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Informed citizens know the census was established to determine the number of elected representatives designated to represent a district, based on population. An official tally is necessary because populace drives monies allocated from the federal government to finance publicly funded services.

Yet a 2010 Census television commercial is irksome because it encourages Americans fill out census forms in order to “get our fair share of funding.”   The ad implies freebie government goody bags await whoever completes and returns the questionnaire.

In an effort to further understand the 2010 Census the NYC 2010 Census page, on NYC.gov, is one of many instructional websites. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg begins the tutorial by explaining how the Big Apples’ 8.36 million people determine representation and funding.  Then the mayor reassures those in hiding that the 2010 Census counts, “People of all ages, races, ethnic groups, citizens and non-citizens alike, regardless of legal status.”

Not to worry, the government pledges “All personal information … in answers to any question on the form is completely private and will not be shared with anyone else [especially Immigration and Naturalization]. The information you provide is only used for statistical purposes. Under the law, your personal information remains private for 72 years.”

In an effort to accommodate diversity, instructions are available in every conceivable language ranging from Español, to Bengali, from Farsi to Kreyòl Ayisyen (Haitian Creole), including the passé favorite, English for diehards refusing to relinquish the native tongue.

Ironically the website indicates, in the 2010 Census, numbers of shameless undocumented scofflaws actually help determine increased allocation of federal funds for things like law enforcement. Talk about convoluted policy rationalization.

So in Obamerica people who break and enter, game the system and who should be escorted out of the country are counted, represented and given legitimacy by a government overly anxious to conceal criminal history.

Law abiding citizens will also be ecstatic to know if one fails to return the form in a timely manner, census “enumerators” will make friendly house calls between May and July. Then, “The U. S. Census Bureau will deliver population counts to none other than President Obama for apportionment.”

Coincidentally, the U.S. Census Bureau will “complete delivery of redistricting data,” which will change political borders to include illegal immigrants and undocumented workers, just in time for the 2012 election.

The NYC.gov website gives multitudinous reasons why citizens are obliged to participate.  One in particular stands out; “It is your right and obligation to participate in the 2010 census so your family and community get their fair share of representation.” Justification: Trespassers’ have justifiable rights, because lawlessness-as-citizenry ensures political clout and increased federal funding.

In addition, the website implements guilt tactics by reminding the collective of responsibility toward the common good. “It is important to participate and be counted so we have accurate statistical information on our population to make polices and deliver services that meet the needs of all the people living in every neighborhood and community.”  Leaving aside, of course, policies addressing the needs of respectable citizens whose neighborhoods  and communities swarm with illegals.

According to the 2010 Census, “It is important to participate…because your presence matters and you count!” Come on America– time to stand up and be counted, time to dole out the fair share belonging to bonafide citizens, whose portion was stolen long before the 2010 census.

This April 1st, the day the 2010 Census forms are officially due, the laughing you hear all around is the sound of an Obama April Fools Day joke being played on America.

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