The First Gal Went Shopping for Kale


Right before dinner –a hypocritical winner — went out shopping for kale

At the end of the summer — she jumped in her Hummer — grabbing her gardening pail

She went without Eurkel to Dupont Circle–barricades, sirens, Secret Service — all of them male

She trod down the street to get something to eat–Asian pears, garlic and quail

H Street was shut —  tail she did strut — placing her potatoes right on the scale

A speech she did give – about how we should live – to the peons she continued to wail

Around her neck a lei hung– as cowbells rung–announcing there was nothing on sale

$9 a pint, $5 a dozen– for a poor Kenyan cousin—but for Shelley no need to downscale

A return to agrarian roots – shod in designer boots –gathering nourishment for Lord of the Grail

To curtail her  foot print —it might be wise for  her next stint

To leave home the  Hummer–at the end of the summer

When out shopping for tomatoes and kale!


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