Obama’s new Oval Office digs

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Just like the United States of America, Obama’s Oval Office recently received a “fundamental transformation.” After 10 days of relaxation, the President returned to an office wholly expunged of any hint of Obama’s presidential predecessor.

Chief apologist Robert Gibbs, speaking about the recession renovation, assured the press corps that “None of the modest changes that were done inside the Oval Office were done at any taxpayer expense, much like they’ve been done by previous presidents.” Methinks Mr. Gibbs doth protest too much.

Whatever the source, spending unwarranted amounts of money in full view of a nation struggling with foreclosures, unemployment, and a worsening financial system is overtly tactless.

Two years ago, when the lagging economy was in far better shape, Obama, speaking about the Oval Office furnishings, said he liked the “décor and saw no need for immediate redecorating.” White House advisor Valerie Jarrett revealed that Obama “loves” the sunburst carpet Laura Bush designed for the office.

America’s penny-wise President chose instead to add small inspirational additions to the Chief Executive’s workspace like a bronze bust of Martin Luther King Jr. and a copy of the Emancipation Proclamation on loan from the Smithsonian.

Apparently, it took the threat of a double dip recession to inspire the President to invest in superfluous office décor using money people could use to pay bills. The goal: obliterate every trace of George W. Bush from the Oval Office before giving a nationally-televised speech on the success of a surge Obama predicted would fail and the culmination of a war G.W. won.

The President’s “for the first time in my adult lifetime I’m really proud of my country” office revamp “took pains to ensure that new additions were American made.” In honor of two undeniably blue states the President included “New York wallpaper and a Michigan made rug.”

The Laura Bush-designed sunburst carpet was rolled up to make way for a “wheat, cream and blue colored oval-shaped rug [with] the presidential seal in the center…encircled by five quotes [from Presidents] Kennedy, Lincoln and both Roosevelts– with the fifth quote from Martin Luther King.”

Obama’s favorite collective redemption quote being: “The Welfare of Each of Us is Dependent Fundamentally Upon the Welfare of All of Us” by President Teddy Roosevelt.

From the looks of the recession renovation, Barack is apparently planning to camp out for a while. Unfortunately for the President, removing the sunburst carpet from the Oval Office does nothing to remedy an ever-growing list of Obama-instigated domestic time bombs.

Comfortably entrenched within the womblike comfort of new digs, perhaps Obama will lean back in that new leather chair and contemplate additional political predicaments, such as the Oval Office walls being papered with “beige and gold” wallpaper, while 21 U.S. soldiers lay dying in Afghanistan, casualties of a war Obama presides over from a brand new armchair.

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