An Endless Scavenger Hunt

192779_5_Originally posted at American Thinker.

Recently a disturbing story emerged out of Texas wherein Benny Martinez, chief deputy for the Brooks County Sheriff’s Office, had the unfortunate assignment to accompany a justice of the peace to a location where the skeletal remains of an illegal immigrant had been found.

The deceased must have succumbed to the type of ghastly death that comes as a result of dehydration and heat stroke. Worse yet, the positioning of the bones indicated clear signs that animals had actively fed upon the corpse.
Border Agents report that thus far, a total of 42 bodies have been found this year alone in desert fields and ranches around Texas.

As for the poor fellow whose brittle, sunbaked frame was found under a mesquite tree, after making the dangerous three- or four-day journey searching in vain for a checkpoint in the hot sun, he apparently gave up hope.

According to Bob Price of Breitbart Texas, who reported the story and had accompanied Martinez in surveying the terrain, “Animals had taken their toll on the body as there were mostly skeletal remains. The skull was located about ten feet away from the rest of the body.”

What’s unnerving about the mental picture the story evokes is that, besides being horrific, a skeleton with its bones picked clean offers an illustration of what America may eventually look like if this illegal incursion keeps up.

This particular illegal immigrant did not make it all the way to the Promised Land, thus his lifeless body became lunch for the local wildlife. Still, many of his brethren are safely completing the trip and bringing with them death, disease, and malicious intent, all of which threaten to end the lives of many more than the 42 illegal aliens who died after collapsing in the desert.

In fact, the onslaught of potential predators trekking north is figuratively poised to do to America exactly what was done to that decomposed carcass lying under the tree on that Texas ranch.
Thanks to the president’s wooing, combined with lax immigration policies, some who set out to accept his open invitation do unfortunately perish. But by comparison, many more make it all the way to the bureaucratic buffet Barack Obama has set out before them.

At this very moment, illegal immigrants are headed our way with the express intent to feed off of America physically, economically, socially, and spiritually, reducing Barack Obama’s immigration reform crisis to an endless scavenger hunt where millions are being lured by a tantalizing assortment of government goodies the president has placed like crumbs along the so-called “path to citizenship.”

If the liberal vision of flooding this country with millions of Third World refugees actually comes to pass, all that will be left after the feeding frenzy is over will be skeletal remains.

As a six-year fight to maintain our sovereignty challenges our corporate energy, it would be best for America to learn from the desiccated cadaver found by Border Patrol agents in Texas and refuse as a nation to capitulate to the socialist onslaught currently depleting our resolve.

Because rest assured, if America does lay down, even for a second, what will be left of this once-great nation will be nothing more than a headless corpse in the desert whose bones have been picked clean.

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