Obama Gridlock comes to LA

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Once again, the man who doesn’t attend church in Washington DC because it might disrupt a congregation shuts down another major city during rush hour.  This time it was Los Angeles, California. “President Obama’s … evening ride from the Beverly Hilton to Hancock Park caused havoc as roads across the city were closed.”

One thing’s for sure: lately, whatever Obama says and wherever Obama goes he manages to infuriate someone.  Whether it’s pushing policies the American public rejects like healthcare reform or shutting down the Big Apple for an impromptu dinner date with Michelle, people are irritated.

More recently, 70% of Americans were angered when, while addressing guests at a White House Iftar dinner, Barack Hussein verbalized support for building a mosque in close proximity to Ground Zero. Then, to add insult to injury, the next day the President backtracked and said that wasn’t exactly what he meant. In 24 hours Barry managed to further enrage that 70% and in all likelihood upped the national anger level to 100%.

Two days later, a totally self-absorbed President Obama flew into hope-and-change-friendly Los Angeles during rush hour. According to one LA resident, the decision resulted in “No matter their politics…young, old, black, white – everyone [being] pissed off.”

By now, even the most ardent Obama supporter is well aware that for Barack there are many things that take precedence over the little people. So, in a blue state like California, Obama supporters should welcome waiting in a “tedious slog” because of a man the “world has been waiting for.”

However, even in liberal LA, gridlock-patience was not the case.  As Obama was busy raising $1 million for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, one frustrated individual vented on a website saying: “You’d think the president should know by now that when he travels, this is what happens. He could have easily said no or done it at a hotel near the airport. All of that yesterday for a million bucks, just phenomenally inconsiderate.”

What many fail to realize is that, despite shutting down a west coast metropolis at the most inopportune time of day, Barack Obama, “man of the people,” was inconvenienced too.  The poor guy was trying desperately to make his way to the Los Angeles estate of “ER” and “West Wing” producer John Wells for a Congressional fundraiser.

How thoughtful can a person be when pressured to rush to a $2,500 per person cocktail reception at a famous television producer’s home where a group of $30,400-per-couple co-hosts impatiently waited to have a half-second picture taken with the guest of honor?

“Indeed, raising money may have cost Obama some goodwill, mused one public relations professional who had her commute Tuesday morning to her Santa Monica office lengthened by 15 minutes as authorities cordoned off streets for the president’s departure.”

Obviously, it was not a similar loss of goodwill that caused liberal Barbra Streisand and Obama-supporter Jeffrey Katzenberg to be no-show co-hosts. More likely, Streisand and Katzenberg were simply waylaid in Obama-comes-to-LA traffic, while eagerly making their way to the festivities.

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