Dead Fish and Roses

Was2128551Yesterday, the President of the United States took a page from the book of Rahm Emmanuel and brought a dead fish with a rose in its mouth to his meeting with state officials and tossed it to the representatives of the states who will be receiving funds from his $787 billion economic stimulus program.    Obama told the quivering state officials, “…spend the money wisely…or else.” He stressed with great authority not to be misunderstood, “If we see money being misspent, we’re going to put a stop to it.

What’s he going to do, loosen up some predicates or revoke the RICO laws and make a marriage with labor union leaders to oversee the state officials on how they spend the funds? Will he employ a band of Young Turks to be assigned to each state to check to see how and what the money is being spent on? I guess so, because he cautioned state officials like they were a detention hall full of misbehaved juvenile delinquents, “…six months from now if the verdict on this effort is that we’ve wasted the money, we built things that were unnecessary or we’ve done things that are legal but make no sense, then folks…” —Then folks what? Will there be hell to pay?

I would like to remind the Capo di tutti capi-in-Chief that there are “ways” to get the job done.  For instance there is always the severed goat’s head that can be employed to jolt the Governors and state officials back on track if after three months things are being built or money spent on ventures that his babbo, Joe Biden might deem “unnecessary”. If that doesn’t work I’m sure some of the old school labor union bosses would be more than willing to comply with slitting a couple of lamb’s throats on behalf of the stimulus rules, to make sure the “…or else” message really hits home before the six month limit is up.

I’m sure if someone dares to break the code and does the unconscionable there is always the old tire iron to the knee caps that can be counted on to drive the message home . What’s the President going to do, send out Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod to deliver some, “…offers that cannot be refused?” Let’s not forget the ball peen hammer knuckle rap to do the trick if Obama’s “stern language” isn’t heeded by those in Wednesday’s “gasping” audience.  All those who spent the day being “schooled on how to make the massive spending program work” had the message endorsed by a roomful of  enforcers, gum chewing men, dressed in black, wearing sunglasses and sporting large, over-sized lumps under one side of their jackets .  The same group of men kept silently pointing to their both their eyes with two fingers in a “V” and then pointing the same two fingers back toward the audience over- and-over again.

What is the plan? Are the lion share of those 3.5 million new jobs Barry’s promising going to union workers? Obama’s concern for the Unions has been evident and what better way, “…to level the playing field for workers and the unions that represent their interests,” then by employing them in his new tough guy initiative “Keeping the States Honest”? He can remind them that, “he does not view the labor movement as part of the problem…its part of the solution. Mixing in a little Chicago would help. Obama can give ex-Governor Rod Blagojevich a special dispensation to work with the Illinois labor workers until they are fully confident that the spending regulations are being adhered to?

What an opportunity to set the labor unions apart from the lobbyists! Barack can send out work teams to insure that each every one of his unyielding warnings are heed by the recipients of his grandiose governmental generosity. If any suspicious activity is taking place the President can encourage his enforcers to do whatever is necessary to make sure his will be done, “I want you to talk with them…I want you to argue with them and get in their face…You are my ambassadors. The President can give them permission to, “…remind them that if spending gets out of hand…things are going to get ugly!’

If President Obama wants to “make sure that every single dollar is well spent”, he can set up empty warehouses all across America. Each furnished with miles and miles of tables, light bulbs hanging by single electrical wires over piles of one dollar bills. What’s he going to do have union thugs, I mean his representatives, supervise the counting and spending of each and “every single dollar? Maybe he can even strong arm Mafia accountant, Stephen Corso to keep the books.

Joe Biden missed a perfect opportunity to live up to his tough guy reputation. With a little forethought he could have continued to smile like the Joker and have had the Cement and Concrete Workers of New York City Laborers’  as a back drop to his, “ no swimming pools in this money…or else” exhortation! Immediately following, “nobody messes with Joe” the cement and concrete workers could have explained how, on occasion, when installing new patios and in ground pools, they have discovered bodies and skeletons. In fact, Joe’s “little hint” could have had a lot more impact if they would have agreed to give a short Power point presentation explaining how many of the decayed corpses have been there for many years without ever being found. At the “day of schooling” a short lesson wouldn’t have gone to waste on the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa and could have been included in the round table discussion sessions.

