Rules for Radical Horse Handlers


The definition of freedom is the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action, emancipation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another. Like wild horses American citizens celebrate liberty with unfettered and unhindered sovereignty.  When constraint in choice or action is placed upon us, Americans shake free the yoke and blast into the noonday sun in full abandon like wild horses.

Feral horses are harnessed, saddled and ridden toward paths they normally would avoid. In like manner, because of the last election, American independence has been captured and corralled by Barack Obama.  Obama is attempting to control Americans, like a harem of livestock.  He views our nation as an unmanageable and untamed brood of freedom loving people in need of authoritarian direction.

Clever and adept at using the tactics of a horse handler Obama attempts to urge Americans to follow orders and pronouncements with dutiful capitulation.  Like a fascistic taskmaster, Obama is intent on breaking and compelling American surrender to a structure that is replete with obligation, compulsion and governmental constraint.  For Barack Obama, the American mustang in its present state must be yoked using Saul Alinsky’s, Rules for Radicals tactical measures. Barack’s aim is to ride out of the corral, in the direction of the guiding principles of unchecked Marxism, on the backs of compliant Americans.

Can the United States be castrated and forced to yield to policy dictates that differ from the open range liberties and freedoms experienced since this country was founded?  Will the resulting American gelding allow itself to be forcibly herded in response to a glue factory threat for noncompliance?

Taught by master trainer, Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radical’s procedure holds the potential to lasso and subjugate egalitarianism. The first step in breaking is catching the head in a halter and Obama has done just that by mesmerizing the electorate with carefully crafted rhetoric.  Political handler extraordinaire, Obama a patient master of slow cadence and monotone speech knowing full well that…

Alinsky stressed that organizers and their followers needed to take care, when first unveiling their particular crusade for “change,” not to alienate the middle class with any type of crude language, defiant demeanor, or menacing appearance.

Sliding a socialist halter over America’s face, Obama has circled the round up in a “calm methodical” advance since November of 2008. Obama anticipates we will go along with his guidance, which always moves left.  He has spent the last six months sauntering America around like a tumultuous, untrained horse.  He trots us in circles, attempting to guide us to move our corporate hoofs on a left leaning course.

Found daily leaning over the side of the corral Obama is on a relentless mission to shatter resistance to control.  Constant press coverage and national addresses are attempts to pet and brush Americans so that we get used to the Obama touch and become open to political handling.   Yet, this trainer’s tender caresses are not about care and concern, but to control and gain unquestioning acquiescence.

Obama was trained by Saul Alinsky and well aware that Americans do not capitulate to demands.  “The job then is getting the people to move, to act, to participate; in short, to develop and harness the necessary power to effectively conflict with the prevailing patterns and changes.” So Obama’s technique attends to all sides of the body politic in hopes of training it to respond to pressure, like a horse quickly learns that difficulty stops when he moves.   The president nudges the public each day, from every direction over vital, critical issues. When we respond to the crisis jab and move in the direction he wants us to go…Obama ceases. Each day this handler is in the process of using calamity to prod Americans to move left.

Since the campaign, Obama has placed the saddle pad under our noses for us to inhale its collectivist scent. He has embroiled us in corporate takeovers and bailouts, left-wing policy, tax hikes and the need for government intervention in every area of our lives.  Obama forces us to sniff the ultimate saddle pad through the broaching of government run health care.  Americans are recoiling aware universal health care has potential to strip away the remainder of our quickly diminishing freedom.   As Obama prepares to quickly tighten the girth, we are inundated with sad stories, heart wrenching anecdotes and guilt to test our tolerance.

Though restless under the weight, the American stallion has not totally rejected the saddle pad of socialism and since January yielded without extensive bucking, but lately, sensing danger, America is edgy and agitated. Americans are kicking against the restraints and attempting to shake off the lead.  Neighing in response to the infringement of oppressive debt, tyrannical taxation and universal health care on the horizon.

Confused by the resistance of a strong willed stallion, approaching as always from the left, Obama is urgently preparing the saddle.  He is keenly aware of the nervous tension that has gripped America, and is visibly livid in response to being opposed.  Alinsky instructed the … threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself,” so in response, Obama has tightened the rhetorical lead and warning, licks his thigh with a political riding crop.

The Obama bit and bridle of intimidation and government control takes derisive form in his lack of acknowledgement or support of peaceful protest.  “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.” Threatened with the restraint of his power and supremacy of the government, Obama knows that in order for him to fully mount and gallop toward Marxism he needs to quiet protest and snuff out contention.  And ridicule, like a spur, is his tool.

Obama’s goal is to surmount the cantle of American autonomy.  He is a master at, “…putting his left foot in the stirrup with his weight on it.”  Innate American response is to move away.  In response, Obama stands in the stirrups and grabs the reins of Alinsky training, “Keeping the pressure on, and never letting up hitting them from the flank with something new.” Regrouping, renaming and starting over, aware that working his way onto the back of free Americans oftentimes, is a process that, demands formidable persistence and purpose and in that area, Obama is inexorable.

Barack Obama’s objective is to stampede the American Constitution, astride a conquered, crushed beast.  Once mounted Obama, ego intact and in total control, will likely sit still, while patting our neck and speaking in low, soft tones.  Like a dispirited horse unaware is no longer free, he will falsely lull a captured nation into the lie that full range of liberty remains our possession.

Radicals must be resilient, adaptable … and sensitive enough to …avoid being trapped by their own tactics and forced to travel a road not of their choosing.” If successful, once subjugated, Obama will dig his socialist goad deeply into our side and insert a severe port bit in our mouth forcing us toward collectivism at breakneck speed.  If not stopped, he will finish off his conquest, by placing legislative blinders firmly over our nation’s eyes insuring Americans are not distracted by lost sovereignty and willing to maintain the encumbrance of socialistic oppression without diversion or panic.

Americans, though corralled on Election Day by Rules for Radicals, still have the power and the ability to break free of confinement and return to the open range of liberty leaving the handler behind, reins in one hand, and horsewhip in the other.  It is time to burst through the double gates of Obamerica’s stable into the noonday sun and head for the hills throwing the radical rancher and his Marxist policies into the dust.


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