Shady Senatorial Dealings

682px-Shady_Lady_Ranch_brothel,_Nye_County,_NevadaNevada is on fire with opportunity.  Prostitution has been legal in rural Nevada since the early seventies and now owner of the Shady Lady Ranch, Bobbi Davis hopes to hire Nevada’s first legal male prostitutes.  The female owner of the brothel claims now that Nevada state health officials have approved a method to test men for infectious diseases, male prostitutes could be hired within the month.

Politics and prostitution are similar, just ask Ben Nelson of (D-Neb) who believes “Change is never easy, but change is what’s necessary in America.” If Bobbi Davis manages to usher in change by making a dent in the male prostitution market, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid can direct the Nevadan Madame toward a large pool of accessible applicants.  In fact, Reid may even be able to recommend specific gentlemen experienced in the field that, as a result of an impending election, may be available for work.

Attempting to pass health care reform has brought morally unrestrained political libertines out of the woodwork en masse in Washington DC. While, politicians do not typically engage in ‘sex’ acts for money per se, accepting capital to agree to do things one would normally morally oppose can only be defined as prostitution. Thus, prostitution runs rampant on Capitol Hill because money has become the primary incentive for garnering votes.

Unfortunately for America, unbridled prostitution taking place on Capitol Hill and senators voting for health care reform presents a greater menace to national well being than HIV to streetwalkers.

Take for example, Ben Nelson of Nebraska who proudly identifies himself as one of four pro-life Democrats in the Senate.  Nelson held the moneybag for months threatening obstruction of health care reform based on the bill’s legislative language on the key issue of federal funding for abortion.  Nelson’s staunch stand against subsidizing abortion with tax dollars situated the Senator in the unique position to be offered and accept 30 pieces of silver in the form of federal aid for Nebraska. According to Senator John McCain, R-Arizona, “Nelson’s victory came at the expense of 49 states.” In other words, Nelson’s payoff betrayed American taxpayers and turned the nation over to be crucified.

Ben Nelson’s priority concerning the slaughtering of the unborn vanished when Nebraska secured permanent exemption from funding federal Medicaid expansion.  When presented with the choice to either obstruct abortion funding, or host a second Nebraskan Black Hills Gold Rush in the form of $45 million to state coffers– for Ben Nelson, a flush state treasury trumped saving babies. “Nebraska’s Republican Sen. Mike Johanns said he was “stunned and incredibly disappointed,” and called the compromise’s abortion language a “watered-down accounting gimmick that leads to Nebraska taxpayers subsidizing abortions in other states.”

Ben Nelson’s ‘cornhusker kickback/Nebraska windfall” makes the Senator a potential staff member at Bobbi’s sex ranch.  If the Madame is looking for male prostitutes Nelson  ‘kissing Jesus’ and then selling himself for a price makes the Senator a prime contender to secure one of the two plum positions for men at the brothel after the first of the year.

Davis said, “she wants to add two men to the three women she currently has living” at the bordello.  Who better to help the Madame identify candidates for the job than Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who, like Bonni Davis, can recognize a penny-candy hustler a mile away?

Like a pimp, Monsieur Senator Reid employs, “psychological intimidation, manipulation and force” to coerce resistant Senators into signing onto the health care reform.  Harry Reid has successfully overseen a federal escort service where Senators receive sordid gain providing services, in the form of votes, to liberal political Johns on Capitol Hill whose intent is to ravage the nation’s freedom, security and economic stability.

Luckily for Bonni Davis, Reid has more than a few candidates who meet the cathouse criteria for employment. Wooly Mammoth Ben Nelson would be attractive to a small, but specific group of clientele, while the Bernie Sanders type might be alluring to those who typically prefer Ben and Jerry to Ben Nelson. The Senator from Nebraska providing a more conservative addition to Davis’ stable of male workers than the liberal Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont who proudly professes, “Yeah, I wouldn’t deny it. Not for one second. I’m a democratic socialist.”

Senator Bernie Sanders supports a single-payer system and a Medicare buy-in provision. Contrary, to Ben Nelson’s complaint, the Vermont Senator considers the legislation too conservative, or not liberal enough. Sanders said, “I’m struggling with this…as of this point, I’m not voting for the bill… my vote is not secure at this point.”

