Motown Trumps the Border

The violence on the Mexico/US border is intensifying as gangs are murdering Americans and drug cartels are emboldened by a President who doesn’t consider the problem urgent enough to direct resources toward ensuring the safety of American citizens.  The reason being – there’s just not enough time in the day.

It seems that there are more pressing issues for Obama to attend to, such as honoring Black History Month by hosting a star-studded evening entitled Motown Comes to the White House, featuring music greats like Smokey Robinson, Sheryl Crow and John Legend.

Barack can’t possibly be expected to split his time between closed-door sessions similar to the one he had with Apple’s ailing Steve Jobs and Face Book creator Marc Zuckerberg and situations like innocent American missionary Nancy Shuman Davis being shot in the head, or federal agents and border patrol guards being gunned down in cold blood.

Homeland Security ICE Special Agent Jaime Zapata and his partner Jaime Avila were driving from Mexico City to Monterrey, while Obama was busy “visiting a science class and giving a speech in the cafeteria” of Parkville Middle School in Baltimore.  Zapata and his colleague were assigned to the US Embassy and were ambushed and “forced off the road by 10 members of a Mexican drug cartel.”

Their “armored vehicle had diplomatic plates and the two agents identified themselves as diplomats.”  Unimpressed by their credentials, the gang shoved an AK-47 through a crack in the bulletproof armored vehicle and opened fire, after which federal agent Zapata was airlifted in a body bag to an American hospital.

In response to Zapata’s death, Congressman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) said: “This was an intentional ambush against two United States federal agents.  This tragic event is a game changer. The United States will not tolerate acts of violence against its citizens or law enforcement and I believe we must respond forcefully.”

Someone should inform the well-intentioned Congressman that there is just no time for forceful responses. Why?  Because while a surveillance video camera at Anzalduas International Bridge spotted “trucks packed with armed men crossing into the United States,” Obama was busy playing Choo-choo Charlie and making plans to spend $53 billion for a high speed railway.

Instead of addressing violent acts against American citizens on the border of the nation he leads, Obama spends time attending to the urgent issue of attacking Republican governors and calling on Democrat rabble-rousers to rain down political hell on anyone who dares to disagree with a pro-illegal immigrant or union-friendly agenda.  Community organizer Barack Obama has proven that if he cared enough to do so, he is more than capable of fortifying and deploying troops to a war zone.

Instead, drug smugglers pitching drugs across the border on rigged catapults takes low priority.  The President prefers to concentrate on things like one-on-one basketball, fêting communist dictators and music legends, and supping with social networking and iPad creators.

In all fairness, there are situations where safety does take precedence over trying to maintain a veil of secrecy around whether Obama dyes his hair or not.  Take, for instance, the decision to invest $2.9 million in tightening the security of NBA games.

The goal:  Ensuring b-balls swish as safely through iron-rimmed hoops as bags of drugs dropped by “ultra light planes” from Mexico onto the US side of the border.   As a matter of fact, basketball is such a high priority to the Obama administration Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano decided to expand her agency’s “If You See Something, Say Something” citizen action campaign to include security plans for all National Basketball Association (NBA) All Star games.

Since Obama is notorious for seeing something and doing nothing, maybe Napolitano’s “See something” and “Say something” policy only pertains if a person is attending a public sporting event.

If a person spots the body of a dead border patrol agent such as the late Robert Rosas or Brian Terry, does ‘see something/say something’ still apply?  If an unsuspecting individual trips over a human skull in the Arizona desert, is that also considered a ‘see-and-say’ scenario?

Either way, it is comforting to know that if US border patrol agents, after discovering suicide bomber books while “patrolling routes known for smuggling illegal immigrants and drugs, are ignored by the President of the United States,” at least hoops fans are ensured the full protection of the federal government while reading digitized scoreboards and drinking beer at basketball games.

Janet Napolitano maintains that “Every citizen plays a critical role in identifying and reporting suspicious activities and threats.”  Too bad that doesn’t include underground drug smuggling tunnels burrowed from Mexico into the US.

Truth is, border violence and mayhem are unsettling, but when planning White House parties what happens on the road from Mexico to Monterrey takes second place to pressing party security issues that tend to arise.  Somebody had to have the singular focus to ensure the safe transport of ten Mosaic Youth Theatre and Sphinx Organization students traveling from Detroit to the White House to meet Berry Gordy and Smokey “Tears of a Clown” Robinson.

For the sake of Obama’s gifted guests, and to protect the 50-year Legacy of Motown, thank God White House had a secure plan in place to ensure US federal agent Jaime Zapata was safely laid to rest well before Detroit descended on Washington DC for Motown Comes to the White House.

Regardless of what is going on at the border, the last thing Barack Obama needs is party-time being overshadowed by tragedy, or a PBS telecast interrupted by the disturbing image of a US federal agent’s flag-covered coffin in a funeral cortege making its way to a Brownsville, Texas cemetery.

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