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President Obama yields to no one, bows his knee to nothing and when criticized, typically rebounds by sending detractors an undeniable communiqué. In fact, Obama oftentimes reacts to public disapproval by wresting control back from what cannot be controlled through defiant words or actions.

According to Democrat pollster Doug Schoen, the upcoming midterm election is an obvious referendum on President Obama’s abysmal job performance. The poll Schoen cites indicates “56 percent say [Obama] does not deserve to be re-elected.” If accurate, Barack is about to receive a major pummeling at the ballot box, but plans to reestablish his supremacy by indulging in a pricey trip to India.

Instead of humbly acquiescing to voter abhorrence of liberal policies, elitist lifestyle exhibitions, and retaliatory politics, Obama scheduled an extravagant post-election Asian trip, which can only be interpreted as a defiant middle finger intended for the mutineers, compliments of the Commander in Chief.

While Republicans bask in the glow of post-election victory, the President plans to haughtily dismiss the rebuke. One day after the start of Diwali, India’s five-day celebratory festival of lights, Obama’s American contingency will arrive in India amidst fireworks.  The entourage will shut down the city and “restrict traffic movement …[on] arterial roads in south Mumbai” and, without speaking a word, Barack will simultaneously dispatch an insolent message to America.

Although criticized in the past for frivolous, insensitive exhibitions of indulgence, Obama feels no shame in taking the Presidential posse on an extravagant Indian adventure to poverty-stricken Mumbai. While Americans suffer the effects of double-digit unemployment, Obama’s visit is being touted as a business venture hoping to “spur trade between the United States and this potentially lucrative market of 1.2 billion people.”

“In terms of protocol and logistics,” Obama’s opulent stopover is purported to be the largest ever taken by a U.S. President. Diplomacy will be exercised in true Michelle Obama Costa Del Sol fashion as travel accommodations include booking “800 rooms” in Mumbai’s most lavish hotels. According to New Delhi media, Obama’s visit will cost approximately 15 lakhs an hour, which converts into $33,677.55 in USD,and will end up costing $1,616,522.40 for two days.

Regardless, with 60% disapproving of the President’s performance on the economy and one election cycle shy of being sent back to Chicago, the Obama India trip “tonnage” includes:  “40 aircraft…Air Force One…six armored cars, the Barack Mobile Cadillac…two Marine One choppers and 30 sniffer dogs.” In addition to employing a personal chef to “ensure [Obama’s] food is not spiked,” outside the Taj Mahal Hotel U.S. Navy ships and Indian vessels will patrol the waters on 24-hour missile surveillance.

Along with naval deployment, multitudinous aircraft, and a convoy of 45 motor vehicles, the President’s protective visual aid will be carefully packed into the cargo bin. At the Indian Parliament the pompous one is scheduled to deliver a typical Obama script recitation, which will likely include inflammatory innuendos aimed like arrows straight at the heart of a rebellious American electorate.

As an aside, even India noticed the peculiarity of Barry’s inordinate teleprompter dependence. In anticipation of the American President’s visit, the Indian media remarked: “Obama’s reliance on the teleprompter is unusual – not only because he is famous for his oratory, but because no other president has used one so consistently and at so many events, large and small.” Acting the part of a potent world leader while clinging to an electronic cue card for reassurance does pose somewhat of a dichotomy.

Even so, as Harry Reid packs to move back to Searchlight and Nancy’s hands are pried from an oversized gavel, while vacationing in India Barack and family will juggle being feted like monarchs at “the National Centre for Performing Arts (NCRA)” with commemorating the brutal Mumbai attacks at the Police Gymkhana 26/11 Memorial.

President Obama will also tour Mani Bhawan, the nexus of Mahatma Ghandi’s political activities, while back at home Marco Rubio adjusts to the idea of representing Florida. As an added benefit, much like Clinton’s infamous Normandy crosses-in-the-sand photo op, having an opportunity to reverently place a wreath on Mahatma’s grave at Mani Bhawan could divert the world’s attention from the political shiner Obama is sure to be sporting.

Then again, the trip to Hindustan will not be all parliamentary addresses, memorials, or afternoons taking in the Symphony Orchestra of India.  In fact, possibly shod in the high-priced sneakers similar to those she wore to a DC food pantry, the First Lady plans to venture into Kamathipura’s red light district at the special request of an NGO human rights/social justice organization.  While there, Michelle will spend quality time with streetwalkers.

Pundits agree that “The scale and cost of the visit is certain to provoke criticism from Mr. Obama’s Republican foes in the U.S. at a time when the country is mired in economic difficulties, with unemployment standing at nearly 10 percent.” Barack could care less. Given the fact that a Democrat rout is predicted, this in your face, multimillion-dollar trip can only be interpreted as Obama administering a retaliatory counter punch

Nevertheless, while bestowing on America the single digit salute, Obama likely will reiterate his core conviction that “America has its roots in the India of Mahatma Ghandi,” and how important it is “to reflect on his message of non-violence, which continues to inspire people and political movements across the globe.”

Thus, it could be that President Obama believes “block-booking” the sumptuous Taj Mahal Hotel is the best way to reestablish Ghandi-inspired global standing.  On the other hand, it could be that after enduring a crushing electoral reproof three days prior, an exorbitant post-election digitus impudicus may be Barack Obama’s way of having the last word.

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