Shielding Barack Obama From IRS Disgrace

c201109-david-axelrod-barack-michelle-obamaOriginally posted at American Thinker.

On behalf of the progressive “FORWARD” movement, with a near-religious zeal that far exceeds the bellicose fervor liberals accuse conservatives of displaying, Obama supporters in the IRS went about the business of discriminating against social welfare groups as well as targeting those with opposing religious and political views.

It was during the 2012 presidential debates, when referring to the tragic events that took place in Benghazi, that Barack Obama said the following: “Ultimately, as commander-in-chief, I’m responsible, and I don’t shy away from that responsibility.”

Yet, for some reason, when it comes to the IRS scandal, the president seems hesitant to pretend to shoulder the blame for what took place at the largest U.S. government agency under his jurisdiction. Then again, in all fairness, Obama being expected to take the hit for both Benghazi and the IRS is certainly more bogus culpability than one irresponsible president should be asked to handle.

Which raises the question: is it possible that in an effort to make Obama appear unimpeachable, two prominent big-government liberals are purposely contradicting the partisan vindictiveness in which the agency enthusiastically indulged on the president’s behalf?

Consider this: on May 11th, just as the IRS story was gaining momentum, at an Eastern Kentucky University commencement ceremony while speaking to 600 education, business, and technology graduates, the first lady unexpectedly encouraged her audience to converse with the very people the Internal Revenue has tried for four years to shut up.

In 2009, with the president’s tacit approval, the DHS publicly portrayed the right wing as a bunch of hateful, anti-government racists. So why would the first lady suddenly suggest that college graduates interconnect with the president’s political nemeses?

Checking herself, Mrs. Obama did add, “And if you’re a Republican, have a chat with a Democrat. Maybe you’ll find some common ground, maybe you won’t.” Trust me, they won’t!

Now, either Michelle was attempting to find innovative ways to gather names to submit to the IRS for future audits, or she was hoping to quell a controversy whose impetus was clearly the work of dedicated sycophants helping to advance her husband’s hyperpartisan agenda.

Mrs. Obama may have also thought that promoting bipartisan interaction would corroborate the phony contention that Obama was about to make that he was absolutely shocked — shocked! — that the IRS would single out the very same people he enthusiastically singles out on a regular basis.

As if that’s not out of character enough, despite the IRS targeting Catholic professors, a Jewish group, and a world-renowned evangelist, not to mention asking for outlandish things such as the content of pro-life prayers, Michelle segued from repartee to religion. The first lady, ‘for the first time in her adult life,’ suggested that when not in the throes of tearing through free contraceptives, college grads should drop in on religious congregations.

Mrs. Obama’s spiritual advice seemed to imply that even if a right-wing bitter clinger were delivering the sermon, Obama-approved religiosity could be realized by reaching out “with an open mind and an open heart” to other faiths.

Notwithstanding the Internal Revenue Service forcibly limiting conservative Americans’ ability to reach out to anyone, Mrs. Obama then pointed out “When we only talk to people who think like we do, we just get stuck in our ways.” Lest we forget, the woman offering advice on how to be more flexible is the same person so determined to control what Americans eat that she’s even burrowed her way into zoos and museums in a relentless effort to redesign kiddie menus to comply with her specifications.

Zoo or no zoo, Michelle is not alone. In what may well be yet another stunning effort to shield the president from criticism, happily stuck-in-his-ways former Obama campaign advisor David Axelrod similarly inserted his opinion into the IRS mêlée. Axelrod made the surprising admission that the very government his hero is in the process of growing is too vast to handle for the guy doing the growing.

Rather than expound upon the merits of a bloated bureaucracy, notorious big-government proponent David Axelrod argued on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that the immense régime Obama has spent years cultivating, due to its immensity, could not be managed by anyone, let alone Barack Obama.

To understand the absurdity of such a statement coming from Mr. Axelrod, of all people, one should think of it this way: it’s David Axelrod who helped political neophyte Obama steal the keys to the big-government 18-wheeler. Then, unable to steer the oversized vehicle, the president proceeded to mow down half the country. Now Axelrod, Barack Obama’s principal enabler, has the gall to claim the president was way too young to drive?
One thing’s for sure, despite his bravura, since winning reelection the president has not only proven that he can’t drive, but also that he’s figured out nothing, fixed nothing, and done nothing constructive, let alone been held accountable for the chaos he’s created.

That’s why there has to be an ulterior motive for the Axelrod/Obama combined effort. Were it not to put distance between the president and the Internal Revenue Service, Mrs. Obama would never suggest that college graduates reject the kind of partisanship the ideological tax collection agency embraced. Moreover, David Axelrod would be the last person on the planet to stress the impossibility of supervising the very agency to which Barack Obama just handed the oversight of healthcare for 300 million people.

With that in mind, it’s clear that based on the uncharacteristic rhetoric coming from the president’s closest allies, Barack Obama has plans to deflect all the blame for the IRS scandal onto the overzealous “civil servants” David Axelrod claims reside “deep within the bowels of the IRS.”

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