Loving women to death

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Newly appointed head of the Democratic National Committee and Democrat attack dog, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), the woman who has built a reputation on the left for casting aspersions on behalf of female injustice, recently made a blanket statement that all pro-life Republicans are “anti-woman.”

According to Wasserman Schultz, Republicans that seek to save the lives of the unborn, approximately half of whom are female, are indicative of an “extremely radical social agenda” on par with waging “war on women.” For liberals, saving life is radical ending life is not.

Debbie has a laissez-faire attitude when it comes to flinging around anti-woman indictments.   Recently, she accused newly elected Congressman Allen West (R-FL) of wearing “extreme disrespect [towards women] as a badge of honor.” Based on Allen West’s opposition to funding and providing access to abortion, Wasserman Schultz expressed the opinion that the Debbie-defined “right wing extremist” thinks it’s “ok to objectify and denigrate women.”

West falls into the pro-life group in Congress whose goal is to “stop funding abortions and Planned Parenthood,” which is the reason the DNC chair is on an all-out rant against what she deems to be a Republican “He-Man Woman Haters Club,” and therein lies the dichotomy of the left. According to politicians like Wasserman Schultz, in order to be pro-woman you have to be willing to kill preborn women.

Everybody knows the way to express love for the fairer sex is to make sure fetuses with XX chromosomes are afforded unhindered contact with saline, suction and scalpels. That type of twisted logic is endemic to a large portion of the Democrat Party, many of whom believe, like Debbie, that how pro-life a person is determines how great their level of anti-female sentiment.

According to John McCormack’s article in the Weekly Standard entitled “DNC Chair: Republicans Are Waging a ‘War on Women,’” Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz finds it “hard …to grasp how [Republicans] can be as anti-woman as they are.”

Wasserman Schultz is buoyed by the notion that “pushback” from female voters and a “guttural reaction from women” will be the negative reaction against the Republican pro-life agenda. Ms. Wasserman Schultz believes that funding the killing of unborn females will not only “restore,” but will also help Democrats “exceed the president’s margin of victory in the next election.”  Think of it as the Democrats’ promotion of death breathing new life into Obama’s campaign.

If the DNC Chair’s irrational ‘We Prove we Love Women by Killing Them Before They’re Born’ argument wasn’t enough to expose insanity on the left, Debbie Wasserman Schultz contradicted her own line of reasoning by saying the pro-life-voting Democrats are not “anti-women,” because to be anti-woman you also need to be Republican.

According to McCormack’s article, Debbie said the reason “pro-life Democrats were not also anti-women was because they voted ‘not to defund Planned Parenthood,’” which is not true. The 10 renegade Democrats given a pass actually supported the Pence Amendment to de-fund America’s largest and most respected abortion mill.

Either way, Wasserman Schultz chooses not to judge based on one bill.  The Congresswoman would rather take into consideration “the balance of [a] record.” For Debbie Wasserman Schultz, “one individual isolated vote here” and there does not an “anti-woman” Democrat make.

Thus, DNC Debbie exempts pro-life Democrats based on their “record as a whole,” which means that only Republicans expressing unwavering commitment to human life, male and female, born and unborn, fall into the category of evil denigrators who objectify and disrespect women.

Thus, when zealots like DNC Debbie enthusiastically preach the abortion gospel, it’s easy to see that the left’s fanaticism has completely eradicated logic. Debbie Wasserman Schultz seems firmly convinced that saving lives is anti-woman and killing the unborn is pro-woman.  A similar mentality drives those who work to save the planet while fighting for the right to exterminate the people who were destined to inhabit the planet.

Therefore, perverted logic makes Debbie Wasserman Schultz, when not out railing against the skewed priorities of pro-life Republicans, the perfect candidate to campaign for female-friendly Barack Obama’s bid for reelection. The Chair of the DNC can offer assurance to female voters nationwide that, unlike woman-haters Mike Pence (R-IN) and the “extremely disrespectful” Allen West (R-FL), President Obama would remain true to his commitment to never burden a woman’s “original decision to induce labor and perform an abortion,” and continue to extend unwavering support for women by loving them to death.


Granny Jan nails it again.


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