Q For the Left: Is Sarah Palin as Smart as Rachel Jeantel?

SarahPalinByDavidShankboneOriginally posted at Clash Daily

When liberals mock conservatives, the criticism is neither based in logic nor truth. That’s why instead of debating the issues in an intelligent manner, the left chooses instead to disparage political foes. One of their favorite tactics is to portray conservatives as mentally deficient morons.

Sarah Palin is a primary target of that sort of liberal derision, for both what she says and the folksy way in which she says it. George W. Bush was also victimized by the ‘he’s dumb as a stump’ drumbeat of ridicule that issued forth from the left.

Not for nothing, but liberals worship a man who pronounced “corpsman” as “corpse man,” and as a political party are sincerely convinced that just on the basis of being liberal, they and the “corpse men” they support possess the most brilliant of minds.

That is why, if an individual who furthers the liberal cause is found to be challenged in the intellect department, rather than apply the same criticism, liberals will do anything to explain away, oh let’s say, a black female’s inability to cobble together a coherent point.

Incoherency is what brings us around to Rachel Jeantel, star witness for the prosecution in the George Zimmerman trial. Perhaps Ms. Jeantel has the potential to express herself in a clear, respectful, and articulate way, but is caught up in a low-expectation culture that has shaped her into who she is.

Still, based on her abysmal diction, contemptuous demeanor, and basic disrespect for authority, it’s hard to believe that Rachel Jeantel possesses the cerebral capacity that liberals are now trying to establish on her behalf.

Then again, it could be that Rachel “made a lot more sense than you think,” just as Time magazine intimated in an article entitled “Rachel Jeantel Explained, Linguistically.” Time actually seemed to argue that people who don’t understand Rachel are the challenged ones, not Ms. Jeantel.

Television and media critic Eric Deggans of the Tampa Bay Times described Rachael’s inability to express herself as merely a problem with “code switching,” which Mr. Deggans describes thusly:

For linguists, code-switching describes the simple act of switching between two languages in a conversation. But in today’s increasingly multicultural, multi-ethnic society, the term’s deeper meaning involves shifting between different cultures as you move through life’s conversations — choosing your communication style based on the people you’re dealing with.

Mr. Deggans even went so far as to define Rachel Jeantel’s now infamous “creepy-ass cracka” comment as nothing more than a cultural problem exacerbated by Jeantel’s inability to adequately code-switch.

Of late, the Jeantel apologist maintains that the impression Rachel made during the trial was based more on the observer’s lack of cultural sensitivity than Rachel’s intellectual “shortcomings.”

Yet when Sarah Palin, who the left still considers to be “the queen of stupid”, said the following about Barack Obama: “Obama’s Shuck and Jive ends with Benghazi Lies,” Deggans accused Palin of using coded words to mask her prejudice. Thus, it’s unlikely Deggans would have described a favorite Sarah Palin expression, “wee-weed up,” as an inability for the former Alaska governor to code-switch.

Currently Rachel Jeantel is working the media circuit, toting along a lawyer and, from the looks of things, a stylist and probably a publicist. She’s spending her days acting as the official sage of gangsta thug culture, schooling liberals such as the completely engrossed Piers Morgan on things like the difference between the N-word ending with an “a” versus the N-word ending with an “-er,” the latter of which is the racist version while the former just means “a guy”.

On Piers Morgan Live, Jeantel provided a riveting explanation that clarified how “a” and “-er” make all the difference between a honky cracker and a security/law enforcement “creepy-ass cracka.”

For a little context, Piers Morgan is the man who laughed at the vile Bill Maher making sport of mocking Sarah Palin’s and Michelle Bachmann’s intelligence. Yet Piers seemed to actually take Rachel Jeantel seriously when she enlightened her detractors by pointing out an “under-bite that made it difficult for her to speak clearly.” Rachel Jeantel, a black woman with a dental malady, encapsulates everything necessary to merit an army of sappy liberal apologists to rally to her defense.

Proving her stunning lack of understanding when it comes to homophobia, Jeantel even went so far as to publicly assert that Martin was “creeped out” by Zimmerman following him after she suggested that George may have been a “rapist.” Morgan was riveted when Rachel posed the politically incorrect, difficult-to-decipher question, “For every boy or every man who’s not that kind of way, seeing a grown man following them, would they be creeped out?”

The left is so wary of the potential negative impact that might result from disagreeing with a black female representing institutional racism in the US that her poorly thought-out suggestion that Trayvon Martin pummeled George Zimmerman because he thought he was a homosexual rapist was largely ignored by the gay rights lobby in the media.

In a “CNN Opinion” article entitled “Love Her or Hate Her, Rachel Jeantel is a Star,” Jason Johnson explained people’s negative perception of Rachel Jeantel as follows: “Part of it is because she is a dark-skinned, plus-sized girl from a low-income neighborhood who doesn’t speak the King’s English. With that profile, some viewers automatically see her as non-credible and uneducated[.]”

So, does that mean that if Sarah Palin had only been born a “dark-skinned, plus-sized girl from a low-income neighborhood who [didn’t] speak the King’s English” the left-wing media, regardless of her political persuasion, would have embraced her and seen her so-called gibberish as some sort of wisdom that lesser people fail to understand?

If that’s the case, there’s hope for Sarah Palin! Maybe Rachel Jeantel can help Palin brush up on her phraseology. Then, Sarah’s folksy style of speaking wouldn’t sound so stupid to liberals, and the former governor of Alaska will be viewed by the left as being almost as smart as Rachel Jeantel.

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