Indiana Leans Towards Life

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Pro-lifers are notorious for stirring up trouble.  In an effort to save unborn babies, anti-abortion activists are always looking for new and inventive ways to upset unsuspecting women just trying to exercise a guilt/worry-free Constitutional right to choose.

Take for example the Senate Health Committee in the Hoosier State of Indiana.  Legislators had the audacity to vote 6-2 in favor of a pro-life bill that the state House of Representatives approved by a 72-23 vote in March.  The bill requires abortion practitioners to tell women considering abortion that “the baby” (did they say baby?) is a viable, living being.  Ouch!

Those merciless life-zealots didn’t stop there. The bill also mandates that women seeking to flush a fetus from their womb be told that the life of “the baby they could otherwise give birth to begins at conception and that scientific evidence reveals the unborn child will likely experience significant pain during the abortion at or before 20 weeks of pregnancy.”

What a way to throw a wrench into a casual outing to the local Planned Parenthood clinic.

What gives Indiana legislators the right to bring up “life,” “scientific evidence,” and “significant pain?”  Aren’t pro-life buzzwords better left unsaid? Especially when women seeking abortions would rather concentrate on things like: “nonviable blobs of tissue,” sipping juice out of “Super Uterus” mugs, and receiving “There’s no life without freedom and no freedom without choice” complimentary T-shirts.

The bill bans abortion after 20 weeks, “compared with the current state law allowing abortions up to 24 weeks of pregnancy,” when babies can feel pain, smile, hiccup, and suck perfectly formed thumbs.

So that the trip to the abortion mill won’t be a total downer, “lawmakers removed … a requirement that abortion practitioners tell women about the risk of breast cancer.” Besides dead babies, induced abortion “has been proven to be linked” to breast cancer.  Therefore, destruction of preborn infants brings with it the potential for cancer to rear its ugly head down the road, grimly reminding Mom of an innocent life extinguished before its time.

On the upside, besides the mention of malignancy being eliminated from the bill, the Senate Health Committee “also removed language that would have allowed Indiana to opt out of paying for abortions under the Obamacare health care law.” This means that when health care reform is enacted, Indiana cannot opt out of paying for and causing the excruciating death of defenseless babies.  Thankfully, abortion and end-of-life counseling will still be available in Indiana for women determined to expose themselves to abortion-induced breast cancer.

The legislation also requires that abortionists retain “admitting privileges at nearby hospitals,” because besides tumors, abortions frequently “pose medical problems for women and sometimes result in life-threatening injuries that would require them to be transported immediately to a legitimate medical center that can properly treat them.”

Indiana’s pro-life community sure has a lot of nerve. First, they insist on upsetting women by telling them that the child they are about to exterminate would live if not subjected to saline, suction or scalpel. After that, if a woman’s conscience is so immune that she goes through with the procedure anyway, and if she isn’t rushed to a nearby hospital hemorrhaging and on life support, heartless pro-life radicals insist that poor women pay for cancer-causing executions of the unborn with money better spent elsewhere.

All-in-all, Indiana’s unrelenting pro-life activists, together with meddling legislators, have been successful in forcing carefree abortion-bound Hoosiers to acknowledge that when it comes to expense, anguish, and untimely death, unborn children are certainly not the only victims of abortion.


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