Hey Obama: ‘Get off the stage you’re absolutely dreadful’

Nothing is more pathetic than desperation.  It’s weak, it’s unappealing and when manifested in a leader makes one question whether Barack Obama should have ever been in a position of authority in the first place.

Over the last few weeks, Barack appears to be a desperate man.  Interpreting the midterm election as a reflection on his presidency, Barack clamors to point the finger at anyone with a pulse seated on the opposite side of the aisle. The President’s frantic efforts aren’t working; in fact, Obama’s irritable behavior is proving counterproductive.

Obama the Hysterical has spent the last few weeks weaving his way across America frenetically grasping for votes by vacillating between churlish and chummy. As midterm victory slowly slips from the Democrats controlling grip, as a last resort the President is attempting to rescue his reputation with the youth vote.

Barack made an elementary correlation: Young people and voting equals American Idol.  Thus, a man who considers himself America’s most historic and transformative “idol” decided the best way to attract young Democratic voters would be to tape an interview on American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest’s nationally syndicated radio show.

Unfortunately for Obama, the next season of American Idol starts two months after the midterms.  Instead of listening to the President over the airwaves, it would have been much more beneficial for Barack to appear on the Kodak Theatre stage, amidst flashing, blue neon lights, to the sound of Ryan Seacrest uttering those famous words, “Thisssss is American Idol.”

If only it were January, Barry could have petitioned American Idol voters by exposing himself to the rousing accolades of teenyboppers and uncontrolled toadies. Waving, bowing and double thumping the left side of his chest to express heartfelt prime time thanks to America, Obama would have surely garnered last minute votes.

Desperate Barack might as well be a wannabe singer reaching out to Ryan for sympathy in hopes voters won’t notice he can’t carry a political tune.  After  spending 24 months off key apparently Obama believes standing beside Ryan Seacrest might help convince the audience Democrats are the political version of American Idol’s most famous star, Carrie Underwood.

Obama’s appeal to Seacrest puts the President in same category as a self-deluded American Idol contestant. America granted  an amateur a generous audition, but the President’s performance proved to be worthy of electoral elimination. Talentless Obama’s progressive rush to the microphone failed to impress a panel of moderate to conservative American judges.

Hence, the majority plans to head to the polls to give Mr. Obama notice that while he’s slated to stay for a few more seasons, the gong is polished and ready for a 2012 Barack Obama reality check.

Its pathetic that Barack Obama falsely believes grasping Ryan Seacrest’s ankles might convince voters to grant Democrats a reprieve.  One day prior to hearing America’s voice reverberate with a Simon Cowell, “That was dreadful,” a desperate Obama remains in denial and is spending final pre-election hours singing backup for a band of liberal cohorts while being dragged off stage.

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