Alexis Carrington wears Obama to the Oscars

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At the 83rd Academy Awards, former Dynasty star Joan Collins, aka Alexis Carrington, taught America quite an object lesson.  Okay, not at the Oscars proper, but at the Vanity Fair Academy Awards after party.  The 77 year-old Collins fell victim to “a Victorian swoon” after squeezing herself into a garment that didn’t quite fit.

Ms. Collins took to the spotlight in a lilac number that was so tight the diva passed out and nearly hit her perfectly coifed head on the carpet. This is an example of what results from being restricted. First you’re nauseous and then you lose consciousness.  Sound familiar?

The aging star’s incident is similar to what America is experiencing now.  In 2008 there was a party in the form of an election. Sort of like a political Academy Awards.  Everyone clamored for an invite, got gussied up, but post election realized the new attire was extremely unyielding.

A short time transpired and national queasiness set in, the room started to spin, and after 2 years of being squished into a constricting Barack Obama-designed big government garment, while trying to appear comfortable a pale, oxygen-deprived nation reaches for smelling salts and gasps for air.

During the Oscar show Joan Collins got so caught up in the merriment she laughed at Kirk Douglas and almost broke free in a Janet Jackson sort of way. The tight “figure-hugging purple plunge-necked cocktail dress” burst a few hooks.  Yet, rather than heed the warning, Joan did the unthinkable and refastened the hooks.

People in denial do that – they see a way of escape and instead of embracing an opportunity for liberty they refasten the hooks.

Ms. Collins, after being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, admitted that her “choice of outfit was the ‘wrong decision.'”  How tacky – attempting to maintain an ingénue demeanor, Joan’s inability to make believe was revealed. Trying to be cool, she passed out!

Packing a person into the back of an ambulance and rushing them to the emergency room with the blood cut off to their brain is sometimes what it takes to bring the deceived back to reality. The corset comes off, air rushes in, and blood hopefully flows to the brain again, allowing sanity and reason to slowly return.

So here we are, America.  Barack fashioned a constricting article of clothing that a “Yes we can” country thought would be enjoyable to wear.  America shimmied into it, but right from the start it felt tight and ill-fitting.   Although “queasy,” we’ve lingered at the party, but right about now we’re “dizzy,” can’t catch our breath, and we’re about to “faint.”

America thought November’s limo ride would bring relief, but we still can’t breathe, because the guy in the driver’s seat is heading toward destinations unknown. Joan Collins also wanted to leave the party in a limo, but ended up in an ambulance. In 2012 it’s going to take more than a limousine to ferry the nation to freedom.  America, just like Joan, needs an ambulance.

Happily, despite the “wrong decision,” Ms. Collins was finally liberated from the lilac dress and is “in good health and feel[ing] fine” – an ending to a saga that hopefully bodes well for America.

In 2008, voters also made a very “wrong decision.”  America donned a tight-fitting ensemble fashioned by a bureaucratic socialist who deluded them into believing it was party attire. Instead the outfit turned out to be a rigid corset that, so far, has left America insensible, out of breath and lying prostrate on a hospital stretcher.

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