Barack’s Bogus Broccoli Tale

obama-kids-state-dinnerOriginally posted at American Thinker. blog

Barack Obama has told a lot of tall tales, but if ever there was a lie that blatantly gave his dishonesty away, it was his claim that broccoli is his favorite food.

Five years into his presidency, five years of being continually harangued by Mrs. Obama about eating vegetables, and suddenly all of a sudden, out of the blue, we find out that Mr. Obama loves the vegetable President George H. W. Bush hated?

During the last five years we’ve seen Barack Obama sink his teeth into chilidogs, burgers, ribs, corn dogs, icecream, fried chicken, and pizza, but never once have we seen his so-called favorite food broccoli disappear down his gullet.  We’ve heard he’s tried canine chops and grasshoppers, and we all watched in horror when he was sternly prohibited from eating fried Twinkies.

Then, at a Mrs. Obama-hosted anti-obesity gathering called the “Kids’ State Dinner” at the White House that doubles as Michelle’s personal penitentiary, came an unexpected but no less momentous revelation.

It’s likely that Obama was innocently perusing the winning recipes cooked up by pint-sized chefs at the kiddie buffet table when he was ambushed by a kid journalist who asked him: What is your favorite food?   Obama replied, broccoli!

Besides revealing that as far as food groups go, brassica oleracea is his favorite species, broccoli-lover Barack also shared other deep food insights. First he said, “Food can be fun. It can be healthy.” Whoa, Mr. President, talk about massive tingle-up-the-leg profundity!

Then the broccoli fiend demonstrated mind-blowing perceptiveness when he praised the children, saying, “You are setting up habits that are going to be great your entire life.”

From there, waxing sentimental, the president also shared that in his family all the vegetables were boiled.  What he didn’t expound upon was which family he meant. Nonetheless, be it in Kenya, Indonesia, or Hawaii, since growing from a boy into a boy-man, Barack Obama has learned that healthy food can also taste good and shared those thoughts with the children.

Wait! Seeing as how he was discussing favorite foods from his childhood, what better time for a kid journalist to find out something the rest of the nation might like to know too: Does broccoli go well with dog? Is dog meat healthy, and does it taste good?

Barack Obama ended the repartee by telling the children that he isn’t much of cook, and even that is, at best, a huge understatement; although Obama does cook up a lot of things, what he cooks up is mostly half-baked.

Either way, the broccoli confession – if it’s even true – revealed more than just the president’s love of broccoli.  What it really revealed was that if Barack Obama would lie to a room full of little kids and tell them that his favorite food is broccoli (which we all know isn’t his favorite food), then it’s certain that he lies about everything else.

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