“Fruit Loop” Nancy’s Stimulus

Either Nancy Pelosi is a complete ignoramus, or the woman wearing pearls the sized of apricots is under the impression Americans are dolts. It’s one or the other; there is no middle of the road, no grey area here.  If the either/or premise is not the case then what is the explanation for the stupid comment the Speaker made when she said the following:


Does Nancy Pelosi actually expect Americans to believe extending unemployment insurance is the fastest way to create jobs? Just a reminder: This ridiculous woman is two-short-steps from the presidency.

Nancy claims that handing out unemployment checks to the 10% of the jobless labor force is “one of the biggest stimulus’ to our economy.”  The Speaker supports such an absurd statement by saying “economists will tell you this money is spent quickly.”  Nancy can you name the brilliant, and I use this title loosely, economist?  Wait; let me guess, economic genius Paul Krugman?

Of course the money is spent Nancy, the people this administration’s policies have put out of work need to buy food.

Is this how “Nancy Economics” work?  Liberals institute job killing policies, then they raise taxes and send out stimulus/unemployment checks to the people whose jobs they’ve destroyed.  Taxes go up and more jobs are destroyed.

Not to worry…this is a stimulating, job creating effort.

How you ask?  Well, the unemployed with check in hand malinger around check cashing offices, which translates into jobs for tellers who sit in Plexiglas cages handing out money to desperate people.  Then the unemployed take the government issued pittance across the street to the grocery store.  There the jobless purchase Fruit Loops®, a loaf of Wonder Bread®, and a half a pound of bologna.

Viola! Jobs are created, stock boys, bakers and deli meat slicers.  The economy is burning up with “double benefits.”

The Speaker chided those who believe the “only people who want [unemployment benefits] are the people who don’t want jobs.” In all fairness, this one time the woman actually spoke the truth. The Speaker and her non-working political cronies desperately want unemployment benefits to continue as employment insurance to keep non-workers like Pelosi employed  in a job that includes getting paid for doing nothing.

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