The Tamale Tells All

On Cinco de Mayo, while making a joke at Michelle’s expense, unbeknownst to the President he mistakenly revealed the philosophy behind all the opulent excess he and the First Lady enjoy while the rest of America suffers.

For the common good, both Barry and Michelle justify dividing and doling out a small piece of pie to every American.  However, over at the White House, when it comes to the Obama gullet, the epicurean elitists have been know to fly in a pizza chef and scarf down unlimited amounts of deep dish and thin crust pies.

Obviously, the issue isn’t pizza, pie or otherwise, it’s about a one-sided philosophy that exempts the privileged from the strident standards they impose on everyone else. Thus, even tamales have the power to confirm what America has surmised all along.

Take for example the recent White House/East Room celebration of Cinco de Mayo, hosted by the President and the effervescent Michelle.  Guests included: “Hispanic politicians, Hispanic Americans serving in the Obama administration, and members of a commission on exploring the creating of a new national museum of the American Latino were among those in attendance.”

The only Mexican-American missing from the crowd was border security expert/Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria who just last week, in an effort to “reframe the immigration argument,” was called upon to “brainstorm” with Obama.

Amidst green and red revelry, a Margarita bar and “corn and plantain chips served with Guacamole, Salsa and Pico de Gallo Tuna,” the President gave a warm “Welcome to Cinco de Mayo at the White House.” Then, omitting the rolling Rs, Obama attempted to speak Spanish and vowed he “wouldn’t speak too long” – an enviable promise that would be warmly welcomed by those not in attendance at the celebration.

Nevertheless, sticking to his script, Obama called Cinco de Mayo “a chance to commemorate the shared heritage between Mexicans and Americans. It’s a day for remembering that America is a richer, stronger, more vibrant place thanks to the contributions of Mexican Americans to the life of this nation.”

However, when Obama deviated from scripted remarks and shared a little “tidbit about the first lady,” that was when tamales confirmed his ongoing double standards.

Playing to a full house and lost without Jon Stewart writing the jokes, Obama attempted to make a funny when he said, “I asked Michelle the other day, I said, ‘What’s your favorite food’ … She said, ‘Ah, Mexican food.’” Then Obama issued a comedic warning: “You do not want to be between Michelle and a tamale.”

According to the President’s bad joke, a woman who’s making a career of policing the plates of the whole nation does not let anything or anyone come between her and a tamale hankering.

Obama caught himself and attempted a complimentary backpedal, saying “It’s true. It’s true. But she’s moving, though, so she can afford to have as many tamales as she wants,” but it was too late. Michelle’s determination to gain access to a less-than-healthy favorite food was laid bare and in the process, the liberal tendency toward hypocrisy exhibited by both of the Obamas was further exposed.

Abiding within Barack’s tamale “tidbit” lays the crux of what irritates a large portion of those presently suffering from policy ramifications inflicted by a President and his spouse who dictate much, yet suffer nothing.

Someone in the crowd should have raised their hand and, in Spanish of course, asked in a perplexed yet astonished tone, “You mean while we all split one stale taco Michelle gets to decide for herself the quantity and content of what she eats?”

And so it goes – once again “Let’s Move”-Michelle circled another buffet table filling her plate with Grilled Lamb Chops Sopes and Mushroom, Cheese, Roasted Peppers, moving in time to Tito Puente’s “Oye Como Va,” which means “Hey, how’s it going?”  Meanwhile back in the real world, for Americans stuck with a small sliver of a carved up pie, thanks to Barack Obama, it really isn’t going so well.


  1. jack

    Got it. Tamales and pizza are elitist. And if I encourage kids to eat healthier food sometimes, I REALLY can’t eat a tamale without being hypocrite. You know, I can’t help but wonder if it is just these kinds of tamale-based rules that keep our best people from going into public service.

    • jeannieology

      Yes, that was the whole basis of the post…elitist tamales and pizza. No. It was about carving up the “pie” telling people who can have what and how much of everything, asking people to do so, while a small elite group of people do and have as much as they want…it was an analogy, Jack. Literally – it had nothing to do with tamales or pizza.

  2. Diane

    Obviously the above readers missed this statement in your article: “Obviously, the issue isn’t pizza, pie or otherwise, it’s about a one-sided philosophy that exempts the privileged from the strident standards they impose on everyone else.”

  3. Micki

    Excellent, as usual, Jeannie! Your ability to use humor to illustrate obvious hipocracy is top-notch! Of course, one must actually have a sense of humor (and an IQ of more than two-digits) to appreciate how spot-on you are! 🙂

  4. jack


    Thank you for engaging with my comment – I appreciate it. Fair enough, it was meant as an analogy, and analogies can be helpful explanatory tools.

    But what is the analogy to, specifically? What are the policies that exemplify “telling people who can have what and how much of everything, asking people to do so, while a small elite group of people do and have as much as they want”?

    Are you talking about healthcare? The tax code? Here in the US, with its constitutional guarantees and checks and balances do you honestly feel that the president and the first lady are controlling what you can have and how much, while they gorge themselves on . . . health care and untaxed income?

    It’s clear you don’t like the Obama’s very much, and I’m sure disagree with many of their policy decisions. You are certainly not alone. But this piece just uses vague and insulting insinuations about food and greed without, in the end, saying anything of substance.

    • jeannieology

      No, nothing specific Jack. They just have a serious issue with hypocrisy – all the time. What flies for them doesn’t fly for us. That’s all. If these people had their way they’d dictate to us about everything and yet they do not want to be limited in what they do, have or eat.

      Everyone is free to have their own opinion including the Obamas I just feel if you want to lead you should be what it is you want others to be. If you want to limit food and portions for health – that is a good thing – just make sure you’re setting the example.

      It’s not meant to be anything more than an observation.

      But thank you for reading it and thanks for the input. It’s appreciated.

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