Beforehand it appears as if two Governors obviously made an preemptive effort to reassure the President and his posse of their compliance. For example, it appears as if over some Carlo and Rossi wine and a cigar New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson pledged that he could insure that all transportation expenditures would personally overseen by him. A representative for Florida Governor Charlie Crist headed the problem off at the pass by pulling aside Rahm Emmanuel, who has a habit of cleaning his teeth with a switchblade, convincing him that they, “…already have a lot of swimming pools in Florida? In an effort to make sure Emmanuel understood his sincerity, what did Crist’s representative do, promise to lay off all pool workers and ask them to immediately evacuate the state?

Obama really should have had an, “…or else” wall of shame as the milieu, in the same fashion as they do with DWI offenders, for his informational, paparazzi packed, I yield the billyclub session. The threat of being exposed is a powerful tool to keep Governors and state officials well within the spending boundaries and “regulations…outlining what stimulus money cannot be spent on.” There would be little need for follow-up if a wall of shame was erected in place of a flag, two large union workers on either side of the plinth, one slowly tapping a tire iron against his empty hand, the other with tattooed, testosterone pumped biceps folded at his waist. All the while the President could have driven home the point, “If wasteful spending is found, we will call it out and we will publicize it”, specifying clearly that it would not be in the same edition of Vogue or Oprah, both of which featured the First Lady on their cover this month in very judiciously purchased designer clothes.

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  1. Yvette

    They need to remember that WE FIGHT BACK AND TAKE PRISONERS…..If they want a fight, they darn sure have made one for theirselves with The American People…They can bully someone else, cause WE THE PEOPLE LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD, now if that means we need to bring them back down to earth, so be it……

  2. Damn, woman, you are good. Very good. What I achieve in quantity you balance with quality. Your snark is every bit as vicious as your bytes.

    Frankly, I’m glad to have you as a friend and ally because you’d be one hell of an enemy.

    Your humble servant,

    Manly Rash

  3. Jan

    I think Obama grew up in a broken family, in many different places, on someone else’s money, given too many things, and he learned politics in Chicago. He has no savvy, no cool, and no experience. It’s all about appearance while behind the scenes, there are some pretty scary things going on. We will have to fight back and we should be prepared. I hope enough is left in two years to salvage!

    Good stuff, thanks for posting your thoughts!

  4. Wondering if my comment of yesterday will be posted…

    Bloggers do have the right to edit or refuse comments. I find it interesting that there are no disagreeing comments on your post here. What does that say for your transparency? Or, are you simply not interested in any open debate or dialogue?

    I’d call that sort of un-American.

  5. My mistake, my comments were on the ‘Maglev” post.

    I notice you are now calling the President by his actual name.

    You message in this rant? That the new administration is ridiculous to talk tough about mis-spending our tax dollars? So, the President and his men are the bad guys? Did you read the news today? AIG is giving our money out as bonuses to traders. Isn’t it time for tough talk and enforcement by any legal means?

    Implying that the President would use Unions to enforce anything is just plain silly, as is the idea that he’s using Acorn folks. Yes I saw that Tweet/Lie. Why do you need to lie?

    You are something of a hold out on an age gone by. If you want to paint somebody as wrong or bad, don’t bother with facts or logical analysis, just make something up.

    The reason there is no dissent on your blog is that this is a blog that caters Only to the conservative viewpoint, with no concessions made for whatever common ground we as Americans might share.

    You are entitled to preach to your choir but I hope you don’t think of this as a blog that invites an open discussion.

    As I said on my comment of yesterday, you are a talented writer. It’s just a shame you aren’t a bit more thoughtful or reasonable.

