Ghoulish: Human Babies Provide Home Heating in Oregon

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After recently finding out that in order to generate power to heat British hospitals the remains of 15,000 aborted babies were found to have been incinerated along with other “medical waste,” yet another chilling example of the total disregard for the sanctity of life has been exposed.

Recently, the British Columbia Health Ministry disclosed that in Canadian provinces the corpses of aborted babies discarded by B.C. abortion clinics are included in the “medical waste” being burned in Oregon to provide electricity for residents of the Beaver State.

In an email to the B.C. Catholic, British Colombia’s Health Ministry admitted that the “biomedical waste” transported to the U.S. for incineration includes “human tissue, such as surgically removed cancerous tissue, amputated limbs, and fetal tissue.”

The email stated, “The ministry understands that some is transferred to Oregon. There it is incinerated in a waste-to-energy plant.”
The shocking communiqué attempted to quell concerns with the reassurance that workers managing the “biomedical waste,” that is, cremating human beings for electricity, follow “health and safety protocols, as well as federal, provincial, and local regulations.”

Kristan Mitchell, executive director of the Oregon Refuse and Recycling Association, responded to the email by telling B.C. Catholic that “biomedical waste” probably ends up at the “Covanta Marion waste-to-energy facility in Oregon since it is the only facility that uses waste to power the grid.” The facility confirmed that indeed it does receive and incinerate medical waste from British Columbia.

Here’s how it works: Oregon Refuse and Recycling’s two massive boilers incinerate waste at a temperature of about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat then transfers to water tubes, which then create the steam that powers the turbines that in turn generate the electricity.

In a 2007 article published by the Willamette Live with the unfortunate title “Burn, Baby, Burn”, it was disclosed that the Marion waste-to-energy “incinerator burned about 800 tons (1,764,000 pounds) of medical waste per year.”

At the time the article was published, Oregonians concerned about breathing “toxic emissions” protested the “importation and burning of medical waste.” Little did the protestors know that those “emissions” emanating from the red and white smoke stacks included the cremated remains of thousands of human beings denied the right to life by their British Colombian mothers.

The article explained that “Medical waste is brought to the facility in sealed boxes and is carried to the furnace on a conveyor belt which layers it with the rest of the solid waste being processed.”

In other words, like something out of the horror stories of Nazi Germany, the crushed corpses of unborn babies are haphazardly tossed into boxes like trash, sealed up, and shipped to an unofficial crematorium whose power warms the lives of those who approve of abortion, as well as those who do not.

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