Dr. Yank-US is in the White House

Three_stooges_doctor_smallIf America is wondering what health care will be like under the Obamacare overlords this is a small sample of what to expect.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcELyKkOAak [/youtube]

Three Socialist Stooges, Barry, Harry and “Born Dizzy” Nancy are imposing policy on America that can only be likened to Moe, Larry and Curly pulling a tooth out of a cataleptic America intoxicated with Obama rhetoric like a patient high on nitrous oxide.

On Election Day we were knocked unconscious by the mallet of “hope and change” and promptly relegated to a dental chair in Dr. I. Yankum’s office.  Since day one, an anesthetized America has been systematically worked over by a crew of vicious amateurs, pretending to know what they’re doing.

America willingly submitted to a window washer fronting as an oral surgeon because of perceived pain. And now “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, Larry and Curly,” Obama remains hell bent on pulling teeth, but doesn’t know which one to pull.   Disregarding his own lack of experience, Dr. Yank-US continues to do what he deems necessary catching a tiger by the toe and although America hollers a determined Obama just won’t let go.

Aware they are out of their league, Big Boss Barry, Harry and Nancy stand over the patient thinking, “Go ahead take a chance – whadaya got to lose?” One day Barry stands on the patients chest and Nancy does the pulling. On another day, Nancy or Harry do the holding and vice versa.

The treacherous team yank out healthy teeth in the form of policy proposals such as the revamping of health care. The threesome forge ahead while Obama marks time filling an unconscious America’s oral cavity with quick drying concrete.  The Stooges throw caution to the wind and  strategically place a bomb in America’s mouth in an attempt to correct the incompetent mistakes they’ve made.

The sizzling sound America groggily hears in the distance is a lit fuse slowly making its way up to the explosives.

Before you know it Dr. I. Yankum’s dental office will be like paradise compared to 7-11 colonoscopy centers where patients get complimentary Big Gulp’s and drive-by sigmoidoscopies from smiling illegal immigrants with names like Habib, Vasu and Mansur-Khan.

Truth is, all that matters to Dr. Yank-US is Three Socialist Stooges getting health care done in time to do the peacock strut at the State of the Socialist Union address.  The three bumbling stooges will be headlining in a prime time  preen parade  scheduled for February 2nd. 

“Bossy” Barry, “Dizzy” Nancy and just plain “Scary” Harry will claim health care victory, while disregarding the fact that kidney transplants are slated to be done behind the deli counter at Stop and Shop right next to the machine that slices bologna.  Or that, by the end of the decade, America will have not one person living, within out borders, sixty-years old or over.

Hey America, maybe its time for the window washers to take the scaffold down to the first floor and leave the clientele and the building in competent hands and do so before the cement bomb placed in the nation’s mouth blows up and kills the patient.

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