American Thinker.: Barack’s “Teachable Moment” – July 28, 2009


Barack’s “Teachable Moment”


  1. Obama and Henry Louis Gates will give Sgt. Crowley a lesson in racial profiling behind close doors in the White House. Obama and Gates are only meeting with Sgt. Crowley becuase of negative public opinion in the polls. This a teachable moment for all americans who beleive that these Ivy League elitist like Henry Louis Gates and Obama have any respect for the common folks in america. Obama the clown can’t teach me anything when it comes to racial healing in america. How long will it take before the american people find out that Obama and his friends hate america and white people. Another Great Article Jeannie.

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  3. ddland45

    First of all, my sympathies to the families of ALL fallen law enforcement members. They do an invaluable service that no civilised society can do without. Having said that, and my apologies to those who find this comment objectionable, their heroic sacrifices neither excuses or justifies the acts of those who use their badges and the silence of their fraternity to abuse and intimidate particular sectors of our society.
    It is a shame that minorities and whites have such differing opinions about police. Sorry to say that much of the blame for this must be placed at the feet of the police. I am not a criminal, but I get edgy when I see a police cruiser in my rearview. I have seen police staring at me in a way that they DO NOT look at other white pedestrians. Maybe some of that is perception, and if I’m wrong, maybe the police are too.
    Now, I want to be fair. The relationship between police and minorities has been combative, at least. Police PROBABLY anticipate trouble when interacting with a young black male. But that young black male PROBABLY anticipated that the police had targeted him in the first place. The police MAY have had a legitimate reason for their actions, but the detainee has just as much right to question those reasons.
    Prof. Gates broke no law when loudly asking a retreating officer for the same ID he had been asked to provide by Sgt. Crowley. There was NO legitimate reason to drag someone out of their own home in handcuffs other than to establish who was “in charge”. That’s why the charges were so quickly dropped. President Obama never said the police WERE stupid, he said they ACTED stupid for turning a private misunderstanding into another public case of mistaken perception between minorities and the police.
    Such perceptions sadly taint the heroism of people like Ofc. DiNardi.
    I don’t see the police beating down white suspects on video. I don’t see police throwing white suspects face first into the ground and putting their knee into their necks.

  4. jeannieology

    ddland its amazing to me that you missed the point completely! This has to do with Obama overlooking the death of someone who died protecting the the type of community he was busy accusing cops of discriminating against.

    This wasn’t an argument for or against the reality of racial profiling…it was a bringing to light the President’s personal bias and his inappropriate statements during a week when Mr. Sensitivity should have been more sensitive to what was going on in Jersey City.

    Wouldn’t you agree that Obama is the only one stressing who is in charge and his imposition of his will on every citizen be they black or white far out weighs any exertion of authority on the part of Officer Crowley?

  5. t

    this is typical of BO. he spends an entire address pushing his USSA agenda, then rush’s through the last guy to make time for a fellow chicago-an, (chicago sun and times reporter, ) who he knew was going to bring this incident up. it was all staged.
    now, since the officer being laid to rest wasn’t a community activist, or a domestic terrorist cohort from chicago, BO could care less. but, since an ultra liberal, BLACK, professor…who by the way teach’s a class on racial profiling, got arrested, well oh my, that should be addressed by the sheeps chosen savior. and how did he not know the details of this case? that’s right, he knew. he chose this moment to encite the anti white crowd….which includes his white hating wife. “a teaching moment” , gimme a break. he needs to understand that this country is exhausted of his anti american rhetoric. the 58 million of us who did not vote for him are even more exhausted of his hitleresque attitude.

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  7. ddland45

    I don’t think I missed the point at all, Jeannie. You assume that just because President Obama didn’t mention Ofc. DiNardi in his remarks (never mind he wasn’t asked about it), or any other officers slain in the line of duty, that he is oblivious to their sacrifice.
    Ofc. DiNardi wasn’t the first policeman killed since Jan. Why do you think President Obama should have included him in his remarks over any other fallen law enforcement official? What point were you trying to make other than your usual one; that Obama is the bad guy?
    You present President Obama’s actions as “imposing his will” on an unwilling populace. That populace elected him, remember? There are no surprises here. He is doing what he said he was going to do. Most people, even if WE are a bit anxious and impatient about the economy and concerned about the COST of the changes, polls show that most of US still support the President, even if the conservative media wants to spin those same polls by emphasising “strong disapproval” over general approval numbers.
    We all have personal biases. The President, as a human being, is no different. True his words should have been chosen better, but there was no reason to expect Ofc. DiNardi to become part of the conversation; any more than any other officer who’s made the ultimate sacrifice or, for that matter, the numerous “suspects” who have been killed or burtalised by the police…which he also didn’t mention.

    • jeannieology

      Yes, but Detective DiNardo was the only police officer being buried the same week the president was stirring up racial tensions.

      I beg to disagree with you…the President is declining in the polls faster than Carter did … and the “populace that elected him” may very well be the same group of people that send him packing back to Chicago!

      John Zogby is not a conservative pollster…check out his numbers they are very telling…mainly because without moderates Obama would have never been elected and those moderates are awaking from their fevered dream and asking the poignant question, “What the hell was I thinking?” So — the left will stay with Obama, the right will never be with him and the moderates who put him in office are the only hope for America!

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