Obama ‘jumps in’

Originally posted at American Thinker

In an article entitled “Obama jumps in to help Biden defeat Trump again,” CNN national affairs correspondent, Jeff Zeleny, and his equally impressionable cohort, CNN White House correspondent MJ Lee, wrote that sources told them that “Obama and Biden speak with regularity, and the former president remains in direct contact with some top White House officials, including Biden’s chief of staff, Jeff Zients, who worked in the Obama administration.” 

According to close advisers, Obama “has lent an occasional hand to Biden since the current president’s reelection announcement.”  Lent an occasional hand?  Joe Biden needs more than a hand.  To “defeat Trump again,” from now until November, Obama is going to pretend, he’s lending the star of “Weekend at Biden’s” an “occasional hand”?  Meanwhile, Joe is unable to utter a coherent sentence without pharmaceutical support or shuffle his way across a stage without a Visiting Angel’s assistance.  Then again, Barack Obama is the embodiment of political sleight of hand and skillfully administered subterfuge and will likely do anything to ensure himself another four years of administering the death knell to the “fundamentally transformed” nation that he seeks to change.

It’s no secret that Obama is the puppet master pulling Joe “Marionette” Biden’s strings.  Michelle’s and Barry’s recent hop, skip, and jump from Kalorama to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue isn’t very different from what they undoubtedly do every day.   So, rather than mosey over to Joe’s in his usual slippers and pajama bottoms, to maintain optics and make the junket appear to be a rare White House “working visit,” Obama spiffed himself up for the powwow.

Rest assured that in 2024, Slickster Soetoro will resurrect his tried-and-true strategy by ramping up the predictable cautionary tale that the margin between Trump and Biden will be razor-thin.  If he decides to do that, he might have to explain why, if Joe has done such a bang-up job, a loser like Trump would be nipping at Biden’s heels.

Back in 2016, a Politico article reported that

President Barack Obama went into the final stretch of the 2016 campaign warning that Donald Trump is within range of winning, urging voters — particularly black voters, whose turnout is lagging — to see the Republican nominee as running an un-American, inhumane racist campaign that must be stopped.  

Then, by some stroke of unexpected luck, Biden went on to garner the most presidential votes in American history.  How could such a brilliant strategist like Barack have been so woefully wrong? 

Speaking with total confidence and full assurance,

Jim Messina, Obama’s 2012 campaign manager who has been serving as a close adviser to the Biden reelection campaign, told CNN that his former boss plans to do whatever he can to help Biden secure a second term at the White House.

Double-yellow-highlighter emphasis on Obama will “do whatever he can” to magically ensure a confused octogenarian secures another four years in the White House.  Rallying the troops, Obama has already begun calling for an “all-hands-on-deck” effort by Democrats.  The question for America is, whose hands will be on the deck?  Illegal aliens, ACORN-impersonating college students, mail basket rearrangers, BLM, and Red Chinese computer geeks? 

To begin the 2024 indoctrination, in an upcoming campaign ad, the former president shamefully tries to convince Biden-weary Americans that what is bad is good: “We have the chance to do even more, but that only happens if we send Joe and Kamala back to the White House in November.  So, we’ve got to keep working.”

Unfortunately, Obama’s idea of “working” involves dodgy tactics that embrace things like deceitfulness, stirring up chaos, and stoking animosity, as well as advancing cognitive dissonance and gaslighting.   

The big Obama/Biden prop-up kicks off at Radio City Music Hall on Holy Thursday.  Democrat shill and Trump-hater Stephen Colbert will be there, pretending to moderate a “rare” unscripted conversation with two ex-presidents — one who can’t keep his drawers on (hide the Rockettes) and another who wouldn’t recognize the truth if he stumbled over it. 

As Christians all over the world anticipate Good Friday, at Radio City Music Hall, Queen Latifah, Lizzo, Broadway stars Cynthia Erivo and Lea Michele, Mindy Kaling, and Ben Platt will be at the event supporting policies that are the antithesis of everything Easter stands for.  The only ones missing from the mega-star event will be Stevie Wonder and his new kidney.  Tickets to attend range from $225 for the nosebleed section to $50,000 for the well heeled.  For those willing to shell out the big bucks, Annie Leibovitz will be on hand to photograph gushing sycophants with the three wrecking balls, Clinton, Obama, and Biden.

Cue the violins.  This valiant effort is being promoted as an “extraordinary moment in American history as a sitting president is locked in a bitter fight to keep his predecessor from returning to the White House.”  If truth were to actually be told, Obama is secretly the “sitting president,” and Trump is the third-term predecessor threatening the Marxist makeover the community organizer has worked so hard to establish these past 16 years.

Playing along with the script, a senior strategist who has worked closely with Obama and Biden anonymously told CNN, that “there are limits to what Obama can do.  The burden to win this race is still on President Biden.”  No need to worry: Just like the last time, at the last nanosecond, Biden will miraculously hit it out of the park in every swing state and accomplish a second unprecedented feat never before realized in American history.

Meanwhile, as N.Y. attorney general Letitia James tries desperately to bankrupt $6.5 billion man Donald Trump, Obama has already hauled in $15 million in grassroots money.  According to CNN reporters, “Obama has no plans to hit the stump aggressively until the fall, when early voting begins, following a pattern he has adopted since leaving office.”  On behalf of Biden, as leaves turn amber, the radical leftist will stake out potential voters by relentlessly dissing Israel, demonizing Vladimir Putin, and falsely depicting infanticide as birth control.

What are Obama’s plans from now ’til November?  In addition to traveling the country and motivating black and Latino voters by reigniting racial animosity, the former president will probably be diligently working to wrest as many “pieces of pie” as he can from faithful minions who would submit themselves to Clockwork Orange-style aversion therapy if he asked them to.

In the end, at the White House dining table sit-down, Obama likely reassured both Bidens that in the months before the election, he wouldn’t be around much.  Instead, to steer the Bitanic toward an unmerited victory, Obama will probably be busying himself strategizing with Black Panther poll watchers and securing bargain-basement billy clubs.  Then, on Tuesday, November 5, 2024, Obama can personally visit polling stations.  Once inside, he can hand out 10×10 sheets of autographed brown kraft paper to Democrat poll workers who’d prefer blocking the sun from blinding their eyes while explaining to disappointed Republican voters why the voting machines suddenly stopped working.


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