The myth that the border can’t be secured – American Thinker. – July 5, 2010

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Why does the left perpetually offer the excuse that what is necessary and right can’t be done? Liberals famously make lame excuses to explain away personal responsibility and defend defeat.

Take for instance the liberal mantra, “Kids have sex anyway might as well hand out condoms.” The left is of the belief that those divinely bestowed with a free will are powerless to control natural impulse. Human beings are reduced to beasts, devoid of ability to choose right from wrong.  Thus, in liberal land, lack of a standard fosters the promotion of mediocre expectations and accomplishes the goal of excusing failure.

How about another all time favorite? “Drug addicts are going to shoot up anyway, why not provide junkies with clean needles?”  Which poses the question:  Why not supply the drugs?

Isn’t this the same crew that believes Mahmoud has the self-control to refrain from lobbing a nuke at Israel? Wouldn’t society benefit more from setting standards and having confidence in individual strength and ability to overcome weakness of character?

Guess not, because the pervasive ideology of liberal excuse-making now poses a direct threat to national security.  Liberals can’t help it.  Rather than commit to doing what is right, the left starts from a position of limitation and allows weakness to be a policy guide.

Take for example, Homeland Security Secretary and left-wing excuse maker, Janet Napolitano.  At a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Napolitano might as well have said, “They’re gonna do it anyway so what’s the use?”

The esteemed secretary addressed the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) on “Securing the Border: A Smarter Law Enforcement Approach.”  However, Big Sis’ wishy-washy commentary included everything but “secure,” “smart,” “law,” or “enforcement.”

Janet, who heads a department “whose agency is charged with securing America’s borders,” made an abstinence-doesn’t-work apology and publicly acquiesced to failure before an effort to secure the border has even been made.  When it comes to open borders, gun runners, and drug traffickers, as well as illegal aliens streaming across the U.S.-Mexico border, the languid opinion of America’s very own Big Sis is, “You’re never going to totally seal that border.”

Janet brilliantly expressed liberal excuse-making, saying “It’s a big border.   It’s 1,960 miles across that Southwest border. It’s some of the roughest, toughest geographical terrain in the world across that border.”

Once again, liberals downgrade the power of determination when solving a problem. In the process, the left’s voice grants vagabonds the wherewithal to illegally cross the “roughest, toughest geographical terrain in the world,” while denying the world’s most potent nation possesses the ability to enforce restraint.

This is the same group who extends “choices” to people they perceive as amoeba-like and incapable of making conscientious choices, i.e., clean needles and child-sized condoms.   The hope of the left is to deliver “change” to the larger global community.  Yet world-changers continue to maintain that destitute people streaming, on foot, through the desert is a state of affairs America is powerless to control.

Napolitano should do what comes naturally and raise the white flag of surrender.  Big Sis should suggest instituting a free condom/clean needle distribution program on the border, to accommodate criminals who the Homeland Security Secretary anticipates will cross over anyway.

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