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American educators are determined to guard schoolchildren from exposure to unsuitable influences in the classroom, which is why Kevin Jennings was appointed “Safe School Czar.” The former teacher’s noted expertise concerns the issue of bullying homosexual youths.

Parents can rest securely in the knowledge that while in school, children are safe and sound thanks to Obama’s appointee, the founder and executive director of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN — pronounced “glisten”). Kevin Jennings, together with educational organizations like the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Education Association (NEA), has made a top priority the rooting out of detrimental childhood influences, beginning with the Bible and religious imagery.

Take, for example, the vigilant North Jersey schoolteacher who shielded a third-grader from disturbing stories by forbidding the girl to read Scripture during classroom quiet time. Based on the reaction of the cautious teacher, “Suffer little children to come unto me”(Luke 18:16) is a message unbefitting for school-age children.

Similarly, at Maxham Elementary School in Tauton, Massachusetts, an equally attentive teacher rescued an entire district from a potential revisiting of the massacre at Columbine by recognizing a psychotic second grade threat. The student, after visiting the Christmas display at the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette, did the unthinkable and drew a picture of Christ on the cross. In the interest of protecting the school community, the young boy promptly received an in-depth psychological evaluation.

American educators have made paramount protecting students from distressing stories like Moses parting the Red Sea and Jonah and the whale. With the assistance of GLSEN’s recommended book lists, teachers are encouraged to make alternate suggestions for reading material by integrating supplemental educational materials like the benign literary classic Queer Thirteen.  Could it be the AFT and NEA’s support for GLSEN emboldens teachers like those in New Jersey and Massachusetts to incorporate into school curriculum reading material addressing preschool precedence issues like five-year-olds playing sex games and public masturbation?

GLSEN’s primary objective is educating straight children to be nondiscriminatory toward gays and encouraging gay kids to express their sexual predilection with pride. Agenda mavens, toiling away to obliterate prejudice for school-aged homophiles in public schools, justify banning Bibles, prohibiting sacred holidays, and tossing in the bonfire artwork tinged with what secularists consider psychotically inspired religious themes.

Public education, led by people like Kevin Jennings, proceeds full throttle in the secular quest to extricate all vestiges of moral suasion and innocence, designing homosexual-friendly curricula to include books that augment acceptance of gay students, with the hope of diminishing incidences of bullying of everyone except Bible-readers and Jesus-sketchers.

Kevin Jennings’ brainchild GLSEN is supported by unions like the AFT, whose learning mission includes the promotion of “democracy, human rights and freedom in our union, in our nation and throughout the world.” The AFT is so enthusiastic about Jennings’ cause that its website links directly to GLSEN promotional pamphlets citing statistics that say 33% of students are bullied because of actual or perceived sexual orientation, while 8% are bullied because of religion.

Based on such informative statistics, and in the interest of endorsing fairness, the American public school system is following Jennings’, the AFT’s, and the NEA’s lead in making certain homosexuality receives academic priority when formulating prospectuses for elementary, middle, and high school students.

With Kevin Jennings as Safe School Czar, teachers deeming the Bible inappropriate reading material for quiet time have educational dispensation to stock classroom bookshelves with third grade alternatives like Is Marvin Redpost a Girl? Or the historically intriguing Harvey Milk Story, which chronicles the life of a murdered gay politician.

As for drawing, art, and creative expression, crucifixes and Jesus are out. According to Jennings-styled educators, children transporting family morals and religion to school threaten to pollute an educational system striving to foster AFT core principles of freedom and democracy. Devout church-going children must at all costs be discouraged from sketching pictures of pious symbols or filling quiet time with Scripture verses that may inspire subject matter for finger-painting. Artistic expression by way of religious depictions is presently considered a red flag indicating the pressing need for immediate psychological evaluation.

Yet while focusing like a laser on protecting schools from non-secular visual influences, GLSEN’s 7-12 book list encourages a safe school environment by recommending Revolutionary Voices: A Multicultural Queer Youth Anthology. The middle- to high- school-level book includes illustrations that cultivate acceptance and nondiscrimination by depicting Boy Scouts as homophobic voyeurs who watch as men engage in homosexual sex. Inarguably in the politically correct realm of academia, GLSEN illustrations are a more kid-friendly choice for pencil drawings than precarious stick figures of Jesus being crucified.

The Obama administration appointed an official to promote a safe school atmosphere whose agenda, in conjunction with liberal teachers’ unions and professional educational organizations, overemphasizes and promotes the concerns of “1.51 percent of the total U.S. population … or 4.3 total million Americans” classifying themselves as gay, lesbian, or bisexual. What the president declines to acknowledge is that 75% of American taxpayers closely identify with the Christianity Obama claims no longer represents the core of the nation’s religious belief system. And tax dollars contributed by Christians make up budgets supporting schools preaching the gospel of homosexuality to innocent children.

Under the guise of tolerance, Kevin Jennings and left-wing educators are committed to transforming America’s schools into hazard zones for children through the promotion of over-sexualized curricula and alternative lifestyles. Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings’ unrelenting mission to support sexually conflicted homosexual youths justifies the inclusion of the politically correct gay agenda over sound programs of study. Explicitly X-rated, pornographic descriptions of sex acts between children as young as preschool age are peppered throughout academic curricula as a means of furthering a way of life and belief system most of the American population rejects outright.

In Jennings ‘safe schools, readings include radical literature like Readings for Diversity and Social Justice: An Anthology on Racism, Anti-Semitism, Sexism, Heterosexism, Ableism, and Classism, while Bibles are banned, religious imagery barred, Boy Scouts debased, and Christianity indefinitely expelled from school premises. Jennings’ group GLSEN lauds the late Ruth Ellis, the longest living “out” African-American lesbian, as “one inspiring woman.” Her image and life story are warmly welcomed in public schools across America, while Jesus and Scripture are not.

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