Mandatory requirements for liberal support have always been Medicare expansion and the public option. Harry Reid slashed both, while working the senate strip-attracting centrist votes from moderate senators like Louisianan fille de joie, Landrieu and the rent-boy from the Nutmeg State, Joe Lieberman. Bernie Sanders being “undecided” about the health care vote did not present a predicament for Monsieur Reid who is adept at initiating hesitant values virgins into prostituting principles with piggy payoffs.

Harry Reid wooed Democrat holdout, Bernie Sanders, by flashing a gold tooth and a fat money clip.  The Senate Majority Leader ushered a “…clearly more enthusiastic” Sanders toward a ‘sweetheart deal’ in the form of “$10 billion in new funding for community health centers.” Bernie Sanders, who vehemently opposed the bill a day prior, was gently initiated into a 60-vote quorum.  A tossle-headed Bernie emerged from negotiations breathless and disheveled unabashedly transitioning from a cabin of personal conviction in Vermont into Harry’s Washington DC house of joy.

Proprietor of the Shady Lady Ranch, Bonnie Davis, remains hopeful that men can start working at her brothel at the beginning of the New Year. Ms. Davis contends, the state of Nevada, like the Democrat run Senate has, “…worked hard for years to make the traditional brothel business…socially acceptable and something we can be proud of.”

Currently, Davis has five bedrooms to fill with male and female strumpets. $100 million dollar courtesan Mary Landrieu was recommended by Reid last month for one of the openings and is currently in the process of negotiating salary and seriously considering, if need be, accepting an offer to shift from a Senate seat into a niche in the iniquitous desert den. Clearly, bawdy harlots like Ben Nelson and Bernie Sanders would gladly join Mary and submit to selling services to anyone willing to pay the price.

Right now, Madame Bonnie Davis is in a unique position of being the recipient of Nevada State Senator Harry Reid, overseer of a senatorial House of Ill Repute providing his state’s Brothel Owners Association with two highly experienced male gigolos Ben Nelson and Bernie Sanders. Davis, anxious to bring both guys onboard, has just one last quandary to surmount regarding, “…how to structure the men’s pricing?” Bonni can count on Reid to help out in that area too, because if anybody knows how much to pay male prostitutes, Harry sure does.


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  3. Chris

    The moonbats on the Left used to talk about how GWB was going to cancel elections…..and were roundly and justly mocked as moronic moonbats.

    Your comment is no different.

    I’ll tell you what….
    If a single election is cancelled in either 2010 or 2012 I’ll pay all your bills for a year.

    Are you a moby for the left perhaps??
    That is the only “sane” reason that anyone would post such tripe at Redstate….or any conservative website for that matter. To make Republicans and conservatives look like LOONS.

  4. jeannieology

    I’m anything but a loon…far from it…when I see an American President side with a Latin American dictator who decided to rewrite the Constitution of Honduras…disregard the Supreme Court, Congress and the Military and have truck loads of ballots sent in so he can run his own election — it gives me pause.

    Add that together with a President and Congress who realize that the majority of Americans oppose what they are doing and do one outrageous, unpopular thing after another – even Clinton knew if he wanted to stay in office he had to move to the middle – these guys make yesterday’s decision look like Reagan is in office compared to what they do the next day.

    Yeah, Chris I’m a moby for the left…read my blog and my postsand then report me to the Conservative movement as a troll LOL — I hope I’m wrong too — but so far I’ve been right about a few things more than I’m comfortable with — we shall see – I hope you get back to me and say, “See I told you so! But I’m not so sure you will.”

  5. Robert Geyer

    Seems to me prostitution is already legal in the District of Corruption, so all these whore’s have to do is put up a tent city when they lose there jobs and are run out of their home town, and just work where they feel comfortable. Hell, the govco will even give them free needles and condoms!

  6. Chris

    The only people who make ludicrous statements about elections being canceled are usually total loons.

    I don’t think you get it.
    I’m a Conservative Republican.

    Statements like that put us all in a bad light.
    They are moonbattery at its finest.

    So….anyone willing to take my bet??

  7. jeannieology

    You are betting that I’m a loon? Or, that you’re right and my loony prediction is incorrect?

    Well I’ll take your bet that at either the 2010 or 2012 election there will be some kind of crisis that will affect the election — its basic Cloward Piven tactics — of which the President is a master of.

