Barack Obama, Stand-Up Comedian

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It’s nice to know that the multi-talented President of the United States, besides being an economic genius, a shovel-unready job creator, a healthcare specialist and Constitutional sage, also has a little-known talent for stand-up comedy.

While the country is seriously concerned about the direction it’s headed and focused on issues that will determine a potentially less-than-stable future, Barry is busy cracking jokes.

Busted in South Korea, the President was overheard having a clandestine conversation with his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev. Obama asked messenger boy Medvedev to implore Putin to be patient in the run-up to the November election, and promised that after he’s reelected he’ll be better able to strike deals on a whole range of politically volatile issues, including missile defense.

Even Obama knows the American public would not reelect a president if they knew he was anxious to sell our national security and the security of our allies down the river to none other than the Russians. So, rather than admit it publicly, Barack Obama quietly whispered some plans into Medvedev’s ear and also into a hot mic, unbeknownst to either of them.

What followed was firestorm of criticism.  Yet instead of apologizing to the American people for implying that as a lame duck he could get away with compromising national security even more than he already has, Obama has chosen to defend himself by smarmily dismissing the comments and using the incident as fodder for jokes.

Attempting to defray the public’s disapproval, Barack Obama recently tested out his new material on a group of reporters.  The president broached the subject of promising the Russians “flexibility” and asking them for “space” with this knee-slapper: “First of all, are the mics on?”

From there, demonstrating what he must have thought was perfect comedic timing, the President explained that what he told Dmitry to convey to Vladimir were promises that “were nothing new,” and shouldn’t shock the American people. Someone should pull Obama aside and tell him that his explanation not only lacks humor, but also raises the question:  So why the covert nature of the little tête à tête in South Korea?

Moving on, after such a wonderful response to his prior excursions into Comedyville the always unctuous Obama decided to really drive the sarcasm home by laughing it up some more in a speech to newspaper editors about the “flexible” Russian moment.

Honing his routine, Barack Obama said “It is a pleasure to speak to all of you, and to have a microphone that I can see.”  That quip was then followed by this hilarious punch line: “Feel free to transmit any of this to Vladimir if you see him.” (Insert laugh track).

So, once again, with each passing day President Obama, that treasure trove of vast and wide-ranging talent, continues to dazzle and entertain the American public, proving that those humorless individuals on the right who insist on criticizing him every step of the way just don’t appreciate a good joke.

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