The Gay Pride House is Obama’s house

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Just the other day during a Gay Pride Event at the White House, after an illegal transgender named Jennicet Gutiérrez demanded that Obama release LGBTQ illegals being held for deportation, Obama reprimanded the disrupter by announcing that the people’s house is his house.

An irritated president told the confused GetEQUAL male activist in the red dress:

Listen, you’re in my house. You’re not gonna get a good response from me by interrupting me like this. I’m sorry. No, no, no, no, no. Shame on you. You shouldn’t be doing this.

The hoopla came in the midst of SCOTUScare (emphasis on scare) being firmly ensconced into law by a chief justice who, the following day, contradicted his pro-Obamacare opinion with an anti-gay-marriage opinion.

Nonetheless, the lovely and vivacious Mr. Gutiérrez was present in the White House registering his demands just prior to #LOVEWINS officially becoming legal in “57 states,” including “one left to go,” Alaska and Hawaii.

Jennicet was in Obama’s face right before the president penned a eulogy abjuring the Confederate flag, which he delivered with a side dish of racial rancor at a memorial for a murdered South Carolina A.M.E. pastor who preached Jesus even as he supported abortion.

And as if all this #LOVEWINS/SCOTUSCARE/illegal transgender/pro-choice pastor stuff weren’t confusing enough, at the Pinckney memorial, Obama, who must have lost his head and thought he was in the Apollo Theatre again, said that by “taking down the Confederate flag, we express God’s grace,” an issue he then proceeded to address in song.

Demeaning the symbol of Southern heritage, Obama’s unspoken implication was that a flag might be a motivating factor for the racism that inspired Dylann Roof to shoot nine church people to death, among whom was Pastor Clementa Pinckney, the state senator the president was there to eulogize.

Appealing to the greater angels within the hearts of the Southern people, Obama said that although opinions differ on the true meaning of the Confederate flag, at a difficult time such as this, to exhibit kindliness toward the ongoing effects of America’s “original sin” of slavery, a flag that holds special meaning to so many people should be rejected.

In other words, although Americans disagree on the symbolism of the Confederate flag, Obama was requesting that polite deference based on strong differences be exhibited via elimination of the flag.

Speaking of flags, while in Charleston, the president avoided mentioning what he was crowing about in the Rose Garden that same morning:  the passage of same-sex marriage rights.  After all, Obama the chameleon was well aware that he was in the company of black pastors who, by and large, along with the black community in general, abhor homosexuality and disapprove of the #LOVEWINS legalization that many African-Americans view as sodomy.

But as usual, the company Barack keeps and his liberal proclivities determine his level of sensitivity toward the feelings of others.

President Obama is so diverse and eclectic in how he grants compassionate regard that he can host LGBTQ pride events in the same White House where he hosts Iftar dinners for Muslims who, had Jennicet Gutiérrez not been thrown out of the East Room, would likely approve of throwing him off the White House roof.

That’s why, quickly changing gears, just hours after 3% of the population determined the legal definition of marriage for a nation of 310 million people, and after encouraging the removal of the Confederate flag from South Carolina’s state capitol, Obama spitefully used taxpayer money to send a message by lighting up “his house” to look like a flag that offends 40% of the American population.

What started out as harmless fun when Michelle Obama dyed the water in the fountain on the South Lawn green for St. Patrick’s Day has devolved seven years later into Obama using multi-colored lights to alienate those who still hold traditional marriage near and dear and who loathe the downward moral spiral the nation is currently experiencing.

All this on the same day Obama suggested that on behalf of racial sensitivity, America should consider banishing the Confederate flag from the annals of history.

And what is most disturbing about that suggestion is the fact that the thoughtfulness Obama continually demands be extended toward those with whom he sympathizes goes right out the window when it comes to what offends those who oppose what he supports.

So, after lecturing America about insensitive flags, Barack Obama turned around and sent a subtle but shrewd message to his detractors – by converting the people’s house into a Gay Pride flag.  The taunt made an in-your-face point and in the process managed to reinforce the original contention the president expressed to an illegal transgender about the White House being “his house.”

In a week that set new records in constitutional misapplication, by purposely transforming the White House into a rainbow-emblazoned emblem supporting same-sex marriage, Barack Obama sent America the message that, like it or not, the whole damned country is “his house.”


  1. James Taylor

    Perversion is at the heart of the homosexual agenda: “Gay” is the perversion of a word meaning bright and cheery to represent what is “unnatural” and an “abomination” in the eyes of God; same-sex union is a perversion of marriage; rainbow used to represent “pride” in homosexuality is a perversion of the covenental rainbow in the Bible.

    Are we an obama-nation yet?

    – JT

  2. KRD

    My comment is more of a question to you: since anyone can see that you’re coding racially loaded terminology into your commentary – whose mouths are you hoping will repeat your words? Why are you providing turns of phrase that can sound so angry and hateful? Are you proud that your words may be repeated by others in a spirit of anger and hate? Seems a pretty small and unhappy thing to be proud about. But nobody can stop you, except you, yourself, if you listened to the tone of what was coming out of your writing and realized that it was unlikely to do much but hurt other people. Maybe you would wonder if that’s how you wanted to be known and remembered – as someone who used their good writing skills and intellect to give witty little hate phrases to others to use.

  3. Mihevic

    Just seems odd to see racism and threats of violence dressed up like wit. It’s even more odd that someone who clearly dislikes so many people can’t stop talking about how every baby needs to be born. Would be unfortunate for any baby who was born on the wrong side of your truth. Is it just after the baby is born that you feel comfortable calling it names? Don’t bother publishing this comment if you don’t want to. Your hate will be consumed by people who have a taste for it, and you’ll mistake that for dialogue anyway.

  4. Doris O'Brien

    Hi Jeannie:

    I write occasionally for American Thinker and want to compliment you on your hard-hitting, timely piece on the horrific incident in Pelosi’s sanctuary city. Particularly — and appallingly! — effective was your parallel between the hapless young woman’s murder on the streets of San Francisco and Pelosi’s claim of Republicans’ letting pregnant women die on the streets from botched abortions.

    In the political arena, women’s voices are not as frequently heard as they should be. Keep it up. I am 82 and hope to continue cranking out commentary as long as possible. Congratulations on your excellent article.

    Doris O’Brien

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