Dictatorial Droogs


Listening to Barack Obama speak about the nation he leads, one would think Alex DeLarge had been wreaking havoc in the world for the last 200-years, raping the global economy, beating the hell out of the underprivileged and pillaging world peace. Who is Alex you ask?  Why, Alex was the main character in the violent, socio-economic, political horror movie Clockwork Orange.

Every chance Obama gets he “…fulfills his campaign vow to show the nations of the world that a new American leadership stands ready to atone for the transgressions of the old. ” Both here and abroad, Obama apologizes for perceived thuggery as if America were guilty of Alex DeLarge-style global mayhem.

In the movie Clockwork Orange, Alex and his bawdy band of droogs, plunder through a dystopian world with full abandon sans regret, compunction or remorse.  Now, a diffident Obama offers the hand of peace to hateful dictators by acquiescing as if he were the self-effacing parent of Alex DeLarge. Hell, Obama has a vision for utopia and if it wasn’t for the nightmare America has created he might actually be able to transform the planet into a socialist Shangri-La.

Alex and the droogs epitomize ignorance and brutality.  On the global stage liberals represent traditional America as nothing more than a droog, a utopia spoiling, intellectually dumb warmonger, whose lack of knowledge and aggression historically discourages solidarity with the global vision for negotiable world peace.

Five minutes into Clockwork Orange it’s obvious to the viewer that the dichotomous Alex DeLarge is not a “force for good.” Although he loves classical music he dons a mask, bowler hat and white overalls before fusing beating with indiscriminate forced sexual assault. Listening to Obama express worldwide lament for our nation you’d think an imperialistic/capitalist America prowled the globe like the profane Alex, “…whose principal interests are rape, ultra-violence and Beethoven.”

Liberals, led by Obama, believe symbolic goodness is something that can be mandated, legislated and implemented through transformative left wing policy. If America wants “freedom,” in the Obama sense of the word, the only answer is behavioral revision managed by leaders whose inspiration for egalitarianism, harmony and social justice is birthed in repressive control.  And for that, there could be no better adaptive model to emulate then the one found in Clockwork Orange.

Midway through the sardonic film, Alex DeLarge goes to prison for 14-years for murdering an elderly woman.  As a precursor, he is forced to undergo a body cavity search similar to the one America is presently enduring. Like Alex’s prison enforced rules, collectivism focused America, now forbids crossing lines drawn by dogmatic, politically correct policies and the threat exists that liberated people are about to be reduced to faceless, nameless numbers.

Trapped in a facsimile of H.M. Prison Parkmoor, America’s is having its psyche pulverized into submission as if we are deviant, rowdy, and renegade like Alex DeLarge.  However, in our case the goal of serum No 114-propaganda drug is to make America resistant to the concept of freedom, capitalism and Constitutional fidelity.  If our nation can be made to retch when presented with what she once held dear, Obama’s political experimentation will be a smashing success.

In Clockwork Orange, classical conditioning transformed Alex DeLarge from an insurgent into a pacifist.  Similarly, Obama is bent on amending American society through systematic administration of rewards and punishments in hopes of shifting belief systems, patriotic spirit and conduct. Obama’s definitive goal is the destruction of American dystopia in hopes of replacing it with international utopia. Yet, even the prison Chaplain in Clockwork Orange warned deviant Alex, that change isn’t gained that way, “When a man cannot choose he ceases to be a man.”

Regardless, a self-righteous President believes he has a better way for America.  Moreover, Obama has commissioned a Clockwork Orange-style, Ludovico Technique be administered on the nation with full knowledge of what a few hours of “shovel ready job” indoctrination can do to unite the workers of the world. Obama’s attendants in American aversion therapy are media pupil lubricators and a cadre of white-jacketed politicians, whose occupation is to monitor a social experiment of associating pain of retribution for actions alien to Obama’s utopian view.  Reprimands, which include discouraging war by leaving the military to die without reinforcements. Small businesses, private industry and corporate America taxed and regulated into capitulation and the demoting of Judeo Christian influence.

Every time Obama steps up to a podium he injects rhetoric with a hypodermic full of shame, lies, and remorse in hopes of distorting reality and fiction in American minds. The President’s despotic modus operandi includes, half-truths and repetitive encoding, coupled with punishment directed at capitalism, condemnation of Constitutional principles, castigating free enterprise and the systematic undermining of national security.

Like Alex, on Election Day a naïve America willingly submitted to being straitjacketed with inescapable limitations beyond imagination. As a result, we are presently experiencing a near death experience.  We are captive to autocratic tendencies and victimized by misinformation. Our eyelids have been clamped open and our head wired with electrodes in a tortured position where the national gaze is fixed on only what those in control dictate politically acceptable.


The illicit Alex was robbed of his individually and intrinsic humanity, tamped down into innocuous compliance and, in turn, made a “free man.” It was only then that he could be sent, “…out with confidence into the world again.” Obama, attempting to alter national identity, personality and foundational principles, does so to wrest control of the natural impulse of a free, democratic nation. His hope is to present a subjugated America to the world as a neutered, mind-numbed, docile Alex DeLarge–though independent at heart, “queer as clockwork orange,” bizarre internally, while appearing natural, human, and normal on the surface.

If the President gets his way, government will have the clout to exert power over American distinctiveness and exceptionalism.  In turn, the dream of authoritarian utopia will be established upon a foundation of domineering restraint, indoctrination and political propaganda.  Its time Americans inform our self-aggrandizing leader, Dr. Brodsky-Obama, that the United States is no Alex DeLarge.  Instead, he and the liberal, left wing band of social propagandists he leads are the “queer as clockwork orange” droogs in need of reprogramming…not us.

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