American Thinker. Article: The Executive Exclusion of Empathy July 24, 2009


The Executive Exclusion of Empathy


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  2. Richard Ambrose

    Re: Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.

    This is something that keeps me scratching my head. The African Americans of this country won the big one. They got their man in the White House. Unlike Conservatives, they are not content when they win. They are angry, angry, angry all of the time. This Harvard professor, when asked for proper identification by a member of the Cambridge police force, immediately goes from calm to insane rage within seconds. WTF?? I, personally, have never screamed obscenities at a policeman when asked to show I.D. Where does all of this rage come from? One would think that a black person who has risen to the level of being a professor at a prestigious university like Harvard plus living in Cambridge would be a happy, satisfied person. Instead we have a black man full of rage just waiting for someone to set him off so that he can go from zero to lunatic in 2 seconds. Grow up, Henry!!!!!

  3. ddland45

    “According to the police report…” Yeah, the police always tell the truth, right? The police NEVER abuse their authority or escalate conflict with bully tactics, right?. The VIDEO doesn’t show “everything” that happened, right?
    President Obama may have chosen the wrong word to describe the actions of the Cambridge police who responded to, arrested and ultimately dropped the charges against Prof. Gates, but to assume that the police version of what happened is gospel is just as “stupid”.
    FAUXNEWS showed a surveillance video of a woman being roughed up by a police officer, gun drawn, as he attempted to intervene in a car accident involving the officer’s son. The police “version” of what happened described a belligerant female “kicking and swinging” at the officer, initiating a physical response from the officer. The video painted a completely different story. It was the officer who was the aggressor.
    How many video’s have we all seen where police apprehend a “suspect” and commenced to inflicting classic “blue justice” from the point of their boots, batons and their knuckles before actual guilt has been determined.
    We are all judging this incident, and taking sides (along racial lines) “without knowing ALL the facts”.
    The article ridicules Obama for have a lack of empathy for the police, but it also minimises the historic combatant nature of the relationship between Black Americans and police, too often downplayed as “misunderstandings”.
    The examples of “what if” given in the article don’t address the problem. “IF” there was a young black teenager arrested, or Prof. Gates’ life was saved, would the police have still required Prof. Gates to prove his residence, even if it was clear he lived there? The article OR the police report don’t indicate what Prof. Gates was doing in his home when the police finally arrived? Searching for valuables? Or was he making coffee? Reading his newspaper? Surfing cable channels? Are these the behaviors of a burglar?
    No one except the arresting officers and Prof. Gates knows what went on in that house, how ID was established, and who started the shouting. No one outside that house can vouch for the conduct of either participant, BOTH upstanding members of society. But we all have witnessed police brutality and how such acts have attempted to be “doctored” to favor the “police version of what happened”. And judging from the reaction to this incident, we are all too quick to view the actions of the police as being correct.

  4. lourdes

    Obama showed his true colors again with that comment. he’s right there with wright and farrakan. wake up america. rush, hannity, livin, savage. they warned you. unfortunately they were right on with everything. not you o’reilly. you fell for his bull just because he came into the studio for an interview. maybe you helped him get elected.

    Looks like he had a bone to pick with these police anyway. According to WND He got 17 parking tickets from Cambridge police from 1989 to 1991 which he apparently left unpaid up until 2 weeks before he became a candidate! Such a model citizen!

  5. lourdes

    Clearly the President of the United States, responsible for the strongest, most powerful, riches Country in the world has a demonstrated his lack of leadership, experience and sophistication on the world stage to condemn, berate and degrade every police office under the old race game in the Country. He was the one who acts stupid.

  6. ddland45

    YOU….annoy me? Why would you assume that, Jeannie? I’m beginning to look forward to our sparring sessions! The situation regarding Ofc. DiNardi was unfortunate but expected in their line of work. Sorry.
    But I’m sure you are versed in the Omar Edwards case as well, right, Jeannie? In case you aren’t, this was the off-duty black police officer in NYC who was killed by a white police officer while in pursuit of a REAL criminal trying to break into a car. Before you respond with “well he wasn’t in uniform…”, consider:
    Why we never hear about white cops “accidentally” killing off-duty white cops? Maybe they don’t “fit the description…”? I wonder why we never see white officers beating up white suspects after they’ve been apprehended? When was the last time we ever heard of a white suspect suing for police brutality?
    I support the police 100%. I’m sorry to say, however, that I cannot trust the police in everything they do. There is simply too much evidence that police regard most, if not all, black males as suspects regardless of their age, demeanor, appearance or profession. We are more likely to be pulled over, searched, questioned without cause, and yes, killed by the police than any other group.
    In many cases, our only crime is C.B.A.

  7. J Young


    You abviously are one of these who spout off without knowing how the real world is. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of police videos in youtube displaying for all the world to see what unjustifiable violence is suffered by people of all colors, whites included.

    Show me a cop who gets caught on video, and I will show you a cop who has done it a dozen to a hundred times OFF camera.

    Either you are a complete idiot, or you can’t find youtube.

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