HILLARY AND BERNIE: The King and Queen of the Illogical and the Irrational

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Liberalism – although widely accepted by the illogical among us – continues to confuse the reasoned and rational. On most issues, liberals promote contradictory polices that when viewed in a coherent context make no sense whatsoever.

Let’s take the two leading presidential hopefuls for the Democrat party: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. What we already know is that Hillary stands up for non-traditional gay marriage while remaining for 40 years in a sham of a traditional marriage. And Bernie, while glorifying the middle class, really views everyday workers as a “mass of hot dazed humanity heading uptown for the 9-5… [sentenced to endless days of]… moron[ic] … monotonous work” just aching to be taxed.

In like manner, a schmear of egg salad Bernie and “Orange is the new black” pantsuit Hillary make zero sense when proposing policy.

Take for instance Bern-Hill’s passionate albeit contradictory commitment to funding both abortion AND paid family leave.

Political opponents can’t win for losing. Which is it? Are we paying women to kill the unborn during the first three months of gestation or are we paying them to stay home for three months after giving birth to the same baby the liberal left would have happily aborted six months earlier?

How about taxing the rich, an economic status Hillary epitomizes. Hillary doesn’t seem to mind that she and Bill swindled $101.5 million from the American people, nor does she have any shame when talking about women’s pay inequity despite her daughter Chelsea, who lives in a $10 million NYC apartment, having earned $600K per year for an entry-level position at NBC.

Hillary apparently thinks there is plenty more where that came from and views the American people as a source of limitless cash from whence she can gather what she wants unto herself by projecting a level of remorse onto those who are duped by theatrics.

Hillary, like Bernie, exempts herself from the demonization of the uber rich and joins the Brooklyn native in shilling for things like free college educations for all. To accomplish their socialist utopia the Bern-Hill duo plan to take outrageous measures.

Take Bernie for instance – this guy is unabashed when talking about taxing the upper 10% of wage earners 90% of their income. But taxing the rich is not enough, so Bernie the maternity leave maven has also said that every taxpayer, both rich and middle class, will help finance things like paying pro-choice women to give birth and stay home for three months.

In a perverted sort of way, liberals like Bernie and Hillary are economic geniuses, and to gain more followers maybe they should explain how in the long run aborting 4,000 babies a day saves on future paid family and medical leave and free college.

The notion behind the Bern-Hill free-college proposal is the lofty idea that even the least among us should have a chance to succeed. The problem is that the inspiration to do so is impeded by the knowledge that after going to college and becoming financially prosperous, pit bulls Bern-Hill will come after your earnings as punishment for what they helped you achieve.

Talk about a brilliant motivator for success!

Although the truth is that the rich pay the largest share of taxes, Bern-Hill plan to punish the affluent even more by taking a bigger portion of what they earn and using free college, which they maintain is a stepping stone to economic achievement, as justification to do so.

So in other words, in addition to cultivating Americans for future 90% taxation, liberal fairness consists of depriving the well-heeled of the opportunity to spend the money they earned any way they want and allowing liberal politicians like Bernie and Hillary to spend the dough they’ve extorted from the rich in any socially justifiable way they see fit.

And yet despite the US federal government being the biggest, most corrupt filthy-rich corporation on the face of the earth there are still anti-corporate socialists who agree it’s a brilliant idea to enrich Corporate Entitlement Officiator Bernie Sanders’s business plan.

Here’s an idea: sort of like a long term investment, maybe Bernie Sanders supporters could lead the way to fairness and set a pre-election example by living off just 10% of their income and sending the other 90% to the Sanders campaign. That way, if Brooklyn Bernie is elected, the example of sustaining oneself on the barest minimum can be set forth as a laudable goal even Mrs. Marc Mezvinsky would want to achieve.

Then again, Bernie and Hillary followers are more about punishment than personal sacrifice!

Nonetheless, leaving aside climate change, illegal immigration, gun control and healthcare, a few obvious questions remain: Are Americans being asked to fund both abortion and postpartum vacations? Are the rich being asked to finance free college so that college grads can become rich and then be bilked for someone else’s free education? But most importantly, are all wealthy people intrinsically evil or only the well-off types who chose not to enrich themselves on the backs of American taxpayers?

America will have to wait for those answers. In the meantime, the scariest part of Bernie and Hillary’s popularity is that the contradictory messages these two send actually make perfect sense to a high percentage of the voting public.

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