The Liberal Legislation of Immorality


Morality is a system of standards based on right or wrong behavior, personal responsibility and conscience. The activist slogan,  “Keep your laws off my body” specifically addresses the issue of legislated morality. The premise is government should not have anything to say about what we do with in our personal lives, i.e. abortion rights and laws addressing sodomy .

Proponents of separation of church and state believe religious morality should not influence national legislation. The perception is that religion, particularly evangelical Christianity, is the oppressive limiter of personal rights, originator of discrimination and has no business promoting conservative values and beliefs in the public sector or, more specifically, legislating morality through the governmental process.

The rejection of Judeo-Christian biblical principals has given way to nouveau religious conviction that uses government as a vehicle to set moral policy through legislation. Though not viewed as such, secular progressive ideology has become its own formalized, established creed and appears to have a strong policy influence in the Obama Administration. Secularism exhibits meticulous faction agreement when it comes to causes, values and beliefs. It blends lifestyle choices with a liberal world view and is practiced with a zeal and faith that can only be defined as religion. The very action secularists have been censoring, which is “…making laws respecting an establishment of religion and therein the process prohibiting the free exercise there of,” is what they are presently involved in themselves.

With breakneck speed, leftist morality is being legislated through laws that disregard the national consensus, undermine family, promote government and the Nanny state, usurp parental influence and discourage religious affiliation. In 100 days, the legislation of morality has taken on new meaning under the guidance and tutelage of Barack Obama, a Democratic Congress and democratically weighted Senate, religiously supported by a left-leaning media. These four entities appear to be working, in tandem, to devastate the foundation of American culture by establishing and supporting laws that circumvent the standards of traditional “moral” behavior.

Former President George W. Bush was depicted by the left as a religious fanatic and derided for letting personal faith influence the “wall between church and state.” Yet, it is never questioned as to whether Obama’s mad dash to sign Executive Orders reversing overseas abortion funding and Provider Refusal Rules might be conviction driven by his own set of moral standards.

The President’s decision to control the conscience decisions of health care workers exemplifies legislation of secular morality. Religious health care workers, who view the destruction of unborn life as morally repugnant, are now forced, by law, to assist in what they consider to be murder or lose their job! What Americans don’t realize is that morality is legislated every time tax law forces conservative, religious people, who oppose abortion to contribute toward pro-choice organizations and tax-funded procedures. Obama’s directives give “choice” a whole new meaning, denying conventional moralists their own right-to-choose.

Obama has the Congress, Senate and media but is also dependent upon liberal judges to assist in the revamping of the national moral tone. The judiciary has a key role in left-leaning immoral legislation. The anointed high priest of secularism, the Honorable New York District Judge Edward Korman, ordered the FDA to sell “morning-after” pills to 17-year olds without a prescription. Assisting in the legislation of morality for the left and eager to broaden his notoriety, Judge Korman sought to lift age restrictions on the sale of birth control pills to minors and succeeded.

High schools are still legally prevented from dispensing headache medicine to students.  Tylenol is off limits but, with the approval of the left, the Plan B morning after pill can be taken during gym class. Liberal’s divulge a perverted sense of moral disingenuousness when they caution parents about cough medicine abuse, while at the same time stress that saline, scalpel and suction is none of their concern.

Abortion rights are where Obama exhibits religious fervor. He has been canonized the “choice” lobby’s patron saint, touting a voting record more liberal than NARAL. When asked, “Do you support parent consent/notification for minors seeking abortion?” Obama’s answer remains an unflinching, amen-like, “No! This position presents a dichotomy for Obama because it’s reported that he requires up-dates as to where his daughters are at all times.  Michelle said, ” We actually had this conversation – just let us know where you are going. Consequently, saying “No” might be a little more difficult for Obama if Malia was missing, having been secretly ferried to a local Planned Parenthood by a White House staffer.

The President unreservedly usurps parental authority from us but adheres to a strict set of standards when it comes to his own children. The first couple expressed public disapproval at what they felt was the exploitation of Sasha and Malia, excoriating Ty Beanie Babies for marketing dolls in their likeness, and rightly so.  Nevertheless, a double standard prevails if there continues to be a failure on their part to exhibit the same indignation toward the murderous abortion industry, which abusively exploits other people’s daughters?

Liberals are duplicitous when it comes to their own family values. Obama’s handling of his children’s lives is reminiscent of occasional parental notification opponent, Hillary Clinton. Hillary refused to even discuss Chelsea getting her ears pierced until after her 13th birthday. Barack Obama and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, oppose traditional, religious moral legislation when it comes to underage girls having free access to choice. But neither one would hesitate to regulate ear ornamentation, nor embed GPS systems on their own daughters.

Obama never hesitates to use the full force of government to legislate. He is presently in the process of morally impacting American children’s lives through a youth brigade program, cleverly linked to college funding called Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education or the GIVE Act. Disguised as being voluntary, GIVE is on the fast track to being mandated in the near future. The bill prohibits task force members from exercising their first amendment rights, including participation in religious activities at local churches, under threat of losing their financial aid.

The crusade will enlist massive brigades of young people, who will be banned from sweeping local churches on Saturday afternoons, if they want to attend college. Instead, moral value will be assigned to the community service of shuttling underage girls to legally funded abortion clinics and handing out safe-sex condoms outside neighborhood public schools.

The President firmly controls the public pulpit. He is a spiritual Crusader who preaches daily to the national congregation stressing that those who disagree with his “religious” tenets are morally wrong and in need of legislative direction. Barack Obama is the proprietor of edicts that stress a new-fangled form of moral legislation where he, “…will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual.” He is making it clear that his policy directives must be committed, submitted and converted to or will be strictly imposed by immorally driven and governmentally legislated consequences.

