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Two years after appearing on Larry King Live Michelle Obama returned as First Lady to discuss inspiring FLOTUS initiatives.  Other than Larry’s strange hair color overall the interview seemed uneventful.  However, “for those who have ears to hear” a disingenuous Michelle delivered more then just a dietary diatribe. Listening closely to the King interview Michelle had some very peculiar things to say.

Unbeknownst to sycophantic Larry King, Shelley’s anti-obesity campaign stands poised to marshal herds of children into Hillary’s still sparsely settled “village.” The First Lady knows that for the national service corps to become reality healthy children, not corpulent corpses, ensure contenders to the ranks. The utopian community Michelle imagines teams with slender children;  “raised not just by their parents, but also by society… schools and the government.”

Exhibiting uncharacteristic candidness during the interview the First Lady invited America into the vacated kitchen at 5046 S. Greenwood Avenue, sharing with Larry Chicago-living consumption challenges. As two hard working parents Michelle claimed for years both she and Barry failed to provide the family with healthy food choices.

Michelle’s assertion was curious based on the fact that Windy City living for the Obama’s included personal chef, Sam Kass who supposedly has a “particular interest in healthy…local food.” Kass was featured on the Biggest Loser, yet Michelle told the captivated Larry King the “uptick” in her daughter’s BMI, alarming a Chicago pediatrician, occurred while consuming Sam-food.

Then, failing to mention Kass’s involvement, the First Lady contended the girls slimmed down after, weekday desserts were eliminated; the harried couple providing “fresh squeezed juices” and family night conversations revolving around the evils of “processed foods.”

Michelle agreed with Larry that childhood weight issues are a “delicate subject.” To spare embarrassment, the First Lady never broached the girl’s weight directly suggesting only, “We have to change how we eat.”  However, now as representative of an anti-podgy kiddy campaign, in conjunction with a national taskforce, Michelle feels it necessary to “personalize” the message by sharing Sasha and Malia’s prepubescent weight struggles with the whole country.

Michelle said small dietary changes worked because both daughters “Wouldn’t go for absolutes [emphasis mine].” Then when Larry asked about the possibility of health care not being accomplished Michelle replied, “Doing nothing is absolutely [emphasis mine] not an option.”

Healthy eating maven Michelle continued to exhibit delusional opinions throughout the interview, starting with the assertion that Barack “stays humble.” Mrs. Obama also claimed to know little about the Tea Party movementmade up of people from all political parties, claiming to stay focused only on “issues that have no political party.”  The First Lady also applauded Barack’s “important steps and quick smart strategic thinking,” for saving America from the “brink of an inevitable depression.”

Relishing private time behind closed doors in the White House family residence, a First Lady who avoids maternal absolutes provided Larry a litany of absolutes to address chunky-child issues for Americans to follow in the privacy of their homes. “Turn off the TV, eat dinner together, provide structured bed time, cut down portion sizes, turn on the radio and dance ‘til you sweat, walk to school and run up and down the stairs.”

Michelle’s King interview, lacked consistent sincerity, but had one ray of candor amidst prevarications and partial truths. The First Lady readily agreed with Larry King’s evaluation of her superior intelligence perking up saying, “I’m very smart but I like to limit my intake to things I can control.”  How true Michelle, how very, very true.

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