Senatorial Stockholm Syndrome

Slide1Oftentimes, in order to survive, victims identify and form bonds with individuals or groups who have the power to hold captive futures or well-being.  The physiological definition for the phenomenon is called, Stockholm syndrome.  Stockholm syndrome develops when a victim endeavors to stay alive by “obsessively identifying” with a captor, resulting in a “warped personal psyche” as evidenced through the injured parties “sympathy for the tormentor.”

Stockholm syndrome is identifiable in hostage victims like Joe Lieberman.  Senator Lieberman forged a reputation as a protector of freedom by persistently threatening to vote against Obama’s health care bill.  However, since taken hostage by the Democratic Party, Joe emerges from intense wooing sessions with Obama; muttering statements like, “Put me down as encouraged at the direction in which these discussions are going.”

Lieberman’s extended Oval Office conferences have magically transformed the Independent’s reliably sensible opinion to uncharacteristic compliance with insanity. Barry DeFreeze Soetoro evidently convinced Lieberman that ‘staying alive’ politically takes precedence over maintaining a reputation as a nonconformist.  In response, like any self-respecting victim of Stockholm syndrome, Lieberman has broken ranks with self-identity, adopted the likes and dislikes of the Democratic Party’s position on health care reform, and manifested a politically ‘warped psyche’.

Based on sudden support for a bill the Senator vowed to filibuster with the GOP, Lieberman appears to be suffering from a severe case of Patty Hearst-style Stockholm syndrome. Classic Stockholm syndrome occurs when those held hostage display empathy for and even allegiance to detainers after “…being held captive for brief but intense periods [emphasis mine].” Fresh from closeted meetings with Obama, Lieberman told reporters if Medicare expansion and a government insurance plan are stricken from the legislation, “I’m going to be in a position where I can say what I’ve wanted to say all along: that I’m ready to vote for health care reform.”

Lieberman’s change in demeanor from one day to the next stirs up vivid memories of kidnap victim Patty Hearst held captive in a closet one minute and donning a beret, a jumpsuit, and a lightweight semi-automatic the next. Joe Lieberman’s odd behavior puts him in solid contention to replace Patty Hearst as poster child for Stockholm syndrome.

The Hearst heiress’s brush with notoriety came in 1974 when kidnapped from a Berkeley, California apartment by a militant left-wing guerilla group called the Symbionese Liberation Army. The name ‘symbionese’ has roots in the word symbiosis, which is defined as, “…a body of dissimilar bodies and organisms living in deep and loving harmony.” The group accomplished the harmonious goal of socialist utopian ideals through hostage taking and murder?

By forcibly denying freedom to some, the Symbionese advanced ‘liberation’ to others.   Marxist/Leninist ‘Che’Guevara’s believed that “… the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.” Thus, love, coercion and abduction are not contradictory concepts to socialists wresting property by force if violence is followed by ‘lovingly’ bestowing ill-gotten gains on the less fortunate.

Obvious similarities exist between 1970’s urban guerilla group tactics and the Socialist Liberal Army residing in the seat of power in Washington DC today. SLA techniques differ little from current legislative policy initiatives attempting to impose liberal concepts of fairness on the American public through exercise of oppressive political power.

Presently, the Capitol Hill SLA is mobilizing to redistribute wealth by couching Marxist policy in health care reform.    A liberal contingency of left-wing politicians hold a nation, largely opposed to the bill captive in order to further social justice by “leveling the playing field” through control and destruction of the present health care system.

Held hostage in a closet, a blindfolded Patty Hearst was “brainwashed” and abused.  The heiress’s captors knew that breaking Patty’s psyche was imperative to achieving symbolic and reparative redistribution. In like manner, left-wing politicians attempt to persuade America to sign onto bad policy, while simultaneously strong-arming political opposition like Joe Lieberman, Blanche Lincoln, Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu.  Politicians use pork as ransom to pressure non-compliant moderates to join in national thievery reluctant captives would normally take a pass on.

In 1974, the SLA realized that without kidnapping Patty Hearst they lacked leverage to force a publishing mogul to relinquish millions of dollars to feed the hungry or to demand SLA murderers be released from jail. Likewise, Obama is cognizant that health care reform has zero chance of passing if Joe Lieberman’s independent spirit goes unaddressed.  Without Lieberman’s vote, socialists cannot free prisoners of poverty, reallocate prosperity, punish the rich and control 1/6th of the nation’s economy.  Hijacking the Connecticut Senator and isolating him from outside influence may be the only hope the Democratic bill has to survive.

Between February and April of 1974 an interesting phenomenon took place in the Hearst kidnap case.  In a few short months a child of privilege changed her name from Patty Campbell Hearst to Tania, relinquished her individualism and identified with those who unlawfully imprisoned her.  An heiress was successfully recruited to the urban revolution becoming a recognizable symbol of militant socialism’s ability to subjugate “The Man.”

Like Patty Hearst, sauntering around on surveillance camera in Hibernia Bank, Joe Lieberman falsely perceives he possesses personal clout to convince Democrats to alter a horrendous bill.  Truth is much like Hearst symbolized the ability to exploit duress to steer a social policy debate, Joe Lieberman is merely the left’s tool. Lieberman controls nothing; but rather under the auspices of negotiation and false capitulation is an object of manipulation by relentless socialist liberals in Washington DC.

Reid, Pelosi and Obama’s full intent is to dictate social policy and finance a massive power grab with stolen money.  Passing health care reform is just an entrée to future expansion where implementing universal health care can be fully realized. Without Joe Lieberman’s vote the hope to one-day implement a single payer system dies.

To date Stockholm syndrome victim Joe Lieberman hasn’t officially entered a bank with a M1 Carbine in tow, although the Connecticut Senator is presently crammed in a get away car between Nancy ‘Mizmoon’ Pelosi, ‘Willie Wolf ‘Reid and Field Marshal Cinque Sotoero en route to the job

Joe Lieberman has been targeted by an activist band of political guerillas wearing dark blue suits and red power ties.  The goal is to transform the Senator from moderate opposition to measured compliance. Lieberman is finding out that just like urban warriors, Washington DC policy guerillas are determined, devoted and militant.  Socialist Liberal Armies (SLA) 4-star General Joe Biden even admitted, “…lawmakers shouldn’t underestimate Obama’s commitment to the issue.”

So, the next Presidential ‘secret’ meeting Lieberman emerges from announcing support for a flawed bill, don’t be fooled America, it is not a true conversion the nation is witnessing, but a new fangled ‘Tania’ joining a health care heist as victim of senatorial Stockholm syndrome.

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