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  1. Theresa

    Hey JD…
    Please stay in touch. I believe we are going to see changes in the future that will lead us in a direction of no return. I appreciate the views of your site. God bless you and guide you as a Journalist. What can you publish about the Bilderberg Group; Trilataral Commission; Council on Foreign Relations; Committee of 300; New World Order……. etc!! I look forward to hearing from soon.

  2. Liberals don’t care about morality it gets in the way of there socialist policies. Liberals don’t beleive in black and white they see gray. This is why they can have sympathy for our Islamic enemies who are trying to kill us everyday. Finally, Jeannie this is another great article.

  3. Kayla

    Hyperbole is the refuge of idiots and after reading a couple of incredibly hyperbolic articles on this blog, I can feel nothing but pity for the author!! As a 19 yr. old progressive Christian woman who voted for Obama, I still find it insightful to read what the other side is saying, but this was just sad!! There was absolutely nothing of insight and very few facts. You claim to be a grandma, but I pray that you are not filling the minds of your children with this kind of superfluous paranoia. I will place you on my prayer list with the hopes that the peace of Jesus may fall upon you and that your heavy load of fear is washed away by the blood of Christ. I also want to say that you should read psalm 23 in full. I would also advice that you read my favorite bible passage 1 Corinthians 13.

  4. jeannieology

    In addition, Ms. Obama Scripture…the Word of God is filled with hyperbole…I guess God who is our “refuge and our strength” is an idiot too…you should have a long talk with the Rock of our Salvation before you go throwing “progressive” Christianity around on blogs…because “progressive” Christianity is no Christianity at all—is it the type of Christianity that calls people an “idiot” and then preaches to them about the love chapter of Corinthians? Please, don’t pray for me…the blood of Christ covers my life and obedience to His Word is what I adhere to not the cult of personality.

  5. Kayla

    I will let God and God alone be the judge of my Christianity. I have a feeling that my idea of God is not your idea of God. My God is merciful, he is the God of Christ. He is the God who would look at a lying stealing lowlife dying on a cross next to him and assure him that he would be in Paradise that very day, simply because that man asked him for mercy and forgiveness. My God allows his Grace to fall upon all his creation. It is now clear that you are some kind of devout fundamentalist. Well I am not I am an Episcopalian. So we come from very different Christian Traditons. In effect we speak two very different languages. Your God wants revenge. My God doesn’t. My God humbled himself among prostitutes. I suspect that if Christs were to come to you today, you would see his company and turn him away. Again I will be praying for you!

  6. Kayla

    Of course there is the reality of God and I am completey and utterly convinced, in fact my faith is quite unshakeable on the point that My God is merciful, loving and forgiving. What does liberalism have to do with anything?? I believe that you really have convinced yourself that God is choosing sides in American politics, how very sad. Like Lincoln, I do not presume to comprehend God’s political ideology nor am I impertinent enough to assert that he would prefer this political party over that political party. Your religion has been tainted. You have morphed your politics with your religious ideology and have convinced yourself that God in effect is a Republican, how very absurd!! Have you forgotten to render unto caesar that which is caesar’s and render unto God that which is his?? Do not forget how God chased the money changers out of the temple. This horrific melding of religion and politics, cannot and has not come to any good. What it has done is turn religion into a whore attached to our body politic. I believe that the separation of church and states doesn’t only protect the state from the church but also the church from the state. How could any true Christian dare countenance such a sick marriage of convenience. How can you speak of a vote for or against a political party as proof of true Christianity or lack of Christianity??? You are now like the Pharisees, condemning all those who do not fit your idea of true religion. Convinced that your public show of faith somehow renders you morally superior. Again I will say I will be praying for you!

  7. Kayla

    By the way unlike you, I welcome all the prayers I can get, fully aware that unlike Christ I am a mere mortal with alll the failings attached. I will thank you for your prayers. I as a sinner and someone who has fallen short of the Glory of God am in need of God’s tender mercies.

  8. Theresa

    My goodness in all that I have read not once did I or Jeannieology say Democrate or Republican!!.. OUR country unfortunately has removed GOD from the picture that is why everything is changing toward a “Socialist-Fascist” Movement. Our food supply is tainted, pesticides are sprayed regularly to infect our communities. politics you say…. It has all become one and if you read the fine print throughout the entire Word of GOd it not only predicts and prohecies about what is happening it also explains what we are to do in the meantime.
    The “Playgroind of Christainity” is not what I subscribe to… i am a card carrying freak for the Lord. I want everyone I come in contact with to know Him as I know Him. He is a blesser, a redeemer, a restorer, a lover, a giver, a sharing captivating…. word keeping… Savior. He forgives and He has patience and He REALLY LOVES HIS CHILDREN…… However, He just like in the days of old will carry out the END TIMES exactly how He said He would… I for a moment will not chance my now or my eternal for ignorance. I LOVE my family and friends with my restored whole heart and I am blessed BEYOND my own comprehension. My GOD will deliver us as promised AND He will deliver those who walk hand in hand with Satan…. The Obama FOLLOWERS will not be spared even for their rose colored ignorance because they are “Captivated by……’THE YES WE CAN….IDIOTOLOGY!!!”

  9. Good to become visiting your weblog again, it has been months for me. Nicely this article that i’ve been waited for so long. I will need this post to total my assignment in the college, and it has exact same topic together with your write-up. Thanks, good share.

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