The ‘Good Work’ of Planned Parenthood

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Fresh off professing his faith at the National Prayer Breakfast, Barack Obama is taking a stand for the “good work” Planned Parenthood does.  Despite undercover exposés of Planned Parenthood workers supporting everything from prostitution to underage sex trafficking, the President of the United States believes the clinic on the corner deserves American taxpayer support.

Much to Obama’s dismay, the US House of Representatives recently voted to “completely de-fund Planned Parenthood,” which receives about 1/3 of its $1 billion dollar annual budget from government grants.

With the money of hard-working Americans, including those morally opposed to abortion, at 820 locations across America Planned Parenthood pays the salaries of clinic workers who are so committed to providing confidential health services that they’re willing to overlook pimps exploiting underage girls in the sex trade.  Then, if a pubescent girl should happen to conceive, Planned Parenthood is also willing to maintain secrecy and, if need be, administer an abortion on a 13 year-old child.

In fairness, the “Good Workers” at Planned Parenthood, ever concerned for the well being of all their clientele, do speak on behalf of teenage sex workers by cautioning undercover pimps that to avoid infection after an abortion, little girls should spend time healing before returning to work.

Apparently Republicans with a conscience felt it was time to stop acting irresponsibly and discontinue being a party, through funding, to an organization unconcerned about illegal sex trafficking, statutory rape, prostitution, and abortion.  Barack Obama disagrees.

“Pro-life politicians have often gone after the abortion provider, while pro-choice politicians like President Obama have rushed to [the] defense” of an organization that claims to keep children safe despite failing to report tragic incidents like the rape of an 11-year-old girl.

In a recent NBC12 interview, committed Christian/Planned Parenthood supporter Barack Obama was asked whether the most recent video by the conservative activist group LiveAction, exposing a “clinical supervisor” counseling a pimp on how to provide reproductive health services to 7th graders, “warranted a review of Planned Parenthood’s funding?”

In the interview, when confronted with the damning evidence against Planned Parenthood, the President deflected the impact of the video sting.  In an effort to “move the country forward,” an “unyielding” Obama, America’s most ardent abortion advocate, defended the organization by saying “I think sometimes these issues get manufactured.”

Is Barack Obama willing to risk children’s lives based on what he “thinks?”  Doesn’t “sometimes” mean only sometimes accusations are manufactured?  What about the times they are not?

During the interview, master of redirection, Barack skillfully turned the focus to what he considers the real threat to America:  the blogosphere.  Obama’s response to “allegedly damning” videotape proof of a Planned Parenthood supervisor vowing to cover up a crime was: “They get a lot of attention in the blogosphere.”

Is the threat of the malicious blogosphere that vital a concern?  Because evidently, children infected with STDs, being sold into sex slavery, being raped and impregnated and put under the knife in an abortion mill is not that big of a deal to Barack.

Focused like a laser and determined to not get “distracted with these issues” Barack Obama is encouraging America to concentrate on more pressing topics like saving jobs, including those of Planned Parenthood workers who may, on occasion, employ a rogue worker who offers helpful advice to sex traffickers.

Obama’s defense of Planned Parenthood reveals a mindset that the President of the United States believes the organization should continue to be funded even though, on more than one occasion, clinicians have been caught doing the “good work” of assisting pimps in the exploitation of underage girls.

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