Obama’s Fourth Term

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Donald J. Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States, two individuals, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, were subject to massive electoral humiliation. While Hillary still hasn’t recovered, the haughtiest of the two, Barack Obama, is the one who took the election rejection the hardest.

In true narcissistic fashion, the repudiation Obama received for eight years of devastating policies, has made the former community organizer a bigger threat to the U.S. now than during his eight years in office. Vendettas, vindication, and visceral hate for the nation he failed to fully destroy have made plain his fingerprints all over Joe Biden’s presidency.

Diligently scheming during the four years Trump was in office, coupled with four years strategically steering Bumbling Biden, Obama is the primary player ushering in the current “fundamental” catastrophe he believes the unfaithful deserve.

Conjecture concerning the peculiarities of the 2020 election aside, it makes zero sense to the rational mind how, after the 2016 spanking both Obama and Clinton received, why in 2020 the American people pivoted 180 degrees back to what they rejected when they elected Donald Trump.

Nevertheless, while Trump is being publicly and relentlessly castigated, if America steps back from the canvas, it’s easy to see the who behind what is presently being inflicted on the nation. Since 2020 every policy rejected by U.S. voters in 2016 has been resurrected and accelerated to inflict the most damage on those who dared reject Obama’s “hope and change” vision for America. If Americans could catch their breath long enough to evaluate the parallels, many would realize that under Biden, Obama’s primary agenda has been revived, environmentally, culturally, racially, economically, politically, and militarily.

Under the auspices of Biden, from day one, every policy Trump reversed has been reinstated. Think about it, “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Obama-era LGBTQ policies have gone from gender-neutral bathroom signs to a transgender United States Assistant Secretary for Health, military-funded gender transition care, and growing legislation denying the parental rights of children who’ve been indoctrinated to believe biological sex is a choice.

Biden called Trump’s immigration strategies an “unrelenting assault.” Three years later, America’s “chickens are coming home to roost.” Voters who overruled Obama’s policies are being flogged by Biden as military-aged male illegals flood over the Southern border, are housed on tax dollars, and resettled in neighborhoods where they murder innocent Americans and beat up the police, whom Obama once asserted have a tendency to “act stupidly.”

Is there a person in the room who believes a cognitively deficient man who can’t grope his way to a lectern, can’t maneuver AF1 short stairs, and has trouble reading off a teleprompter is meticulously working on complicated legislation?

Lest we forget, Obama despises Netanyahu, which may explain Joe’s disastrous response to the Israel-Hamas war. Obama is no fan of Putin, segue to Joe’s undying affectionfor Volodymyr ‘Stiletto’ Zelenskyy. In 2015 Obama rejected the Keystone Pipelineproposal, Trump opened it then Joe shut it down. How about overtime guarantees, does anyone believe that was on Joe’s priority list? Trump backed out of Obama’s Paris Climate Agreement, and Joe rejoined. How about Joe’s Inflation Reduction Law or his expansion of Medicare as a vehicle to progress toward Obama’s vision for universal health care? Then there is Biden’s Obama-style stance on gun control, support of extreme abortion rightsfossil fuel demonization, and the forceful mandating of “safe” vaccines.

In light of all of these seemingly coincidental occurrences, let’s remember, without respect for what he once deemed “flawed” constitutional law, isn’t it Obama who talks about his own version of “democracy?” And oddly, based on the policies Joe ‘Bumbling’ Biden, and clown show Kamala ‘Word Salad’ Harris promote, they too have little to no respect for the constitutional rule of law.

Nevertheless, based on electoral incongruity and vacillating voting trends, coupled with the Left’s level of confidence in mail-in ballots, despite his age and obvious cognitive difficulties, Joe Biden is poised for yet another “historic victory” in 2024. A 2024 Biden win will not only baffle minds worldwide, but it will also ensure you-know-who can “finish what he started” way back when the rising sea levels began to recede.

Therefore, despite sagging jowls as well as sagging approval ratings, at an upcoming fundraiser in New York City, the marionette’s stellar accomplishments will be elevated to fantasy heights by none other than the messianic puppet master from Chicago and his colleague still blissfully wed to the 2016 loser, “Count me in,” Bill Clinton.

It is beneficial to Biden’s reelection effort that both ex-presidents excel at rewriting history and embellishing truth. Therefore, setting the stage for the fundraiser, skillfully using Saul Alinsky tactics, Obama will likely open the Radio City Music Hall extravaganza blaming January 6th on Trump. Then, after depicting Trump as an insurrectionist, Barack will mesmerize sycophants with impromptu renditions of Al Green songs and tall tales of prices under Joe never being lower. Let’s face it, no one can spin disaster into benefit like Barack Obama.

Sending tingles up and down his Marxist spine, Barack will likely convince donors that it requires a political genius like Biden to simultaneously impose crisis labor shortages, the largest decline and worst inflation in forty years, the weakest oil production, and the highest gas prices in U.S. history. After that, there will be praise for Biden’s handling of the Kabul crisis which “leveled the [weaponry] playing field” Obama-style, leaving billions of dollars’ worth of U.S. military weapons in the hands of the poor, put-upon Taliban, not to mention delivering home 13 soldiers in flag-covered coffins.

Remember when Obama scolded the SCOTUS at the SOTU? Surely, Obama will take any fundraising opportunity he can to praise Biden’s gutsy leadership for defying the Supreme Court and forgiving more than $1.2 billion in student loans. As for the growth of anti-Semitism in the U.S., and Iran’s repeated attacks on U.S. forces, maybe pro-Iranian Obama will portray Biden’s lack of response to both offenses as a presidential effort to extend fairness and equity toward a misunderstood Arab world.

Let’s not forget those Biden-mandated vaccines. Mr. H1N1 can extol Joe denying “my body my choice” to vaccine-hesitant Americans, as courageous leadership. Drugs in the White House? Well, that would be the perfect cue for Obama’s, devil-in-a-blue-Gap-dress sidekick, Bill Clinton to step on stage and transfer blame to Don Jr. for Hunter’s white powder in the White House controversy.

In the coming months, while Joe blankly stares and bobs his head in robotic agreement, expect to see fundraisers and campaign ads featuring a greying Barack Obama pontificating about “democracy at risk.” Do not be deceived. In 2024, it is Barack Obama who has the most “skin in the game.” That’s why, when the former community organizer argues on behalf of a second term for Joe, what he is lobbying for is himself, and a fourth term to finish up the job he started.


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