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Obama’s free fall continues as the President’s hair turns gray right before America’s eyes.  Now the political party famous for shunning personal responsibility is desperately searching for someone other than Barry to blame.

It’s obvious, desperate people do desperate things and right now desperation is afoot in Democrat circles. As a result, “the most likely victim appears to be gaffe-prone Vice President Joe Biden, who has become the focus of speculation that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just might replace him on the 2012 Democratic ticket.”

Virginia’s first African-American former governor Doug Wilder admitted that, without a scapegoat, favored son Barack is in danger of losing the next election.  Wilder suggests the “audacious change” of choosing Hillary as a running mate in 2012.

Wilder laments,

Since the heady days of the 2009 Inauguration, middle-class independents have grown increasingly distant from Obama. Working-class voters – always more enamored of Clinton – have grown even more wary and distrustful of the Chicagoan. Both voting blocs pose the danger of serious defection in 2012. Without their support, Obama cannot win.

Doug Wilder doesn’t blame Obama’s failed policies, elitist attitude or refusal to listen to the American people.  Instead hapless fall guy and faithful train rider Joe Biden is faulted.  The former governor charges Biden with “undermin[ing] what little confidence the public may have had in him.” Wilder then suggests Obama jettison Joe and enlist Hillary as a 2012 running mate.

Wilder believes that, unlike Biden, Hillary has performed her role as Secretary of State well, asserting “Clinton has been nothing but a team player who has earned good marks since being asked to serve as secretary of state.” Doug Wilder is firmly convinced having Clinton on the presidential ticket “would revive the Democratic Party and reestablish … working-class voters who found her appealing during the 2012 primaries against Mr. Obama.”

Thus, a dismal letdown of a President will attempt to wangle another victory on the back of the woman in a salmon-colored pantsuit.  Hope is grownup Hillary will answer 3:00 a.m. crisis calls, freeing up Barry to do the salsa with Thalia.

Liberal “pundits jumped on Mr. Wilder’s comments and expressed near-universal approval.”  MSNBC’s Chris “I felt this thrill go up my leg” Matthews stopped hyperventilating about Obama’s speaking ability long enough to moderate a panel discussion to bandy about the Clinton VP suggestion.

“Howard Fineman of Newsweek said Mrs. Clinton would likely accept second place on the 2012 ticket “in a second,” better known as a New York “carpetbagger” minute.

New York magazine reporter John Heilemann said the major obstacle would be to “figure out a way for Biden to slide aside happily.” Heilemann suggested Mr. Biden replace Mrs. Clinton as Secretary of State, which would deliver to the larger global community the folksy warmth the world presently lacks.

Heilemann contends Obama might want “a steadier hand at his side for his re-election campaign.” Heilemann predicts Republicans are going to speak the truth and say, ‘Look, you hired this guy. He was too young for this job. He didn’t know what he was doing. He didn’t have the experience, and look what’s happened.'”

Liberal consensus appears to be that truth telling about Obama will place Mama Hillary in an ideal position to rush in wearing a pair of sensible pumps and save the Democrat day.

Even so, there is one key question the Hillary-for-VP supporters failed to address:  If Obama/Clinton actually win the 2012 election, how well will Barry govern the nation after spending every night sleeping with his eyes open?

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