Reviving the Unconscious

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There is quite of flurry of activity surrounding the mid-term elections.  Criss-crossing the nation on Air Force One, for Obama nothing at the office is as pressing as joining the effort to ensure Barney Frank remains a Massachusetts Congressman.

The President is utilizing “every weapon in his arsenal to prod the people who helped propel him into the White House two years ago” to vote this November. In fact, Obama went so far as to take a break from ushering in global amity to call Michael Baisden’s radio show where street fighter Barry predicted “hand to hand combat” would result if Republicans managed to take control of Congress.

On the radio, Obama incentivized voters by way of trusty “Barack” appeal.  Agreeing with what he perceives to be the unspoken sentiment of Baisden’s listeners, Obama suggested voters would be more motivated if they were casting a vote for him, after which he explained how losing the election impacted him, which in Obama World is ample reason for unenthused radio listeners to get out and vote.

Moving from the airwaves to the dusty trail, the President hopes to inspire the left to pull the lever for the majority party in less than a month.

With Democrats poised to lose both Houses, Obama figured stumping in the Old Line State might help hinder the approaching political tsunami.  It was at Maryland’s Bowie State University that Obama, on a personal level, goaded voters to support Democrats by saying: “Don’t make me look bad now. I’m betting on you” [Emphasis mine].

Rolling up his shirtsleeves the President exhorted “core components of the Democrat base,” imploring, “I’m going to need you just as fired up as you were in 2008.”  Wasn’t it in 2008 that voting was inspired by unmerited adoration, adulation and veneration?

An energized President apparently assumed everyone at the Bowie rally also attended the inauguration, because Obama said, “I know everybody here remembers the inauguration. I know it was cold, but everybody here was having a good time. Beyoncé was singing.” Huh?

Apparently, Obama is of the belief that nothing motivates voters more than being reminded of the great time had by all listening to Sasha Fierce serenade a newly inaugurated president, while weeping Americans shivered uncontrollably due to sub-zero wind chill factors while standing on the Washington Mall.

One heckler shouted to the President, “You’re a liar,” which caused Obama supporters to mask the veracity of the first and only honest statement by shouting over Obama’s stump speech.  Undeterred, oblivious to the fracas, immersed and enamored with his own brilliant electoral exhortation, the President didn’t even recognize that for a time, the audience couldn’t hear a word he said.

Nevertheless, Barry, in full campaign mode, transported listeners back to 2008, better known as the glory days of the Obama campaign, where swooning was as common an occurrence as showers of confetti and blue waves of “Yes We Can” signs blowing in the breeze.

In fact, in Bowie, Maryland Obama stirred voter excitement to such a crescendo that three dozen people suddenly fell ill when stricken with an unexpected episode of dizziness and fainting. Unaware, a self-absorbed Obama continued speaking “despite … health issues in the audience.”

Presently, Barack is on a mission to expunge lethargy from a downtrodden political party whose leaders actually spurn the company of a President obsessed with personally reviving disengaged voters.  Thus, losing consciousness during Obama’s stump speech may well be attributed to 36 trapped victims needing a smelling-salt escape route, and not the political ecstasy commonly witnessed at “Obama ‘08” campaign rallies.

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