The Gilded Age of Clinton

I have to preface what I’m about to say with, “I don’t care how much the Clinton’s paid for Chelsea’s custom invitations, even if they were $150.00 apiece.”  Really, I don’t care if the wedding of the century costs $10 million dollars instead of the reported $3 to 6 million.

To Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mezvinsky a heartfelt “Mazel Tov.”

The problem with the gala affair is the ongoing hypocrisy that permeates the air around liberal purveyors of social justice who continue to foster class warfare and stir up jealousy between rich, middle-class and poverty-stricken people. When it comes to how advocates for the underclass comport their personal lives, the most ardent defenders on the left of the underprivileged seem to rival Aristotle Onassis in lifestyle.

Take for example Chelsea Clinton’s upcoming wedding where $675,000 dollars worth of air conditioned glass tents will face the river on the $12 million dollar, gilded age Astor Estate.

Yet, a Clintons blood relative Macy Clinton, who lives on food stamps, will not be attending. Much to their dismay, many of Friends of Bill, better known as F.O.B who donated millions in money and time, didn’t make the cut to what the Clintons are calling an “intimate affair.”

Instead, Hill and Bill will host tony friends like Oprah Winfrey, Barbra Streisand, Steven Spielberg and Ted Turner and influential dignitaries like British Prime Minister John Major and historian Doris Kearns Goodwin.

Amidst the glitz, glamour and champagne toasts one can’t help but recall Hillary lecturing America on the inequity of the widening gap between the rich and the poor, while expressing “her vision of the Western Hemisphere becoming “a model” for cooperation…for its long-term commitment to closing wide economic inequalities.”

One way to relieve economic burden off the lower and middle class is for politicians like Bill and Hillary Clinton to pay their own way. It remains questionable whether the brides mother and father, who have largely earned hundreds of millions of dollars off the backs of taxpayers and political devotees, are actually paying the tab for 500 close friends at $6,000.00 a head for catering alone.

Bill claims to be footing the bill, but history tells us William Jefferson is not exactly a bastion of veracity.

One sign that the Clinton’s may be the recipient of political perquisites is the news that the power couple won’t be paying for extra safety measures. Instead, the expense will be a coerced wedding gift from the taxpayers of Rhineback, NY to the Mezvinskys.  The economic-equity-Clintons are shamelessly passing a collection plate and 8,000 residents of the town where Chelsea and Mark’s wedding is being held are being forced to contribute $.31 cents apiece to ensure the lavish affair is safe.

The Secretary of State chides the affluent for not contributing enough and laments that the “rich are getting richer,” all while living the life of a billionaire elite. A quarter of a million dollars in floral arrangements and a potential Oscar de la Renta wedding gown in no way displays a way of life sensitive the widening gap between the upper and lower classes.

Instead, Hillary Clinton frivolously spends millions on a one-day event, while lecturing America about equity and giving more. How long will the proletariat be subjected to standing on the side lines as gilded horse drawn carriages pass by ferrying charlatans like Bill and Hillary Clinton, a corporation in their own right, on their way to a multi-million dollar wedding after lecturing the nation about the evils of wealth?

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