words, Barry told the press corps, “You go on ahead.”

A momentous president like The One, Barack Obama should have scribes chronicling every move, especially when officially representing the nation he leads.   Not doing so not only leaves a tragic hole in the historical record and also makes one wonder what Mr. Obama was up to in Muskoka.

Maybe “Barri” didn’t want to show up again on the cover of Time magazine, this time taking a moonlight stroll in the Canadian woods swigging Stolichnaya with comrade Dmitry Medvedev, wearing a Russian ushanka hat as a sign of mutual commitment and solidarity to the cause.

More likely Obama, “who’s been quite vocal in his disdain for the press at times [and] has blown off his press corps in the past,” probably sent the pool reporters to Toronto to show off his authoritarian leadership skills in front of his seven new buddies and to reaffirm, if there was any question, “Who’s the Boss.”

This isn’t the first time Barry O ducked the press corps.  On a sunny morning in April, an undercover Obama all but climbed out a side window in the White House without the knowledge of the waiting press corps.  Supposedly, the President was determined to show up on the sideline at his daughters’ soccer game sans reporters.

Reports indicate the press pool reacted with a harried: Did he go right, no, no, no, I think went left.  The flurry of activity was fruitless because the surreptitious soccer-Dad made a quick getaway and took in a fast game.  So fast, in fact, from kick-off to three-short-whistle-blows it took less than one hour, including travel time.

Nevertheless, President Obama stomping around in the Canadian woods without the White House press corps “is a far more significant offense” than the April morning soccer disappearance.  Shooing the White House press corps off to Toronto is likely to “draw another complaint.” What remains to be seen is whether the reporter pool will finally blow the whistle on the stealthy Barry’s covert activities?

More than likely, the White House press corps will continue to act like a foolish schoolgirl, overlooking Barry’s dismissive behavior, and drawing hearts all day long around the name ‘Barack Obama’ scribbled lovingly on legal pads issued by the White House.

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