  6. Where do I begin?
    You seem upset about Barry and his men giving money to AIG and then the executives giving it out as bonuses. First of all, the “bonuses” are retention bonuses given for work done in order to retain workers who have been notified they are being laid off but have offered to stay on so that the company can get back on level ground. Congress knew all about this and are now putting on a show of shock and disapproval. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are suddenly the champions of ethics? You’re kidding right?

    I have less of a problem with AIG EMPLOYEES receiving money than I do with my hard earned money disguised as “tax cuts” being given to people who don’t even pay taxes. I resent millions upon millions upon billions given as welfare and food stamps to people for years and years with no oversight. What’s to say that my hard earned money was misspent by the recipients of all of that money? Was anyone peering over the shoulder of food stamp recipients to make sure they were buying milk for the kids and not Doritos? Or that their monthly check was buying living provisions and not the newest cell phone?

    As far as the unions are concerned…Barry uses the unions in the sense that they are a LARGE voting constitutency and Barry will pander to them in order to ensure their voting block in the next election…ie. Card check. Which brings me to the next legal, integrity driven, fair and transparent community organization known as Acorn…you’re kidding right? Acorn is corrupt from the word go and Barry has them in his back pocket and that is why 4 billion of our tax dollars in the so-called stimulus bill went to Acorn and its ilk…and you think AIG is a problem…?

    Where is your outrage over the billions in pork that will be spent in the so called stimulus bill, which by the way has little to do with stimulus and much to do with propelling the liberals long awaited social spending policies.

    This site might overwhelmingly be filled with conservatives “with no concessions made for whatever common ground we as Americans might share…”may I submit I share no common ground with a pro-death, big spending socialist leader who is bent on destroying our capitalist economy in the name of fairness, take the hard earned money my husband and I have worked 35 years to earn and spread it around. If I want to spread my money around, I don’t need Barry or any one in government to tell me how to do it or who to give it to. I share nothing in common with an inept leader who panders to our enemies, (yes, Gregg even though Barry is in office and many thought he could teach the world to sing in perfect harmony, we still have enemies), who wants to dismantle our military, and tax us into oblivion in order to latch as many people as possbile onto the government teat so that their vote may be counted in four years. May I suggest that you contact the Daily Kos and suggest that they be more open and inclusive to the voice of conservatives and then let me know how that works out for ya!

    I also believe that you don’t think the author of this article is thoughtful or reasonable simply because she apparently doesn’t agree with you…now, who is being unthoughtful or unreasonable?

    And for my final word…lighten up Gregg…it is obvious to any thoughtful or reasonable reader that this article and apparently many on this site are satire and parody in order to drive home a larger point…lighten up!

  7. Yvette

    you go girl ,Laura….I couldn’t of said it any better, infact I might of made matters worse…lol….I take no prisoners, and matter of a fact, it doesn’t look like you do either….Thank you so much for taking up for our Sister…This is her site and her RIGHT….JEANNIE, your the BOMB and you keep up the GOOD WORK….Thank you so very much for all the research and writing you do, its so educational if only one would OPEN THEIR MINDS AND TRY TO UNDERSTAND that you are in deed on THE RIGHT TRACK!!! Why some don’t try thinking insist of disrespecting one is beyond me….I loved it, now you need to write somemore, cause we like being enlightened with TRUTHS!!!!! GOD BLESS ALL and EVERYONE

  8. I would lighten up if there was any balance to the blog or the comments. Due to the lack of balance the “wit” is simply a bit too heavy handed for my taste. I credit Jeannie for being a good writer. Her use of analogy and metaphor is really very good. I like the picture of the chicken! What doesn’t work is it is simply a bit too much of a rant and it goes beyond the known facts into cool aid land a bit too oftne.

    Laura, at times here you are actually factually accurate. My compliments. Your comments regarding AIG are what I would term thoughtful and factual…until you go to extremes and call Frank and Dodd unethical. I’d simply say, compared to what? The last administration? The one who outed CIA agents they didn’t agree with? Who took us to war on false pretenses? Who tortured people? Conservatives — the ones who just left office — have trounced ethics for 8 years, they simply have no room to talk.

