Mr. Flexible’s Inflexible Stance on Syria

140613obamaOriginally posted at American Thinker.

Remember when Barack Obama, aka Mr. Flexibility, told Dmitry Medvedev to relay a message to Putin that after the 2012 election he’d be more “flexible“?  Since Obama made the “more flexible” promise to Russia via an open mic, he has proven he’s anything but.  In fact, he’s become even more stridently autonomous, intractable, and unable to be budged from whatever fool-headed notion he has.

Now, with an inflexible amateur at the helm, the rest of the planet waits with the U.S. in nervous anticipation to see whether Barack Obama will be stupid enough to attempt to community-organize the world by single-handedly forcing it to descend into a type of chaos that is even more deadly than the pandemonium he’s caused here at home.

On the domestic side, in an effort to implement his idea of fairness, Mr. Flexible has ignored public opinion on health care and foisted upon 300 million mostly unwilling individuals an impending “train wreck.”  In the process, the president is actively “sharing the wealth” by purposely demolishing the greatest health care system in the world.

Barack Obama has liberalized our military by making it a social experiment while at the same time weakening it.  He has repeatedly disrespected our Constitution and threatened the Second Amendment.  He’s also taken a jackhammer to our economy and plans to impose millions of illegal immigrants on a nation wholly opposed to the invasion.

Internationally, he helped oust Hosni Mubarak from Egypt and as a result has been a party to the turmoil and upheaval in a nation being torn apart by the Muslim Brotherhood.  The same holds true in Libya, where Barack Obama is responsible for numerous missteps resulting in more unrest, not to mention four Americans returning home in flag-draped coffins.

Few would deny that Obama has already attempted and failed to deliver his form of “fundamental transformation” to the Middle East.  Now, rather than taking a step back and reassessing his unsuccessful methodology, the president has decided to prove his machismo by being utterly inflexible when it comes to Syria.

One would think that being as brilliant as he purportedly is, Obama would realize that with his appalling track record thus far, the third strike he insists on making in the Middle East could very well result in China and Russia collaborating with Iran to use Obama’s actions as an excuse to attempt to take Israel out before turning their attention toward America.

The problem is that with an unqualified incompetent like Barack Obama, outcome doesn’t matter.  Neither does public opinion, nor potentially ominous consequences.  After all, he has a safe haven in the recently completed bunker underneath the White House.

That’s why it’s highly probable that the president will once again thumb his nose, but this time the thumbing will be directed toward the international community.  As a result, the world that celebrated the election of Barack Obama is about to become the recipient of a hearty dose of what the American people have endured for the last five years.

Meanwhile, as Mr. Flexible mulls over whether or not to defy world opinion, Israelis are clamoring for gas masks, Iran and Hezb’allah are threatening harsh retaliation, and Russia and China are teaming up.

As far as Syria is concerned, seems the only way Obama can make himself feel better about being the international laughingstock that he is is for him to unilaterally order air strikes, which will eradicate more innocent people and result in an already dire situation becoming even more dire.

The irony of it all is that Mr. Flexibility is attempting to justify a “shot across the bow” by brazenly assuming the title of international arbiter of morality and sole defender of innocent life.  It’s sort of like Jack the Ripper trying to pass himself off as a caring surgeon.

Lest we forget, this is the guy who armed drug cartels with American guns that killed more people in Mexico than were gassed to death in the streets of Damascus.  It’s the guy who has yet to adequately address the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya that took the lives of an American ambassador, a diplomat, and two Navy SEALs.

Moreover, despite his display of righteous indignation toward Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, as he plans to avenge the death of 300 or so innocents, Barack Obama continues to support and fund the slaughter of 3,000 unborn American babies a day.

Notwithstanding those sorts of of hypocrisies, the renowned 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner, who repeatedly criticized G.W. Bush’s “dumb war” in Iraq, is now poised to prove how flexible he is to Vladimir Putin by refusing to accept the U.N. inspector’s word that there is no solid proof that Bashar al-Assad is responsible for gassing Syrians in the streets of Damascus.

As a result, billions all over the world have now joined 300 million Americans who have been screaming in desperation for assistance from someone, anyone, to rescue us from our own private economic, social, and political gassing — a gassing being administered by a megalomaniac who calls himself flexible but is instead proving to be more treacherous to the world than al-Assad could ever be.

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