Mayhem at McDonalds

Things are rough in America, unemployment numbers are in the double digits and tensions are running high.  People are waking up in the middle of the night, gripped with anxiety, hungering for respite.  It used to be, regardless of the situation time or circumstance; a person could get in the car, go around the corner and find comfort at a local McDonald’s.

However, consolation was nowhere to be found in South Brunswick, NJ, at 4:30 in the morning, when one customer, with a craving for a Filet-O-Fish sandwich was forced to wait after pulling into a McDonald’s drive thru window.  At such an ungodly hour, McDonalds was likely busy preparing Egg and Sausage McMuffins and McSkillet Burritos, so a request for a Filet-O-Fish probably took the friendly guy at the window a little off guard.

Hamburger University could never prepare a person for what happened next.   The person ordering the sandwich was asked to wait while the order was prepared; it appears hooking that fish filet and wrapping in a bun took a tad longer than usual.

In response, the irritable, hungry “customer crawled out of [the] car and into the drive thru window to get [the] sandwich, after slapping the McDonald’s employee in the face.”  According to South Brunswick Police Detective, Sergeant James Ryan the customer’s request for a “Filet-O-Fish was taking too long at 4:30 in the morning.”

Ryan said the famished customer shimmied through the drive thru window yelled at the employee pushing him against the counter, slapping the dispenser of Happy Meals in the smiley face and grabbing the bag from the bedraggled employee’s hands.

Unafraid, the perpetrator told the McDonalds employee, “I’ll be waiting for you when you get off work.”  The McDonalds drive up window person must have swallowed hard with relief when the suspect, “walked out of the store with the fish filet sandwich” got back into the car still sitting in the drive thru lane and left the parking lot.

In America, we may no longer be able to get a fish filet sandwich at 4:30 am in the morning, but thank God we’re still allowed to ask questions and two immediately come to mind.

Is the situation that bad in America that McDonald’s employees risk their lives by working the drive thru window?  Or could it be Michelle Obama had not officially completed the “tasting tour” and was passing through South Brunswick, New Jersey?

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