    The jury is out with regard to the President and Unions. You may have a point, but we really don’t know yet. I predict that Obama will do something no Democrat has ever done, and that is disagree with the Teachers Union. You heard it here first. And let’s face it, the Unions are not what they once were, they are smaller and less powerful than they have been in many years. Yes, they still have some influence. But union members have their own minds — that’s how Reagan won, he won their hearts and then their votes.

    As for ACORN, you’ve drunk the cool aid. What you say there is simply not true. ACORN is not corrupt from the word go. I’ll never convince you of that but I know people who work there and have worked there and 98% of those folks are completely above board. Voting drives are always fraught with errors, on both sides. That’s why they have the screening they do, that’s why those errors were caught. ACORN is not the enemy. I know I speak heresy in your mind but I challenge you to read up on them and not from Fox News.

    Like you I am not a fan of welfare. We have common ground on that. That’s why it was reformed during Clinton’s administration with a true bipartisan effort. It is much much better than it was. If you ask me the question would I prefer that someone spend my tax dollars preventing starvation or supporting a bankrupt insurance company, I’d go with preventing starvation personally. You make some decent points about employee retention and all, but really, there is lots of talent out there, why do they need to be retained? Aren’t they the team that made a lot of mistakes and ran the company into the ground? Don’t we let companies fail in capitalism? I thought that was sort of a conservative belief…but I guess not.

    Barack Obama is not a socialist. He’s been forced to do things by the circumstances the previous administration left him. These are extraordinary times. If you read his books you’ll know that he is really a pragmatist. His health care plan leaves plenty of room for private enterprise for example. He’s done more for small business in 60 days then Bush did for 8 years.

    “Barry” also is not a softie, but you’ve drunk the cool aid on this too. You will see, eventually, how tough he is. Like Bush senior he will get the world on his side before he goes to war, and like Bush senior he’ll do it right, instead of getting us mired in a civil war. He’s focused on where our real enemies are, you know the ones who flew planes into our skyscrapers.

    Like you I’ve worked hard to make a living and pay my bills. I’ve seen my 401 K shrink to almost nothing. That’s not the President’s fault is it? I blame it on the caretakers who just left office. They did a poor job, it’s just that simple. I’m lucky enough to be okay anyway, but that’s not so for a lot of my generation who will simply never be able to retire now. So, I share your anger at the current situation, but I’m not mad at the President. He inherited it.

    Obama is Pro Death? I assume you refer to abortion rights. So would that make the previous President Mr. Life? The guy who sent 4000+ Americans to their death fighting a war we didn’t need to fight? What about the 100,000 plus Iraqi deaths? Or don’t those count? I’m Pro Life too. All life, not just the life of a not yet born fetus. Calling him Pro Death is what I would call unreasonable.

    I grant that many conservative writers are thoughtful and reasonable even though I don’t agree with them. I long for the days of the with and wisdom of William F. Buckley, God rest his wise soul. Chris Buckley is a pretty decent conservative writer as well, except he didn’t drink the Palin cool aid and was fired from his job. I agree with you, Laura, on some of your points. What I don’t agree with, what isn’t reasonable, are the exaggerations, lies, and hype that go beyond what is necessary. Conservatives have good points to make, it’s sad they don’t know how to make them. Why does debate have to be a flame war? Pro Death? “Barry?” (it’s not his name). It’s just unnecessary. Radio bloviators like Rush have made it fashionable to call people names and be disrespectful. Once upon a time you could talk civilly to your neighbors even if you disagreed. My grandfather was a union railroad worker and an FDR Democrat (say what you will about Unions…he had a decent pension…and retired with dignity). His neighbor was a Goldwater Republican. They were best of friends.

    I’ll lighten up when somebody on your side concedes a point once in awhile. When there is real give and take that happens. This is a skill we ALL need to relearn.

  9. Gregg…it is very funny that you accuse me of drinking Kool-Aid…my first question to you is what is your favorite flavor? Grape or Red Barry, I mean Berry.