    Maybe you should speak to the redstate people and warn them about me — they have front paged my articles and most of what I write zips to the top of the recommended diaries…so there are a whole heck of a lot of loons over there that agree with me.

    Are you telling me that you believe it is impossible that the elections can be affected by politicians in Washington deciding that the Constitution which Barry has already publicly said he believes “is fatally flawed,” being messed with?

    Right now we are being subjected to an unconstitutional health care bill is in the process of FORCING Americans to buy a product under penalty of jail…so when you purchase your health insurance under the barrel of a gun remember – things can happen in America that we never thought were possible before.

    But what do I know…Oh, Chris I guess you also thought the Salahi’s were gatecrashers and were uninvited to the White House too?

  8. Chris

    “Well I’ll take your bet that at either the 2010 or 2012 election there will be some kind of crisis that will affect the election”

    That is not what you said.

    You said, “None of this means anything because the Obama contingency and the President are planning on cancelling the elections in 2010 and in 2012 … no Hari Kari just huge Constitutional Crisis.”

    Anyone who honestly believes that any election is going to be canceled is a LOON.

    Sorry. Those are your words….not mine.
    If you’re not willing to stand by them than you should make that clear…..don’t try to hedge them in later comments.

    “Cancel” does not equate to “Affect”.

  9. jeannieology

    Chris…I never hedge so let me reiterate

    A crisis be it national, security or even economic could force the President to call for Marshall Law which would “cancel” the election(s) — that is the first thing…

    The second thing is that the Constitution being viewed as flawed by the President leaves room for him improving it in a way that he believes would make it better — which could include adjusting elections in a way that meets with his approval

    Thirdly Chris I think its you that is the moonbat and I’ll tell you why, because you are not a conservative you are a troll…there is no way a conservative would spend a whole day trying to prove that a fellow patriot…who has 140+ well researched articles up on my blog as well as being published on other well respected conservative websites — is a “LOON”

    Your obsession with proving that I’m some sort of nut job based on one comment I made on redstate proves to me that you are the one that should fly with your little moonbat wings back over to the Daily Kos.

  10. Cynthia

    I’m not saying I agree or disagree with Jeannie although I do thoroughly enjoy reading her blogs. I have discovered that snippy little people who use ‘moonbat’ and ‘loon’ or other derisive snipes will generally never say things like that to a person’s face. I have to wonder if Chris is a man or a woman. I can’t tell from the language.

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  12. rich

    It’s “martial” law.

    The notion that elections will be cancelled is very unlikely.

    It is what the left said about Bush and they were justifiably mocked for doing it so.

    Chris’s tone isn’t appropriate, but you’re predicting something that is not going to happen.

  13. Ben

    Of course, the obvious recommendations of employment in this new position of male prostitute would be Harry Reid, Bernie Sanders, Ben Nelson, and Chris Dodd, but, I don’t think any of them could pass the medical as being clean enough. They have prostituted themselves for so long with so many, I doubt they’d ever be able to pass the physical!

  14. Chris

    And so…..who is willing to take my bet??

    I will pay your bills for a year if any election in either 2010 or 2012 is canceled….per Jeannie’s loony RS post. Anyone willing to take the other side of that bet??


  15. jeannieology

    It may not happen…but that doesn’t mean they won’t try…I took the bet Chris … again I said — I take the bet.

    In either 2010 of 2012 the Obamaites will foster some sort of crisis that will make them have to cancel the elections — Marshall Law something!

    Will they get away with it is another issue — I think not — will they try it? I think so!

    But Chris…you are the intelligent one and I am the “LOON” so you of course will be proven correct and I will be transported to the loony bin —

    Oh, BTW has anyone noticed how daily there is a “crisis” in the health care issue?

    Today its an “abortion” crisis Will Abortion Kill the Bill, Abortion Stands to Kill the Bill! Cloward Piven 101 — make a crisis, stir up a crisis and then people will accept anything to get out of the crisis.

    If you watch you will see this method is applied and being applied to EVERYTHING — oh, yeah except of course elections — that will run smoother and more honestly than silk.

    Chris like I said, I think you’d be more comfortable uncovering LOONS at the Daily Kos – or is that where all your friends REALLY are?

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