Obama embarks on ‘Magical History Tour’ – American Thinker. – July 27, 2010

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Dust off the tour bus, shove the Styrofoam Ionic columns into the luggage compartment, and test the reverb, Barack is taking to the road on a “summer of recovery” excursion, more aptly called the “Magical History Tour.”  Instead of spending time in Washington DC executing presidential duties, Obama has decided it’s time to remedy a flagging reputation.

If anyone can foist fantasy on the naïve, Barack Obama sure can. The goal: bamboozle America into believing irresponsible handling of the economy was a much-needed “strong step to bring it back from the brink.”

One stop will be in Michigan where employment is 14%. Barry will insist the unemployed believe the bailout added jobs.  Obama will then motor from Motor City into the Garden State to tout the value of a failed $787 billion stimulus package, as fiscally responsible Governor Christie rescues New Jersey from the brink of Obama-style economic destruction.

Mr. Obama’s trips follow an increasingly grim pattern of poll findings, which show deep-rooted skepticism among the U.S. public about the effects of the stimulus and [Obama’s] approach to the economy in general [according to a Pew poll] only 35 % of Democratic voters believe the stimulus helped keep unemployment from getting worse.

Obama may be forced to swing by Will.i.am’s place and pick up the “Yes We Can” crew because it appears core Democrat voters who wept with joy 18 months ago are part of a “widening enthusiasm gap” between motivated voters in the opposition party. Republicans recognized smoke and mirrors before the election, but now Independents are falling away in droves. Making matters worse, sane Democrats removed the rose-colored Barry glasses and are presently thrashing about in a summer of Obama discontent.

Teleprompter theatrics aside, even doltish Democrats realize the stimulus has done nothing to rescue America from a burgeoning employment crisis.

One challenge before Barry is convincing Americans his priorities are not “skewed toward companies and the wealthy.” This particular exhortation would be better left unsaid until after the President’s $30,000.00 per person birthday extravaganza.

On the precipice of losing Democrat control of the House and Senate, Obama may be the only person unaware that swagger and speechifying will do little “between now and November to change the facts on the ground, which continue to be dominated by near double-digit rate of unemployment.”

As America plummets deeper into a black hole of socialist policies, Obama will likely drag George W. out in effigy and continue to censure the ex-president who’s been back in Crawford, Texas for two years.  Barry will present the choice “America faces…between going back to the policies that led us into the mess [or] moving forward” with liberal policies, which plunged the nation into total despair.

Lacking substance, Obama will fill his empty suit by sullying the opposing party. The brilliant game plan: stress Republican opposition to extending unemployment benefits to those who are out of work solely because of Barry’s wretched economic policies.

On the “summer recovery” tour it is likely Obama will continue to demonize prolonging Bush tax cuts for those in a position to create jobs for those who are unemployed because of a failed socialistic agenda.

After increasing the national debt by $2 trillion, Obama is determined to hoodwink America by appealing to disaffected voters with the idea that tax cuts for wealthy Americans “are the same policies that led us into this recession.”

Obama’s “Magical History Tour” should be a fascinating summertime spectacle whose November results will indicate if the bedazzled electorate fooled once by Barry the Bamboozler will be fooled twice.

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