    Thank you for your kudos for my intellectual accuracy, but may I suggest you become more accurate concerning Dodd and Frank. They are unethical compared to anyone…Frank as head of the Banking Committee swore that Fannie and Freddie were safe and anyone that questioned their solvency was called a racists by Frank and the other pillar of integrity Maxine Waters…When the OTHER administration tried to pull Fannie and Freddie on the carpet they were stopped by the experts in the Banking Committee. Chris, I got a great deal by Countrywide, Dodd didn’t want any investigation because he was making sweetheart deals on his mortgage. Waters, Dodd and Frank’s attempt at social engineering is part of the problem that got us into this mess. I make no apologies for calling these clowns unethical because that is what they are. They sold Americans a bag of goods knowing that the banks were in trouble in order to save their own skin. As far as comparing these jokers to the past administration…I thought Barry was all about looking to the future and not looking back but here goes…1) Valerie Plane was outed by her own husband in a Vanity Fair article long before anyone in the previous administration said a word. 2) George Bush did not take us to war on false pretenses…all INTERNATIONAL intelligence confirmed that there were WMD’s in Iraq dating back to the Clinton Admin. So it wasn’t “false pretenses”. And I guess if there were WMD’s in Iraq Saddam Hussein wouldn’t think of carting them out of the country…the stand up guy he was…and what did he gas the Kurds with? Oh yeah, he would only use them on the Kurds he would never sell them to anyone who may want to use them on us right!? 3) Tortured people? Do you mean tortured individuals who would take any and every opportunity to fly another plane into a skyscraper killing thousands of innocent civilians? People? do you mean individuals who wouldn’t think twice to decapitate you or me on television in order to foster fear and win the affections of other lunatics such as themself? People? Do you mean individuals who had valuable information leading to the capture of others who want to harm you, me, our families, our children and grandchildren? Do you mean those people? I don’t for one second believe that waterboarding is torture…pleasant, no…torture…no…effective…yes! Torture? you mean those who have supplied these lunatics with all and every accommodation they have demanded…I know someone who was stationed at Gitmo…you wouldn’t believe what went on there and not by us! Pleezzzzzz

    You are correct in that the unions are not what they once were but by Barry pandering to them they will strengthen and then what? They become beholden to Barry and he wins a guaranteed voting bloc.

    I haven’t drank Kool-Aid…I prefer espresso…keeps me wide awake and aware of what is going on…may I suggest that you try some especially with regards to Acorn. I am sure there are many hard working, sincere workers in Acorn who have other’s best interest in mind. May I remind you that Acorn, as an organization…not individuals…were investigated in 12 states during the last election. They are supposed to be a bi-partisan community organization…they are anything but and you know it. By giving them 4 billion their basically buying their alliegance…again a guaranteed voting bloc. I suggest you tune into Fox News for a bit and get the other side of the story…

    As far as the welfare is concerned…I am not talking about supporting those who are truly poor and truly hungry…there are many on the doles that ought to get off their butts and go to work as they did under the Clinton Admin. I don’t care if they make them sweep and rake in a park, pick up garbage in parking lots or drive old ladies to the grocery store…there are no free lunches in life…at least there shouldn’t be. AIG…they retained the people who knew what was going on in the business…why lose them to hire people who aren’t familiar with the working of the business? I say let them all fail…in a free market society the cream would have risen to the top…not every bank took the bailout. I have no doubt that other banks would have come along and things would straighten out much faster. I don’t think anyone should have been bailed out…I thought it was wrong when Bush did it and I think it is wrong now…what started as a bailout is turning into a societal norm…scary.

    You’re right Barry is not a socialist…he’s a marxist. Don’t blame his actions on the previous admin. These are the moments that libs have been waiting for…you know, don’t let a crisis go to waste! Read his books…read mine and then you will understand that I am really the queen of England but I have been forced into my current role due to outside circumstances and I am just trying to be pragmatic…Pleeezzzzz

    As far as the economy…I don’t believe you can blame on the previous admin. It started with the banks (see Dodd and Frank)and the social engineering policies that date back to the Great Society. Banks were forced to issue sub prime loans so they did…then mix in greed, a sense of entitlement, too easy credit and people living above and beyond their means and whola! Blaming Bush might make a good headline but I believe it is FAR more than that. Barry has only made it worse. I always criticized Bush for spending too much. Tax cuts are the answer but only when they are balanced with reduced spending. Barry is making Bush look like Ebenezer Scrooge and he is getting his spending money from the very people he needs to spend more in order to spur the economy…I blame Barry for using my hard earned money to fund his social policies….and let’s add that under Barry the Pragmatist the deficit that was such a massive problem during the campaign has now been tripled…

    As far as I am concerned Barry is most definitely pro death…he has the most liberal record on abortion…Bush didn’t send anyone to die…it is a volunteer army and unfortunately in war people die…The battlefield is a dangerous place…the womb should be the safest place and with Barry it is not. The 100,000+ Iraqi people who died is horrible…many who died lost their lives because the lunatics in their country use them as shields…
    I don’t think calling Barry pro death is unreasonable…I think it is quite accurate.

    As far as Palin is concerned…she has more executive experience than our current chief executive…the media vilified that woman because she was a conservative…

    And Barry is his name…his name is Barry Sotero…it was changed to Barak Obama when his Kenyan father brought him to Indonesia…If you listen to Rush you would know he doesn’t call people names…talk about exaggeration.

    I have many friends that are not as conservative as I am but that is a different story from thinking that every conservative has to now relinquish any core beliefs in the name of harmony…I will never accept the direction that Barry is taking our country in.

  10. Borders on thoughtful, but a bit too black and white for my taste. Put a little milk in your espresso. That would be the shade of these issues, gray.

    Yes, the banking crisis is all Dodd and Frank’s fault. They did that when they were in the minority right? And the banks don’t have any responsibility for the loans they make? This crisis was prompted by greed. Dodd and Frank had a very small part to play.

    Barack is his legal name. His father did not take him to Indonesia, his step father did.

    Hold onto your beliefs Laura, but make an effort to think about solutions sometime as well.

    Partisan “No” politics is part of the problem. So, in my view, since you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. If you don’t accept the direction give us a new direction, and alternative direction, a third way. Right now the GOP has no vision, no ideas, and are no help. That’s why they were voted out of office.

    RIP GOP.

  11. Gregg

    Sorry Gregg…no milk in my espresso!

    Grey is what got us into this problem…Black and white banking policies used to ensure that only qualified people received loans…now we deal with grey…now look where we are.

    Dodd and Frank had a large part in this along with the endeavors at social engineering and Greed is right up there. Dodd and Frank were in the minority when they convinced everyone else that the banks were solvent. Since they were in charge they were believed…to our detriment. Now that they have been in the majority since ’06…there was no backtracking, no clarification…just more of the same. There is plenty of blame for this but I heard that Barrry has the solution…I am waiting.

    But talk about nothing new…Barry’s “solutions” are not about change…they are the same old liberal democratic solutions to every problem…tax the life out of anything and everything that moves or breathes and then take the people’s hard earned money and spend it the way you deem fit…didn’t work then and it won’t work now…

    I have plenty of solutions but at this point in time they are to no avail. The libs in Congress are on a spending spree and there is no holding them back. Cut taxes, Cut spending big time and let any entity that is The people will have more disposable income to spend, the largest part of our GDP won’t come from government…which means there is no growth, evil greedy corporations will be in a position to hire again, and any company that fails stronger ones will take over…

    The GOP was voted out of office because they acted like democrats…relinquished their core, black and white dare I say, principles and it cost them big time. Change and hope came along and handed out Kool Aid at the rallies and people bought into the rhetoric…

    Wait until everyone who bought into the bull crap rhetoric finds out that is what it is, bull crap. Wait till everyone, everyone, everyone is paying more taxes…maybe not income tax but they are going to tax everything else. Wait until Barry, I don’t care who gave him the name Barak he was born Barry, doesn’t start paying for their gasoline and rent….Wait.

    That’s when the GOP like a phoenix rises again!

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